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Medical Entry: Obtaining Work Experience During COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Obtaining work experience is an important part of the medical school entry process. However, obtaining work experience has become significantly more difficult with the recent COVID-19 pandemic and resulting restrictions. Many hospitals have temporarily cancelled their work experience programs, and other health facilities are understandably reluctant to accept students into their organisations.However, it is still important that students obtain work experience for the medical entry process. In this blog, we will discuss why work experience is important, and some work experience substitutes that you can undertake during the COVID-19 pandemic. Why is medical work experience important?Work experience in a medical or health...
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UCAT ANZ 2020 candidates who are sitting UCAT in Australia and New Zealand have been advised that they may wear a mask and gloves if they wish when sitting UCAT. This is not mandatory.Note that UCAT testing centres will not supply a mask and gloves. Masks and gloves brought by candidates to UCAT testing centres will be inspected by UCAT testing staff for security purposes.Candidates sitting UCAT ANZ 2020 in an overseas testing centre (outside of Australia and New Zealand) have been advised to bring a facemask, as some testing centres require students to wear one when sitting the UCAT.Why wear...
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UCAT ANZ 2020 will be proceeding in July. Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Pearson VUE have had to implement social distancing precautions to ensure the safety of UCAT candidates. This has led to some UCAT testing appointments at some locations having to be rescheduled.Students who have been affected will have received an email from Pearson VUE asking them to reschedule their UCAT testing date. These students can reschedule their UCAT testing appointment by logging into their Pearson VUE account and changing their booking. Students can change their UCAT booking online up until this Friday 5 June at 11:59pm AEST.Note that...
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UCAT ANZ has advised that UCAT will be proceeding in July 2020 as planned. Previously, it was unclear whether UCAT ANZ 2020 would be taking place as usual, due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. UCAT ANZ 2020 will take place with appropriate social distancing and hygiene precautions in place to protect UCAT candidates. The late registration deadline has also been extended from 18 May 2020 to 1 June 2020.In order for Pearson VUE to observe appropriate social distancing rules, adjustments need to be made to the way some test centres are set up, including the provision of extra spacing between workstations....
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 There has been a lot of uncertainty surrounding the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on UCAT ANZ 2020. You may be wondering, will UCAT go ahead? When will UCAT be taking place? What should I be doing now in terms of my UCAT preparation? This blog answers some common questions. Will UCAT ANZ 2020 be going ahead? Yes! UCAT ANZ 2020 will not be eliminated as a requirement for entry into medicine. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, universities will still need to select students who have the qualities required to be empathetic and skilled health professionals.UCAT ANZ was introduced in 2019 as a requirement...
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UCAT Preparation During Coronavirus - Tip 5: Cultivate Wellbeing

The coronavirus pandemic and resulting social isolation requirements has led to significant changes in the way we live. This change occurred dramatically, and without warning. In response, it is natural to feel stressed, overwhelmed and anxious. However, if left unchecked, these feelings can have a detrimental impact on your wellbeing and UCAT performance in this crucial year. MedEntry’s aim is to provide guidance and assistance to you during this challenging time. This blog series covers how to effectively prepare for UCAT during coronavirus and social isolation. The principles outlined in these blogs are also useful for your school and university study.Our...
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UCAT Preparation During Coronavirus - Tip 4: Keep up Your Motivation

The coronavirus pandemic has probably led to significant changes in your daily life and the way you study. The sudden change may have left you feeling confused, stressed and lost, particularly if you are in your final year of schooling. Our aim is to provide guidance and tips to help you study and prepare for UCAT during this turbulent time.This blog series covers how to effectively prepare for UCAT during coronavirus and social isolation. The principles outlined in these blogs are also useful for your school and university study.Our last three blogs covered tip 1: Optimise Your Study Environment, tip 2: Create...
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UCAT Preparation During Coronavirus - TIP 3: Make the Most of Remote UCAT Learning

The coronavirus pandemic has probably caused a significant change to your life over the past few weeks. In addition to this, there has been a lot of uncertainty regarding the impact of the pandemic on UCAT, UCAT preparation and medical entry. It may have left you feeling overwhelmed or anxious. We at MedEntry are here to help!This blog series covers how to effectively prepare for UCAT during coronavirus and social isolation. The principles outlined in these blogs are also useful for your school and university study.Our last two blogs covered tip 1: Optimise Your Study Environment and tip 2: Create a...
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