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MedEntry provides a range of quality UCAT Courses to help students prepare for this difficult and important test.

MedEntry’s UCAT Courses include the Online Learning Package, Platinum Package and Diamond Package.

Online Learning Package

The Online Learning Package provides comprehensive preparation for those unable to attend a UCAT Course in person.

This UCAT Course features 10 full length UCAT practice exams, extensive UCAT drills, UCAT question banks, a guided curriculum covering strategies to approach each UCAT subtest, UCAT video guides, UCAT video solutions and much more.

All UCAT questions, drills and exams are provided via the UCAT Simulated platform, which exactly simulates the live UCAT test. Comprehensive feedback, including percentile rankings and a breakdown of performance in each UCAT subtest is also provided.

This UCAT course also comes with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week support provided via email or phone.

Platinum Package

The Platinum Package is the most popular UCAT course. This UCAT course provides comprehensive preparation in the form of extensive UCAT online resources (outlined above) as well as a two day UCAT Workshop.

Our UCAT Workshops are run by doctors with expertise in UCAT test development and analysis. The UCAT Courses are conducted in a fun, interactive and engaging manner, and provide a comprehensive overview of key UCAT strategies. 

Significant discounts are available for this UCAT Course, including for groups, those nominated by their teacher or health professional, and those with outstanding academic achievements. 

Diamond Package

The Diamond Package includes everything in the Online Learning and Platinum Package, as well as personalised support.

Students enrolled in this UCAT Course will receive personalised, one-on-one, face-to-face tutoring. They will also receive admission into MedEntry’s Interview Training Sessions and be provided with an Application Review service.

For further guidance on which UCAT Course best suits your needs, please visit:

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