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UMAT is different from School tests

I am sure you know kids who don’t do so well in school, yet somehow manage to ace tests like UMAT. And you probably know other students who do really well in school, yet when it comes to UMAT, they don’t do nearly as well – and sometimes even bomb the test completely.

Why do so many bright students have so much trouble on the UMAT? Because taking the UMAT is nothing like taking the tests at school. Some examples:

  • School tests rarely last more than an hour. In the UMAT you’ve got to stay mentally focussed for about three hours
  • On school tests, your teachers generally give partial cerdit for partial answers. If your answer to a long complicated question was mostly right, except for a “silly mistake”, your teacher would probably give you full credit. In the UMAT, there is only one right answer for each question, and no partial credit. On the UMAT there is no such thing as “just a careless mistake” since any mistakes costs you full credit, and then some
  • School tests generally test pure knowledge, so you can cram for them the night before. UMAT however tests your thinking skills which need to be developed over a period of time

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