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University of Sydney, Newcastle, UNSW or UWS?

Many students who live in and around Sydney will have to make decision about whether to study medicine at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Newcastle or Western Sydney.

Follow this link for a simple comparison of UNSW vs. Usyd medicine.

A blog which may be of interest can be found here.

Apart from issues discussed in the above blog, the following may be of use:

  • Newcastle is likely to have a wider diversity of student intake (including more mature students), which may be an advantage
  • You will probably get better grades for the same effort at UWS compared to that at USyd or UNSW (the grades that you get rather than the uni that you attend, is one factor which determines your future career prospects)
  • In general our view is that a shorter course (five years) is better as discussed in an earlier blog, but you may need to consider other relevant factors
  • In general our view is that an integrated medicine course (as at UNSW) is better than graduate medicine course (as at USyd)
  • Prestige of the universty is not such important factor in medicine as for other disciplines such as Law, Commerce, Engineering etc

Whichever university you choose, the fact that you are able to choose means you are in a fortunate position. Good luck!


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