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ACER Practice Test 4

ACER recently released a new practice exam, called 'UMAT Practice Test 4'. Like some other UMAT practice tests released by ACER, they do not include solutions. Therefore, it is difficult for students to know why they may have got a question wrong, and how to arrive at the correct answer efficiently and accurately. MedEntry has recently made available to students high quality, fully worked solutions to all 134 questions in the new UMAT Practice Test. Furthermore, students can compare their performance against others (which is how UMAT results are calculated). Simply enter in your scores to obtain feedback and percentile rankings!

UMAT Books

Have you ever thought about  using books to prepare for the UMAT?   Before you go and spend your money on UMAT books there are a few things worth considering:   Unlike online materials which can be regularly updated, the publisher of such books is unable to amend them in keeping with the frequent changes that do occur in the UMAT. There is no way of seeing other reader reviews of such publications, so how will you know what your peers think of them? Is the author well versed in all facets of the UMAT and how much experience do they...
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UMAT 2012 ACER survey question about preparation

On the Answer Sheet during the UMAT test in 2012 it had an ‘optional’ question asking students whether you did any form of preparation for UMAT other than the 2 papers supplied by ACER themselves and claims it is “for research purposes only”. Many students wonder what the purpose of it was. One possible explanation for this, is that ACER is trying to do some ‘research’ to prove that UMAT Preparation does not help. ACER does not like UMAT courses because they provide an advantage to students. Most students who have done preparation are not going to admit that they had...
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Medical entrance

Throughout the ages and in most countries medicine has been a profession with special privileges, hence demand to study medicine is high. In fact the demand to supply ratio is higher for medicine than for any other course in Australia, which is one reason for the use of criteria other than ATAR (high school) scores for entry. Since medical knowledge is growing at an exponential rate, it is essential that future doctors have critical thinking, abstract reasoning, problem solving and interpersonal skills. Far from making the system sick, the selection process ensures that doctors are able, affable and adaptable. It is...
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