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Life isn’t the only thing full of surprises. The upcoming UMAT exam could hold a range of new, never-before-seen questions and it is important to know how to deal with these in an exam situation. The first step is to identify these types of questions in reading time. When looking through your UMAT exam booklet, mentally note these questions and have them simmering away in the back of your mind. By doing so, you’ll be better prepared for these “surprises” and less likely to panic when you go on to attempt these questions.When writing time begins, start doing the questions you’re confident...
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Maximise each UMAT practice question (and your study time!)

So you’ve decided to spend x hours per week preparing for the UMAT. Well done on making a commitment! But it doesn’t end there. The next step is to squeeze as much as you can get out of those UMAT preparation hours. One way of doing this and making the questions work for you is to carefully review solutions. When going through UMAT practice questions, it’s very tempting to avoid reading the solutions for one reason or another. As someone who achieved 100th percentile in the UMAT, I’ll try to make a case for reading the solutions all the time. Excuse 1:...
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UMAT test tactics and preparation part 1: Avoiding multiple confusions in the multiple choice section of UMAT

A starting guide on how to tackle the multi-choice of UMAT from the team at MedEntry UMAT preparation:  The ’2 out of 4′ rule in multi-choice:   In any multi-choice test, it is significantly harder to create a good but incorrect answer than it is to create the correct answer. For this reason usually only two attractive answer-choices are offered. One correct; the other either intentionally misleading or only partially correct. The other three answer-choices are usually ‘fluff’. This makes educated guessing on tests immensely effective. If you can dismiss the two fluff choices, your probability of answering the question successfully will...
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UMAT test tactics and preparation part 2: Process of Elimination in UMAT multichoice

Process of Elimination or POE in UMAT: the best of a bad bunch. Comprehensive advice from the team at MedEntry UMAT preparation. Once you have established what the UMAT question is asking you need to act efficiently and narrow down your options to reach the correct answer. Using the Process of Elimination or POE method can greatly improve your chances of scoring highly on the UMAT because it provides a way of tackling questions where there seems to be no ideal answer. Firstly, be wary of simply picking what you perceive, at first glance, to be the correct answer. There are often several choices that are ‘distractors’: They are designed to look appealing but...
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Tips for UMAT Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple choice questions are much harder than they seem. Even though they give you the correct answer as one of the choices, selecting it amongst the others can sometimes be quite difficult. The UMAT consists of only multiple choice questions so if you learn how to ace this type of question, it will help you maximise your UMAT score. The following tips will not only benefit you in the UMAT, but in any other multiple choice questions that you may face.ANSWER EVERY QUESTION: For UMAT sections 1 and 2 you have a 1 in 4 chance of selecting the correct answer and in...
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