Careers teachers knowledge of and interest in UMAT Preparation varies quite markedly. There are those who go to the trouble of inviting UMAT course providers to come and deliver a course in-house at their school. At the other extreme, there are those who do not have time to research UMAT Preparation, and may be critical of its value for various reasons.

If you are in a school where the careers teacher is helpful with regard to UMAT Preparation, you are fortunate: your careers teacher will ensure you get all the necessary information about the UMAT and UMAT training. If your school has a careers teacher who is not, you must do most of the work. Talk to senior students, current medical students, google UMAT prep etc and start early. Network during UMAT Prep workshops and develop contacts so that you know what you need  to do during various times of the year regarding UMAT preparation, the application process and medical interviews.