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Why are medical interviews so important?


Medical interviews are perhaps the most underestimated part of the medical entry admissions process. Many students do not prepare for them, either because they do not recognise the importance of medical interviews, or do not understand how difficult they are.

At many universities, medical interviews are worth as much, if not more than your high school / university performance and your UCAT!

For example:

  • The Adelaide University medical interview, Curtin University medical interview and University of Western Australia medical interview are all worth 40% of the admissions criteria
  • The Monash University medical interview is worth 33% of the admissions criteria
  • The Newcastle University medical interview is the only criterion used for selection once academic thresholds (ATAR and UCAT) have been reached
  • The Western Sydney University medical interview and UCAT are the only criteria used once a threshold ATAR/GPA has been reached. The Western Sydney medical interview carries greater emphasis than UCAT.

Furthermore, at Monash University, you only get one shot at the medical interview. That is, if you apply to study medicine at Monash University and are invited to an interview but are unsuccessful in obtaining a place, when you reapply the following year the same interview score will be used. You can resit UCAT, but you cannot re-sit your interview!

Therefore, it is vital that you take medical interviews seriously and prepare for them.

All of MedEntry’s students have access to an interview guide on the LMS. We also offer highly sought after Medical Interview Training sessions, tailored to each specific university.

Don’t let your medical entry dream be dashed – take your interview seriously and get preparing!

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