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5 steps to balancing UCAT: the extra subject

Year 12 is a busy year – we all know that. However, it can get a whole lot busier if you’re studying for the UCAT as well. It can be like taking an extra subject – one that has no teacher, and there are no deadlines (aside from the exam). In addition, it is an exam for which you cannot cram (sorry to burst your bubble).So how do you manage the meticulous balancing act between not letting your school grades drop, whilst also keeping yourselves in good stead for the UCAT?Planning. Yes, you’ve probably heard it all before, but if you’re...
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The Last Lap for UCAT

It’s June which means the UCAT is less than a month away. This is a crucial time for all students and what you do in these final days will greatly impact your performance on the actual exam.Many of you would have started completing or already completed many practice exams on LMS and possibly ones provided by UCAT ANZ too. If not, it is especially important that you do these as they can significantly boost your confidence, and hence your score. Additionally, these practice questions will also help you finally polish your skills as well as improve your time-management. Identify any particular...
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UCAT phobia: Don’t get Scared, Stay Motivated!

Does the thought of UCAT day make you cringe and consider hiding in your room?That’s how I felt in the weeks that led up to UCAT.Being a year 12 student I had rarely been in a position where I was sitting an exam which was so important for determining my future career pathway. Sure I had been through many school exams and academic competitions, but I felt that no test or assignment I had previously completed could compare to the importance of the UCAT. In my fresh teenage eyes the UCAT was the be all and end all. I had to...
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Only 3 weeks to UCAT - what should I do?

There are three weeks left until UCAT! Are you completely freaking out? Feeling utterly under-prepared? Never fear! These 5 simple steps are sure to make you ready for any UCAT question thrown at you.1.    Practice UCAT ANZ exams and read their worked solutions. UCAT ANZ offers 3 full-length practice exams; these are a must-do before the exam! They’re a little bit easier than your average MedEntry exam, so they’re great for that last minute confidence boost. They also gives you worked solutions to every question, which lets you see how they come up with the answer - basically an insider’s perspective....
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10 Tips For During The UCAT

You have rehearsed for this day for the past few months, so here are a few final tips that you may have heard before. Here at MedEntry, we want to make sure that you have as smooth a UCAT experience as possible. Please share this article with your friends or family if you think they need some final tips as well. 1. Read and Think carefully. Consider all the choices in each question on the UCAT. Don't lose points on easy UCAT questions through careless mistakes.2. Use your noteboard. You can write whatever you want, wherever you want on it. However, you will not receive credit for...
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10 Tips For During The UCAT

Tips for Multiple Choice on UCAT

Top tips for multiple choice in the UCATThe UCAT consists of only multiple choice questions. While multiple choice means they give you the correct answer as one of the options, choosing it is not as easy as it seems. Here are some useful tips for answering multiple choice questions for the UCAT  ·         Answer all questions. You have a 1 in 4 or 1 in 5 chance of getting the right answer, so why not go for it, even if you are unsure of the correct answer. The odds are in your favour! Never leave an answer blank. Instead, pick an option...
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Should I do a UCAT preparation course?

You wouldn’t run a race without a coach.You wouldn’t sit your final exams without a teacher.So why would you sit the UCAT without having done some preparation first?Isn’t the UCAT an aptitude test, so what’s the point in preparing?The UCAT may be an ‘aptitude’ test, but there can be no doubt that having seen UCAT style questions before, and understanding how to answer them, will increase your chances of succeeding in the UCAT. While practice may not always make perfect, practice does increase your ability to perform in the UCAT exam because you can hone those thinking skills required to answer UCAT questions. Further, there is...
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UCAT test tactics and preparation part 9: coping with UCAT stress and UCAT anxiety prior to the UCAT exam

Coping with UCAT stress and UCAT nerves prior to the UCAT exam:We all know that sick feeling in the bottom of our stomachs just prior to walking into a big exam; we’re jittery, shaking and generally thinking that we’d rather be anywhere else but here. Nerves can be debilitating in the most terrible way for even the brightest of students. Thus, it is crucially important that your learn to overcome these UCAT nerves before the actual day of the UCAT test so that you can perform at your peak and ultimately succeed in the UCAT.  How do I know if I’m...
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UCAT test tactics and preparation part 6: statistics problems on the UCAT

How to approach statistics problems on the UCAT exam:Frequently a feature of UCAT multi choice, understanding the language of statistics and how to answer those questions involving statistics on the UCAT exam is essential for UCAT success. Below, we have explained, as succinctly as possible, what you need to know in order to answer this style of UCAT question.Statistics is the study of the patterns and relationships of numbers and data. There are four main concepts that may appear on the UCAT exam.Median When a set of numbers is arranged in order of size, the median is the middle number.For example, the median...
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UCAT test tactics and preparation part 5: Counting Problems in UCAT

Counting problems in UCAT: an essential summary.Your UCAT questions explained by the team at MedEntry as part of our new section UCAT test tactics and preparation.They may seem simple on paper, but counting problems contained within the UCAT exam can often cause much confusion among students. If you can understand the basic principles of counting problems and recognize when to apply them, you will be able to master many of the typical counting problem question types presented in the UCAT exam. When counting elements that are in overlapping sets, the total number will equal the number in one group plus the number in the other group minus the number common to...
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UCAT test tactics and preparation part 3: UCAT questions involving percentages

What you need to know about percentage % questions before starting your UCAT preparation:  Problems involving percent are common on the UCAT. The word percent means “divided by one hundred.”When you see the word “percent,” or the symbol %, remember it means 1/100. For example, 25Percent 25 x1/100 =1/4 To convert a decimal into a percent, move the decimal point two places to the right. For example, 0.25 = 25%0.023 = 2.3%1.3 = 130% Conversely, to convert a percent into a decimal, move the decimal point two places to the left.   For example, 47% = .473.4% = .034175% = 1.75 To convert a fraction into a percent, first change it into...
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Medical Entrance and UCAT

Medicine is seen as an attractive career in most countries for several reasons such as a satisfying job which involves you with the lives of those around you, making a positive difference to people’s lives, job security etc.Doctors help people in their time of need and use their knowledge to overcome their grievances so that they can get on with their life, whether they be a janitor or the chief executive officer of a major company. Dealing with people and helping them overcome their troubles would naturally bring you great satisfaction.However, training and practicing doctors are incredibly costly for the government,...
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