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UCAT Calculator Keypad Trainer Launched!


Using the UCAT Calculator quickly is an essential skill, particularly in the UCAT Quantitative Reasoning subtest. 

MedEntry has developed an interactive Calculator Keypad Trainer to help you use the UCAT Calculator quickly and accurately.

The Trainer can be found on MedEntry’s Skills Trainers or Community pages, and contains 30 stages which test various calculator operations.


In order to complete a stage, you must press each key within the 30 second time limit, and meet a particular accuracy target:


As you complete each stage, the game becomes more difficult, testing more operations (such as division and multiplication), and requiring you to enter press more keys within the time limit:

Once you have finished training (or failed to complete a level), your score will be submitted to MedEntry’s student leader board. Your score is derived from your accuracy and speed. 

You can start your training directly from an intermediate or advanced level, but you must begin at Level 1 for your score to qualify for MedEntry’s student leader board.

Challenge your friends and see how you compare!

Just another way that MedEntry makes preparing for UCAT fun and engaging.

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