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UMAT 2012 ACER survey question about preparation

On the Answer Sheet during the UMAT test in 2012 it had an ‘optional’ question asking students whether you did any form of preparation for UMAT other than the 2 papers supplied by ACER themselves and claims it is “for research purposes only”. Many students wonder what the purpose of it was.

One possible explanation for this, is that ACER is trying to do some ‘research’ to prove that UMAT Preparation does not help. ACER does not like UMAT courses because they provide an advantage to students.

Most students who have done preparation are not going to admit that they had done it because of fear that they may be ‘penalised’. So the results will show that there is no difference between those who had done preparation and those who haven’t. Bingo! ACER is then going to trumpet the results of that ‘research’, to ‘prove’ their point that preparation doesn’t help!

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