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UCAT test tactics and preparation part 7: worded mathematical problems

Worded mathematical problems on the UCAT exam: translating worded problems into mathematical symbols.comprehenisve UCAT advice from the team at MedEntry UCAT preparation.Possibly the most confusing questions on the UCAT exam, worded mathematical problems can actually be solved relatively easily if you understand how the question is written and what the words of the question really mean in mathematical terms.Prior to solving worded mathematical problems on the UCAT exam, it is essential that you are comfortable with translating words into mathematical symbols. Below is a partial list of words and their mathematical equivalents. You should know these by heart before attempting any of...
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UCAT test tactics and preparation part 6: statistics problems on the UCAT

How to approach statistics problems on the UCAT exam:Frequently a feature of UCAT multi choice, understanding the language of statistics and how to answer those questions involving statistics on the UCAT exam is essential for UCAT success. Below, we have explained, as succinctly as possible, what you need to know in order to answer this style of UCAT question.Statistics is the study of the patterns and relationships of numbers and data. There are four main concepts that may appear on the UCAT exam.Median When a set of numbers is arranged in order of size, the median is the middle number.For example, the median...
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UCAT test tactics and preparation part 5: Counting Problems in UCAT

Counting problems in UCAT: an essential summary.Your UCAT questions explained by the team at MedEntry as part of our new section UCAT test tactics and preparation.They may seem simple on paper, but counting problems contained within the UCAT exam can often cause much confusion among students. If you can understand the basic principles of counting problems and recognize when to apply them, you will be able to master many of the typical counting problem question types presented in the UCAT exam. When counting elements that are in overlapping sets, the total number will equal the number in one group plus the number in the other group minus the number common to...
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UCAT test tactics and preparation part 4: probability questions

Probability questions in the UCAT: you’re probably reading this sentence right now… Your UCAT questions explained by the team at MedEntry as part of our new section UCAT test tactics and preparation. We know what probability means, but what is its formal definition? Let’s use our everyday logic to define it. If there is no chance that an event will occur, then its probability of occurring should be 0. On the other extreme, if an event is certain to occur, then its probability of occurring should be 100%, or 1. Hence, we can deduce that  probability will be a number between 0 and 1, inclusive. But what...
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Mind games: motivation for UCAT study.

Yes, we’d all rather be on Facebook or YouTube, or twitter, or asos, but before you throw your hands up in exasperated defeat and open another tab in your internet browser, consider this…If you do well in the UCAT exam, you will only have to sit it once. It’s 2 hours of your time which can open the door to a lifelong, rewarding and satisfying career in medicine and/or the health sciences.If you do not study for the UCAT, you may have to re-sit it or be forced find alternative pathways to reach your health career goal. This will not only...
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Preparation, Preparation, Preparation: the key for UCAT success.

UCAT: a multiple guess or multiple choice test? You choose. A university lecturer of mine, once made the comment prior to us all about to sit an exam, that he would cry if we didn’t answer every question because: ‘guys, it’s a multiple choice paper, so even a monkey could get one in every four questions right’.  Although I’ve never personally seen a monkey sit the UCAT exam, statistically speaking, it was a fair point to make, and for the record: not one student failed that paper. Why prepare for the UCAT or do UCAT preparation courses?To truly succeed in the UCAT and get top...
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UCAT Tip: Educated Guessing

UCAT Tip: Educated Guessing in the UCATWhen sitting the UCAT students may face a difficult question that they can’t quite get their head around or they are running out of time and still have some questions they haven’t answered yet. Some people choose to leave the UCAT question blank. This is a problem because there is very little time in the UCAT exam to return to previous UCAT questions and UCAT candidates will often leave a UCAT question so that they can go back to it later but then run out of time. The best thing to do when faced with UCAT questions...
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Tips for UCAT Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple choice questions are much harder than they seem. Even though they give you the correct answer as one of the choices, selecting it amongst the others can sometimes be quite difficult. The UCAT consists of only multiple choice questions so if you learn how to ace this type of question, it will help you maximise your UCAT score. The following tips will not only benefit you in the UCAT, but in any other multiple choice questions that you may face at school/uni.ANSWER EVERY QUESTION: For UCAT you have a 1 in 4 or 5 chance of selecting the correct answer. If you reach...
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The Day before the UCAT Test

The day before the UCAT If you haven’t already, make sure you know the location of your test centre. If you don’t know how to get to the centre, print out directions from Google Maps. If you haven’t taken a test before at your test centre, ask around among the seniors you know or go and check it out before, to see whether there’s anything you need to know about the place.If someone is supposed to drive you to the test centre, make sure you have a back-up plan in case the person oversleeps, gets sick, or otherwise fails to show up...
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Why do universities need UCAT scores? Isn’t my ATAR enough?

Good university admissions officers will use your UCAT scores to help them assess your readiness to do tough medical school work. Although the UCAT does not assess broad subject knowledge, it provides a universal benchmark that your high school transcript can’t. It assesses skills that are essential to succeed in a competitive Australian medical school: problem solving, data interpretation, logical reasoning, critical thinking and abstract analysis.Universities need the UCAT because school grades are, unfortunately, far from objective measures of your academic ability. Teachers rarely give out grades consistently and without bias. We all know that every school has easy graders and...
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Time management in UCAT

Timing is perhaps the most stress-inducing factor of the UCAT exam. If the UCAT were at take-home test, you would all score well. Managing time is the key. Most of your MedEntry UCAT practice will include timed sections, allowing you to become more familiar and comfortable with the pacing of the exam.The UCAT is not a test of intelligence. Although it is used as a predictor for success in medical schools, it isn’t infallible. A poor performance does not necessarily reflect ineptitude nor does a poor score mean you should not apply to the medical school. It may merely limit your choices.You need to maximise...
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