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UMAT: Arriving at the UMAT Test Site

UMAT:  Arriving at the  UMAT Test Site

There will probably be hundreds of nervous students milling around at the entrance to the UMAT test site, reviewing notes, or muttering to themselves. You should avoid congregating near those who appear nervous so you can remain focused, but that’s up to you and your state of mind that morning. If you find your friends there, get together and talk about things to get into a positive mindset.

If you arrived super early, you can hang out in the car or find a place to sit and read a book or listen to some music. If a parent drove you to the site, have him or her hang out until the test starts just in case some emergency comes up.

Make sure your pencil points are slightly dull. Super sharp pencil points break easily and take longer to fill in the answer sheet bubbles than do dull pencil points.

In the UMAT course, you will learn about how to get into a positive mindset before you go into the UMAT test venue.

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