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Virtual Medical Interviews: 3 Tips For Success

The COVID-19 / coronavirus pandemic has resulted in several changes to medical school admissions. A significant change has been the move from in-person medical interviews to virtual interviews. Several medical schools have already confirmed that medical interviews will take place virtually (for example over Zoom). These include Monash University, Adelaide University and Charles Sturt University.A virtual interview is very different from an in-person one, and requires an understanding of how to best present yourself on a teleconferencing platform.Here are three tips for success:1.  Familiarise yourself with the technologySome universities have already confirmed the teleconferencing platform that they will be using to...
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How to Apply to Medicine at Australian Universities

Congratulations on your decision to pursue Medicine as a career! Medicine is a challenging field that will constantly test your ability to work hard and stay disciplined. But it is not all hard work; you will also find that Medicine is one of the most rewarding careers available. You will learn about many fields of study such as anatomy, physiology and pharmacology, and be able to directly apply them to a clinical environment.The deadline to apply for medicine in Australia closes at the end of September. This blog is designed to assist students with the application process.Entry Criteria into medicine Universities...
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MedEntry Medical Interview Training sessions are now available to book!.The two elements to your medical interview successThis year, MedEntry Medical Interview Training will consist of two parts, in order to provide students with holistic, comprehensive and targeted preparation:Strategy Day with Dr Ray: in this day-long session, students will learn the strategies needed to excel in medical interviews. The session will cover topics such as how to best present yourself during interviews, how to engage with interviewers and how to answer common and difficult questions. It will be presented by Dr Ray Boyapati, a Consultant Gastroenterologist with 20 years of experience in...
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Interim test statistics for UCAT ANZ 2020 are now available on the UCAT ANZ official website.This blog describes what they mean and how to interpret them.What data is shown?The UCAT ANZ 2020 preliminary test statistics displays the following data:the mean scores for each UCAT subtestthe mean overall UCAT cognitive scorethe scores required to achieve a particular decile for each UCAT subtesthow overall UCAT cognitive scores translate to percentilesThe data is based on the scores of the majority of UCAT candidates (approximately 14,000 students) who have sat UCAT in the 2020 testing cycle. Due to COVID-19 / coronavirus and the resulting lockdown...
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5 Easy Ways to Start Preparing for Medical Interviews Now

1. UCAT Situational JudgementThe UCAT Situational Judgement section tests similar skills to the medical interview. Unlike the other parts of the UCAT exam, the Situational Judgement subtest analyses your ability to handle potentially difficult situations. This is an excellent foundation with which to begin your medical interview preparation.You don’t want to significantly disrupt your UCAT preparation with these recommendations but it is worth briefly considering the following:When you look at a Situational Judgement question, think about further questions you might be asked if the scenario was posed to you in a medical interview setting. UCAT Situational Judgement scenarios are very possible...
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Want to be a doctor? Here’s 5 things you should know

1. There are A LOT of students in the same position as youIt really is remarkable how many people want to study medicine. This is both good and bad news for you. The bad part is how small most medical cohorts are, which makes medical entry extremely competitive. Don’t let this weigh on your mind too much though, because you simply need to accept that there will be people with a better chance of getting in than you and people with a worse chance of getting in than you. The only aspect of this process under your control is how you...
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Interview Offers Are Being Released

Getting into medicine and dentistry is a complicated process. Part of this includes navigating the various university interview offers that are released at different times. MedEntry can help!Below is a table of the various universities offering interviews for medicine and dentistry undergraduate courses around Australia, the interview type, interview offer dates and actual interview dates.If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff in the office.2020 dates (for 2021 entry)UniversityInterview Type  Interview Offers  Interview DatesUniversity of Adelaide (Medicine & Dentistry)  Panel  27 Oct 2020 *Late Nov, through Dec 2020University of Auckland MMINot Specified (early Nov in 2019)24 Nov -...
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3 Reasons Why You Should Choose MedEntry For Your Medical Interview Training

Medical interviews are a vital criterion for entry into medicine and dentistry. They can be as important, or in some cases more important, than UCAT and ATAR in determining entry. Therefore, it is vital that you prepare for your medical interview, and that you choose the right medical interview preparation provider. Here are three reasons why you should choose MedEntry.1.  Unrivalled expertiseMedEntry has been helping students enter medicine in Australia and New Zealand for two decades. Over that period, we have developed an intricate, intimate and unrivalled understanding of medical interviews. We know exactly what each university is looking for, the...
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Why are medical interviews so important?

Medical interviews are perhaps the most underestimated part of the medical entry admissions process. Many students do not prepare for them, either because they do not recognise the importance of medical interviews, or do not understand how difficult they are.At many universities, medical interviews are worth as much, if not more than your high school / university performance and your UCAT!For example:At Adelaide University and Curtin University,  medical interviews are worth 40% of the admissions criteriaAt Monash University, UWA and UNSW, medical interview is worth 33% of the admissions criteriaThe Newcastle University medical interview is the only criterion used for selection...
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Medical Interview Training Dates Released!

Dates for MedEntry’s highly sought after Medical Interview Training Sessions have been released, with over 40 workshops taking place across Australia and New Zealand.Medical Interview Training sessions are tailored to the specific interview for which you have received an offer. You will be exposed to the specific questions that will be asked in the medical interview, and will have the opportunity to practice and receive personalised feedback.You will understand what the interviewers are looking for, and will leave the session with the skills required to present yourself as a motivated, enthusiastic, genuine and insightful medical school applicant.Interviews are a vital, yet...
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