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What should I do the day before the UMAT exam?

By this stage, you will have well and truly completed your UMAT preparation. The day before the UMAT test is all about getting yourself in the right state of mind for the UMAT exam so that you can remain as stress-free as possible and perform at your best when it counts.


What should I do the day before the UMAT exam?

  • -Make sure you know the location of your UMAT test centre and how to get there. Remember for some locations parking may be limited and inner-city traffic can be very heavy especially during peak hour.  If you’re planning on taking public transport, make sure you know the best route to your UMAT test centre and, in either instance, plan allowing plenty of time for unexpected delays.
  • -Make sure you have a back-up transport plan if someone is unable to drive you on the UMAT test day or there are signficant delays with your chosen method of transport. It might be a good idea to team up with local friends also sitting the UMAT to organise transport to your UMAT test location together.
  • -Make sure you have a watch of some kind so that you can keep track of time during the UMAT. Many students prefer a digital watch or hand-timer over an analogue watch which can be difficult to read. In either case, make sure the numbers on the screen of your watch are large and clearly visible so that you need only glance at it during the UMAT exam.
  • -Set your alarm! Perhaps set one more alarm in your house just to make sure. It would be horrifyingly stressful to get to your UMAT exam late, or miss it entirely because you slept in!
  • -Buy all the stationary you need the day before and a clear, transparent bottle of water to take with you into the UMAT exam should you so desire. ACER recommends Grey-lead pencils (medium soft HB) and an eraser.  Don’t leave this until the morning of the exam, it’s not worth trying to fit this in on a day when you will already be stressed and nervous for the UMAT.
  • -Get to bed early! Don’t go on facebook, twitter, asos or reddit – a good night’s sleep is far more important and will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to face the day ahead.
  • -Make sure you have an appropriate form of ID ready to show at the UMAT test centre when you arrive. This includes; current passport issued within 2 years, current driver’s licence or learner’s permit (photo-bearing) and current (photo-bearing) Keypass, Proof of Age card or 18+ card.
  • -Also ensure that you have a print-out of your UMAT admission ticket. You should receive this by email approximately two weeks prior to the UMAT exam.


What revision should I do the day before the UMAT exam?

  • -Revision the day before the UMAT exam should be minimal. By this point, you will have done all the hard work, so as emphasised above, the day before the UMAT is all about getting into the right, calm and positive headspace for the UMAT exam.
  • -You may wish to do a few practice questions from each section just to keep your mind moving, but do not attempt an entire UMAT exam the day before. Think of this as ‘tapering’ for a big race.
  • -Some students may choose not to do any preparation the day before the UMAT exam and instead focus on relaxing and getting a good night’s sleep. If this is a tactic that you have employed before other exams that you have also sufficiently prepared for- then do what you know works best for you!

For more specific UMAT test tips please see our blog series UMAT test tactics and preparation by the team at MedEntry UMAT preparation.


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