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Should I attend a MedEntry UCAT workshop?

MedEntry workshops have become famous over the years for their engaging, effective and enjoyable nature. You may be wondering whether you should attend a MedEntry UCAT workshop. The answer is a resounding yes! Here are three reasons why: MedEntry UCAT Workshops are Comprehensive MedEntry UCAT workshops cover everything you need to know for UCAT success, including: Detailed strategies and techniques, allowing you to answer each type of UCAT question quickly and accurately UCAT mini-tests, and a further full-length UCAT simulated online trial exam for hands-on experience Motivational teaching that makes the whole UCAT process feel clearer and less intimidating Advice from...
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COVID-19 & UCAT 2020: We are with you, every step of the way

If you are aiming to enter medicine in 2021, we understand you might be feeling anxious. And for good reason: year 12, UCAT and medical interviews are stressful enough without having to deal with a worldwide pandemic. Furthermore, there is a lot of uncertainty regarding assessments, including school exams and UCAT: will they be deferred? What will that mean for me? What should I be doing now? We wish to reassure students that we are here to support you throughout your medical entry journey. Here’s how: 1. Providing regular updates and tips MedEntry is closely monitoring COVID-19 developments and how they...
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How To Choose The Best UCAT Prep Course

UCAT is an extremely important, ‘high stakes’ test. That is, the results of UCAT have the potential to determine whether or not you will be a doctor. It makes sense that you should choose the best UCAT preparation course to give yourself the greatest chance of success. UCAT courses vary considerably in quality. This blog outlines five key factors you should look for when choosing the best UCAT prep course. 1. The best UCAT preparation course is run by experts When researching the best UCAT course, it is important to know who is behind the organisation. Surprisingly, many UCAT prep courses...
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What is covered in MedEntry’s UCAT Courses?

MedEntry’s UCAT Courses are offered in two main forms: A two-day, in-person UCAT CourseAn online UCAT Course The Platinum Package, which is the most popular UCAT Course, includes both of these services. Two day UCAT Course The two day UCAT Course provides comprehensive preparation for UCAT in a fun, engaging and interactive manner. MedEntry’s UCAT Courses are run by doctors and academics with extensive experience in UCAT test development and analysis. UCAT Courses are offered across Australia and New Zealand, in all major cities and some regional areas. The following will be covered in the UCAT Course: An introduction to UCAT,...
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How to choose a UCAT Course

  UCAT is the single most difficult and important test you will sit in your medical or dental career. It is therefore vital that you choose the right UCAT Course. This blog outlines what you should look for when choosing a UCAT Course. Is the UCAT course run by doctors? Given UCAT assesses the skills required to be a doctor, it makes sense that your chosen UCAT Course should be run by doctors. Doctors understand the thinking skills and approach necessary to perform well in UCAT. This is particularly true of the Situational Judgement subtest, which is scored by doctors and...
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UCAT Workshops: Why They Should Be Run By Doctors

With the inclusion of the Situational Judgement Test in UCAT, it is even more important that UCAT workshops are run by medical professionals. Situational Judgement questions require an intimate understanding of issues such as teamwork, professionalism, ethics and integrity within a medical context. Questions are based on real-world medical scenarios with which doctors will have had first-hand experience. Only practicing doctors have a detailed understanding of such issues, and the big picture thinking required to perform well. It is worth noting that Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) used when scoring Situational Judgement questions are medical professionals. There are other benefits to having...
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Tips for Medical Interviews

By now you may have finished your year 12 exams. For those who sat the UCAT this year, it almost seems like the end of the road. However, there is one crucial component for entry into medicine that many major universities require – the interview. It is important you prepare and practice for this last step, especially because this time, you are competing against a tough cohort: all those students who performed outstandingly in both the UCAT and ATAR. The first step to preparing for any interview is to start practicing. Whether this be attending the MedEntry Interview Training sessions, practicing...
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Why study Medicine?

There are only two things people seem ask you about in your final year of schooling: those big exams at the end of the year and what you want to do when they’re over. It’s a stressful and busy year with plenty of studying to be done. The constant questioning can be annoying, but it’s really important that you take the time to really look at what it is you are going to do next year. For anyone considering applying to sit the UCAT and putting medicine down on your university preferences, here are just a few of the reasons why...
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The UCAT – A Test of Endurance

The UCAT is so commonly viewed as a test of intelligence and aptitude, that we forget how crucial it is to improve our mental endurance for this exam. In fact, the endurance required for the UCAT is much greater than that required for any end of year school exam. Not only is the UCAT as long as or longer than any school exam (2 hours), but the nature of each individual question requires much greater focus. This need for enhanced application to each question is due to our inability to draw upon a year’s worth of content and knowledge, as is...
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The Truth about UCAT prep

As a customer, it is difficult to choose from various UCAT course providers, especially when outlandish claims are made through slick and deceptive marketing strategies. As in most cases, 'Word-of-mouth' recommendation is the best. Please ask around for the impressions of students who have attended a UCAT course. Quality of products Your performance in the UCAT will only improve if you practice on questions which simulate the real UCAT. Practicing on questions which are unrelated to those in the UCAT or questions that have a different structure to those in the UCAT may adversely affect your performance. It is like preparing for a Physics exam but finding at the exam...
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Is the UCAT even relevant to medicine?

Sometimes it can feel like the UCAT has got nothing to do with being a doctor. It can feel like just another one of the oddly-shaped hoops one must jump through in the medical entry process. However, this mindset that the UCAT is just a barrier to doctor-hood can be demotivating and counterproductive. In this post, I’ll give some real life examples of how the UCAT relates to skills I’ve had to develop in medical school, and how UCAT preparation is related to, or perhaps even beneficial to, the study of medicine. VR, DM and QR Everything we know about medicine...
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Making Friends with UCAT Practice

In the game of UCAT practice, consistency beats brilliance. It is important that we not wait until we have lots of motivation before we start practicing. Good UCAT skills come about in the context of practicing in a more routine and ordinary manner, rather than sporadic bursts of insight. The goal should be gaining meaningful and valuable UCAT skills every time you practice. Expecting anything more may create too much pressure and lead to debilitating blocks and limitations. To be successful at the UCAT, you need to develop UCAT practice as a practice or discipline. UCAT = Meditation? In this sense,...
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UCAT test tactics and preparation: an overview.

UCAT test tactics and preparation: an overview.   UCAT test tactics and preparation part 1: Avoiding multiple confusions in the multiple choice section of UCAT UCAT test tactics and preparation part 2: Process of Elimination in UCAT multichoice UCAT test tactics and preparation part 3: UCAT questions involving percentages UCAT test tactics and preparation part 4: Probability questions UCAT test tactics and preparation part 5: Counting Problems in UCAT UCAT test tactics and preparation part 6: Statistics problems on the UCAT UCAT test tactics and preparation part 7: Worded mathematical problems UCAT test tactics and preparation part 8: Practical tips for...
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MedEntry Presents at Careers Expo

MedEntry is invited to speak at the VCE Expo in Melbourne every year. At the Careers Forum, MedEntry addresses students on the topic 'Working in medicine'. MedEntry also presents very popular seminars on 'Medical Entry' and 'Acing the med entry test'. (Source: The Age VCE & Careers Expo). MedEntry also presents the same seminars on 'Medical Entry', 'Working in medicine' and 'Acing the entry test' (the UCAT) at the HSC Expo in Sydney every year (Source: The Sydney Morning Herald HSC and Careers Expo).

Which universities require UCAT?

Which universities use the UCAT as part of their selection criteria for medicine courses? The following universities require satisfactory completion of the UCAT as part of their selection criteria for students who are seeking to gain entry into undergraduate medicine and Dentistry courses. There are also some universities which use the UCAT as part of their graduate entry programmes. For all of the following universities, performance on the UCAT will not be the only requirement to gain entry, but for most of these universities it will be the first criterion that students need to satisfy to become an eligible applicant. Students should check each university’s...
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UCAT test tactics and preparation part 7: worded mathematical problems

Worded mathematical problems on the UCAT exam: translating worded problems into mathematical symbols. comprehenisve UCAT advice from the team at MedEntry UCAT preparation. Possibly the most confusing questions on the UCAT exam, worded mathematical problems can actually be solved relatively easily if you understand how the question is written and what the words of the question really mean in mathematical terms. Prior to solving worded mathematical problems on the UCAT exam, it is essential that you are comfortable with translating words into mathematical symbols. Below is a partial list of words and their mathematical equivalents. You should know these by heart before...
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Preparation, Preparation, Preparation: the key for UCAT success.

UCAT: a multiple guess or multiple choice test? You choose.   A university lecturer of mine, once made the comment prior to us all about to sit an exam, that he would cry if we didn’t answer every question because: ‘guys, it’s a multiple choice paper, so even a monkey could get one in every four questions right’.  Although I’ve never personally seen a monkey sit the UCAT exam, statistically speaking, it was a fair point to make, and for the record: not one student failed that paper.   Why prepare for the UCAT or do UCAT preparation courses? To truly succeed in...
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My friend got into Medicine without doing a UCAT course!

My friend got into Medicine without doing a UCAT course!   Many students who undergo training for UCAT do not admit it for several reasons (for example, it increases their competition). Other reasons for not admitting include: wanting to appear smarter; they think that is what unis expect of them to say etc. A student may have obtained 90th percentile for UCAT and got in to medicine without doing a course. If they had done our course, they would have obtained a higher score, say 99th percentile (and perhaps been awarded a scholarship to study medicine as well). Even those who may obtain...
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My friend did a UCAT course but didn’t get into Medicine!

My friend did a UCAT course but didn’t get into Medicine! Performance in UCAT depends on what UCAT course you do. There are over fifty UCAT course providers and most of them are of poor quality, and he/she may have done one of those. Furthermore, since interview scores count for about a third of the selection criteria for medicine, interview training is important too. Your friend may not have done medical interview training. We can guarantee that MedEntry’s UCAT program works. That is, we can guarantee that students will perform better after doing the course, compared to if they had not...
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UCAT Courses Darwin

Studying Medicine in Northern Territory is now possible, with the first two years at the Charles Darwin University and the final four years at Flinders University.  However, competition for the limited number of places available is fierce and the bar has been raised regarding UCAT scores and other entry requirements such as the ATAR. This means that success in the UCAT is a MUST if students wish to study Medicine in Darwin from an undergraduate level. Provided you attain a thresold ATAR set by Charles Darwin and Flinders universities, you are ranked on the basis of your UCAT scores. Minimum ATAR required is...
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