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UMAT : The morning of the UMAT test

Waking Up on the UMAT Test Morning


  • When you wake up, consider taking a shower or doing some brief calisthenics or other exercise to get the blood flowing—especially to your groggy brain! If someone is taking you to the test site, make sure he or she is up, too.
  • Eat a normal breakfast, but not too much or you’ll be groggy. If you’re used to consuming some form of caffeine—tea, coffee, cola—then doing so is probably a good idea this morning. But only if you’re used to caffeine; if you’re not, now is not the morning to start.
  • Make sure you have everything with you when you leave, and allow enough time to get to the test site thirty to forty minutes before the recommended time to allow for traffic delays and to get yourself into a good position for entering the exam room.
  • Think of some positive thoughts and ask your mum or dad to reinforce such thoughts to you beforehand.

In the UMAT Course, you will be provided with detailed instructions on what to do on the test day.

The Night before the UMAT Test
The Day before the UMAT Test

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