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UMAT Coaching Sydney


MedEntry offers UMAT Coaching in all parts of Australia, including Sydney. Regular UMAT Coaching Workshops are held throughout the year at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Sydney UMAT Workshops: 

Our UMAT lecturers offer useful tips on solving each type of problem in an effective manner. Exclusive to MedEntry, these two-day workshops in Sydney are usually split into coaching on the first day and sitting a practice exam on the second. The dates for the Sydney UMAT Coaching workshops may be viewed here.

Aside from UMAT workshops, the MedEntry UMAT Coaching Program in Sydney also offers online practice questions to all package MedEntry UMAT holders. Our Learning Management System (LMS) houses over a thousand questions in the form of drills and practice exams. The drills are designed to target a specific type of question to increase a student’s exposure. UMAT Practice exams allow students to develop their time management skills.

Sydney UMAT Tutoring Sessions:

Exclusive to MedEntry UMAT Diamond Package holders, personal UMAT tutoring is also available to MedEntry students in Sydney. This allows students to build on their strengths and improve their areas of weakness in a one-on-one environment. Sessions are run by an experienced tutor who performed exceptionally well in the UMAT, interviews and HSC and who is located in the Sydney area. These sessions are flexible as students are able to organise when, where, and how they wish to use the UMAT tutoring sessions.

Each UMAT tutoring session is tailored specifically to the student’s needs. As there is no set curriculum in these UMAT tutoring sessions, students can direct the UMAT tutoring sessions towards areas they wish to focus on in the UMAT. In turn, this also helps students developing self-directed learning skills.

Many students in Sydney find their UMAT coaching is enhanced by the inclusion of these UMAT tutoring sessions.

Some of the areas they covered with their Sydney UMAT tutor include:

·         A particular type of question in UMAT

·         Confusing questions or questions they did not understand during private UMAT study on the MedEntry UMAT LMS

·         General questions about the UMAT and the UMAT process

·         Further methods and techniques behind solving UMAT questions

·         Strategies to maximise their UMAT score

Sessions of one-on-one UMAT tutoring are available in Sydney.

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