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The Opportunity Cost of pursuing Graduate Medicine

It is very important to consider the opportunity cost of anything we do.  Opportunity cost represents the benefits an individual misses out on when choosing one alternative over another. For example, the benefit you miss out on by choosing a 6 year medical program vs. a shorter 5 year program. Similarly, you should consider the benefit you miss out on by going to graduate medical program (which takes a minimum of 7 years) instead of going to a five year school leaver entry program. Keep in mind that the prestige of the university matters very little when it comes to medical degrees.  Assuming a conservative...
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Chancellor's Scholarships

Medical schools love to attract TWO groups of students: they pull out the red carpet for (a) Rural students and (b) Very high ATAR students. Why? The real reason (not the one stated on their websites) is that the universities benefit directly and indirectly. If they recruit rural students, universities get significantly more funding from the government than they would if they recruit city students. If they recruit very high ATAR students, they benefit in many ways. First, their university ranking will go up: and universities will do anything to improve their ranking. There is tremendous competition between universities to...
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Is the median ATAR of medical students at USyd/UniMelb higher than at UNSW/Monash?

No, in fact, it is far lower. People assume that because the University of Sydney and the University of Melbourne have a certain limited number of places for their “guaranteed entry” scheme (for which the minimum ATAR required is 99.90 or 99.95) the median ATAR of medical students at such universities must be very high. This is a myth and is completely untrue. The University of Sydney and the University of Melbourne have about 300+ places each in their graduate entry programs and only about 10% of places are from the guaranteed entry stream. The rest of the places are...
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Melbourne vs. Monash Medicine: Should I study medicine at Monash or Melbourne university?

To Melbourne or Monash for medicine? That  is the question. It's a question often asked by aspiring med students: ' should I study medicine at Melbourne or Monash?' To help you make up your own mind, we've compiled a clear, concise and simple breakdown of each of the available medicine pathways at Melbourne and Monash. For a comparison of UMAT against the GAMSAT please see the following article: ' UMAT or GAMSAT? which is harder? which is easier? '.   In summary, Medicine via UMAT  at Monash is far better for the students and their parents, but GMASAT route  at Melbourne...
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Medicine at Monash or Melbourne?

Medicine at Monash (via  UMAT ) or Melbourne (via GAMSAT)? A dilemma facing high achievers wanting to pursue medicine is whether to choose Monash University (school leaver entry) or Melbourne University (graduate route). Many parents often ask “why did some universities abandon the school leaver entry route to medicine and which route is better?” Our view is that Monash school leaver entry is far superior for several reasons including: 1. No guarantee: Melbourne Graduate medicine does NOT have guaranteed places in Medicine, even though the university claims that it has. Even those who obtain an ATAR of 99.95 have to...
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Monash or Melbourne?

Medicine at Monash or Melbourne? A dilemma facing high achievers wanting to pursue medicine is whether to choose Monash University (school leaver entry) or Melbourne University (graduate route). Our view is that Monash school leaver entry is superior for several reasons.  You can speak to one of our staff members during the UMAT workshop, during the Interview Training Sessions, call us or email us to get more details and discuss your specific situation. The reasons why Monash school leaver entry is far better for students are discussed in the  medical entrance interview training  session by MedEntry. These sessions are usually...
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