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UMAT section 2 tips & advice: understanding people.

Understanding people in the UMAT exam.

Absorbing and recalling all of the information that you need from the passages you are given in UMAT section 2 can be quite difficult, however there are ways to tackle these long and dense passages so that you are able to process them and extract the important information more efficiently and effectively and thus improve your section 2 UMAT score.

How should I approach section 2 (understanding people) UMAT questions?

One of the best ways to process section 2 UMAT stimuli is to break the paragraph down into simpler forms through paraphrasing. This means that long and complex paragraphs are simplified into smaller and simpler pieces of information. Good readers will paraphrase as they read and this saves time and also makes it more likely that your brains will be able to retain and recall the most significant information at a later stage while answering the questions. Some quick and easy paraphrasing tips and techniques are as follows:

  • Write short summaries on the UMAT paper
  • Underline sentences that capture the main ideas as simply as possible
  • Keep your paraphrasing as simple and concise as possible without losing the main ideas – you will lose the value of paraphrasing if you overdo it

Another way to simplify a large passage is to create visual aids (in your mind). Not only will this help you retain and recall the information when answering section 2 UMAT questions but it will also keep you interested while reading dense and complex paragraphs. Have a look at these examples:

  • Stories/Novel Extracts: Creating visual aids is relatively easy as they are written in a manner that encourages visualisation.
  • Analytical Piece/Argument: Visualise particular aspects of the article, such as main ideas or important elements so that they are easier to recall later.
  • Argumentative pieces: Picture these pieces as a battle – one argument against another. This will help clarify the two sides being put forward in the piece.

How do I avoid oversimplifying for section 2 (understanding people) UMAT questions?

As mentioned earlier, simplifying the texts is a good technique for understanding but if you oversimplify, it may cause you to lose the main idea of the paragraph and this can be costly to your UMAT section 2 score. Also avoid falling into a pattern when answering section 2 UMAT questions. Just because one question leans a particular way, doesn’t mean that the rest will follow. Make sure you treat each question set as new – don’t bring along any information from other questions sets!

For free UMAT sample questions and other UMAT resources relevant  to section 2 of the UMAT exam, please see MedEntry UMAT preparation.



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