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There are two major pathways into medicine: the undergraduate route (which generally requires you to sit UCAT) and the graduate route (which generally requires GAMSAT). As an aspiring medical student, it can be difficult to know which pathway to take, particularly when some universities strongly market the graduate route. MedEntry recommends that you choose the undergraduate (UCAT) route, as there are several advantages for you and your future medical career. For more information, check out this blog: This blog summarises the differences between UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) and the GAMSAT (Graduate Medical Schools Admission Test) to help you make...
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Medicine at UNSW or USyd?

Medicine at UNSW or USydney? A dilemma facing high achievers wanting to pursue medicine is whether to choose UNSW/JMP/WSU (school leaver entry) or USyd (graduate route). Many parents often ask “why did some universities abandon the school leaver entry route to medicine and which route is better?” The answer is the same to similar questions such as: Medicine at Monash or Melbourne? Medicine at Curtin or UWA? Medicine at UQ or Monash? Medicine at Adelaide or Flinders? etc Our view is that UNSW/JMP/WSU school leaver entry is far superior for several reasons including: 1. No guarantee: USyd does not have guaranteed places in...
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So, you want to be a doctor? How do I get into medicine in Australia/NZ?

Congratulations on your decision to pursue medicine as a career! Medicine is an interesting, valued and rewarding profession. The process of getting into medicine can be confusing, so here’s an introduction. Criteria for getting into medicine Unlike most other courses, getting into medicine doesn’t just require a high ATAR. Entry into medicine at most universities is based on three criteria: ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank)UCAT ANZ (Unicersities Clinical Aptitude Test for Australia and New Zealand)Interview (some universities also require a written application) Each university differs slightly in how they go about selecting students for medicine, so it is important to research each...
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GAMSAT (Graduate Medical School Admissions Test) will be held online via remote supervision this year, for the first time ever. GAMSAT is used for admission into postgraduate medical programs at some universities, mainly in Australia, Ireland and the United Kingdom.  GAMSAT is normally a written test that takes place in large testing halls. With the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, this is not currently considered safe. Therefore, GAMSAT 2020 will instead take place online. Candidates will be able to sit the test at home, or at a private location of their choosing. Candidates will be required to have a stable internet connection and...
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GAMSAT will be run online in 2020

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Graduate Medical School Admission Test (GAMSAT) will be run online at the end of May for the first time ever. GAMSAT is used to select students for entry into graduate medical programs. GAMSAT is usually run in person across multiple venues. However, due to COVID-19, the GAMSAT exam scheduled for Saturday 21 March 2020 was cancelled. This applies to all candidates, in all locations globally. ACER, which runs GAMSAT, has said that candidates will sit GAMSAT at home or at a private location of their choosing. Candidates will need to have a stable internet...
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IRRELEVANT TEST, Australian Doctor (9 March 2007)

EDITOR: It is not surprising that the Graduate Australian Medical School Admission Test (GAMSAT) is not a good predictor of students' performance in medical school ('Graduate med school test doubts', 9 February). However, a more important question that should be investigated is whether GAMSAT is a good test for predicting whether selected students become good medical practitioners. If practising doctors in Australia were to sit the tests without preparation, at least 70% would pass the UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) -- a test for school leavers -- whereas only about 1% would pass the GAMSAT (a test for graduates). This is...
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Pathways into medicine: my experiences with UCAT and GAMSAT

Living in our corner of the world and having a desire to pursue medicine will mean that at some point you will encounter either the UCAT or the GAMSAT. I experienced the former a multitude of times and the latter most recently, and have achieved success in both. This blog will guide you through both exams and pathways.   If you are a student pursuing medicine in New Zealand, the UCAT will be your only concern. It is not possible to directly enter medicine as a high school leaver at either Auckland or Otago, so the UCAT is a barrier you...
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I don’t have time for the UCAT during year 12, should I do the GAMSAT instead?

A lot of people think because their final year of school is such a busy one, they should forget about doing the UCAT and focus on their school exams instead. Some say, “Don’t worry if you are not sitting the UCAT, you can always just sit the GAMSAT during Uni and get into Medicine that way”. Whilst this is true, the graduate entry route is no doubt harder. You compete with a far wider range of test takers. The percentage of students who actually get into Graduate Medicine may also be lower than the undergraduate route. The decision to sit either...
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NOT ALL ENTRY TESTS EQUAL, Medical Observer (16 February 2007, Page 17)

The debate about whether school leaver entry or graduate entry is better for medicine will continue for a long time because there are winners and losers in either scenario (Inside Story, 24/11/2006; Letters, 8/12). The graduate entry pathway has the following disadvantages: 1. Many highly able students who would otherwise have become excellent doctors will be lost to other professions, because they may be reluctant to obtain another degree after graduation. 2. Graduate medical programs reduce the productive working life of a doctor. 3. The longer duration of study is likely to result in increased cost of services to patients on...
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UCAT or GAMSAT? which route is harder? which route is easier?

For a simple comparison of UCAT and GAMSAT, please read this article: UCAT vs GAMSAT Medicine entry via GAMSAT or UCAT? what’s the difference? It’s a question anyone wanting to gain entry into medicine will inevitably ask: ‘Am I better off sitting the UCAT and doing an undergraduate medicine degree, or should I sit the GAMSAT to gain entry into a graduate medicine course?’ To make things easier, below is a comparative summary of some of the key elements of both the GAMSAT (graduate entry pathway) and the UCAT (undergraduate entry pathway) so you can make up your own mind. See...
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School leaver entry (UCAT) or Graduate entry (GAMSAT)? Which route is better?

Medicine after high school or degree? For a simpler comparison of UCAT against the GAMSAT please see the following articles:  UCAT vs GAMSAT ‘UCAT or GAMSAT? which is harder? which is easier?‘. Our view is that UCAT route is far superior for several reasons including: 1. No guarantee: Even if you do ace your GPA and do well in GAMSAT, there is no gurantee that you will get in: there is often an interview as well. 2. More stress and uncertainty: You have just finished a hard slog for your final high school exams. Do you really want to continue to...
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Medicine at Monash or Melbourne?

Medicine at Monash or Melbourne? A dilemma facing high achievers wanting to pursue medicine is whether to choose Monash University (school leaver entry) or Melbourne University (graduate route). Many parents often ask “why did some universities abandon the school leaver entry route to medicine and which route is better?” The answer is the same to similar questions such as: Medicine at UNSW or USyd? Medicine at Curtin or UWA? Medicine at Adelaide or Flinders? etc Our view is that Monash school leaver entry is far superior for several reasons including: 1. No guarantee: Melbourne Graduate medicine does NOT have guaranteed places in...
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