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5 Key UCAT tips

There are a wealth of strategies and techniques that are useful in boosting your UCAT performance. Each UCAT section and question type requires a slightly different approach. Relevant techniques are discussed in detail in the MedEntry UCAT course. In the meantime, here are five important tips that will help you in preparing for and sitting UCAT. 1. Work on your weaknesses Each of the five sections in UCAT tests different skills. It is likely that you will find some UCAT subtests easier than others, and that you will have a natural ability or affinity for particular questions. As early as possible...
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What can you do now to enhance your UCAT performance? Tip 3: Work on your speed

UCAT will take place in July 2019. However, there are a few things you can start doing now to enhance your UCAT performance. Tip 3 is to work on your speed. The questions in UCAT are not particularly challenging, and most students are be able to answer the majority of questions correctly if given sufficient time. However, UCAT is extremely time pressured, and many students are simply unable to answer the questions within the time limits. In fact, about one fifth of candidates fail to put down an answer for every question in UCAT, meaning they run out of time to...
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What can you do now to enhance your UCAT performance? Tip 2: Brush up on your maths skills

  UCAT will take place in July 2019. However, there are a few things you can start doing now to enhance your UCAT performance. Our second tip is to brush up on your maths skills. UCAT is not a maths test, it is a test of your reasoning skills. However, many of the questions in the Quantitative Reasoning and Decision Making subtests of UCAT require mathematical manipulations. Although you are provided with an on-screen calculator in UCAT, it is cumbersome and time consuming to use. It is much quicker to make calculations in your head, or on the noteboard you are...
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What can you do now to enhance your UCAT performance? Tip 1: Read widely and critically

UCAT will take place in July 2019. However, there are a few things you can start doing now to enhance your UCAT skills. Our first tip is to read widely and critically. UCAT questions draw from a range of sources, including magazines, newspapers, research papers and internet articles. You may be required to interpret a passage of text, table, graph or other diagram in UCAT.  Questions cover various topics including history, geography, politics, economics and science. While UCAT does not require any prior knowledge, having a good understanding of current affairs and expanding your general knowledge will certainly help. You will...
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Top ten UCAT tips for the last 24 hours

So the big day is nearly here and you’ve been working up to it consistently for the best part of a year. Now it’s time to put everything MedEntry has taught you into practice. Here’s some advice to help you be at your prime in the last 24 hours leading up to the UCAT. Spend the day before doing something you enjoy, something relaxing, something fun and something that will keep your mind off the UCAT. You NEED some time to let your brain and body relax the day before so that you are in perfect condition. It can be anything, so...
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What is UCAT? UCAT stands for University Clinical Aptitude Test. It is a test developed by UCAT Consortium and used to help select students into medicine and dentistry courses at university. The UCAT consists of questions in five subtests and has a total of 233 multiple choice questions to be completed in 2 hours on a computer. What courses require UCAT? For a full list of courses that require UCAT, please visit How long is UCAT? The UCAT takes a total of 2 hours.  When is UCAT? UCAT will take place in July. How do I register for UCAT? Registrations for...
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New Feature! Retry your incorrect UCAT exam questions

At MedEntry, we are committed to continuous improvement and constantly strive to improve the services we offer our hard working students. Our Learning Management System is all about you and this feature is another way we personalise your UCAT training.   Retry your incorrect UCAT questions   Once you have completed a practice exam on the LMS, you can now re-attempt any questions that you answered incorrectly!   To retry an exam:   1. Click on the Exams icon in the UCAT course (accessible by clicking the UCAT link in the menu on the top of each page):   2. When an exam...
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The Last Lap for UCAT

It’s June which means the UCAT is less than a month away. This is a crucial time for all students and what you do in these final days will greatly impact your performance on the actual exam. Many of you would have started completing or already completed many practice exams on LMS and possibly ones provided by UCAT ANZ too. If not, it is especially important that you do these as they can significantly boost your confidence, and hence your score. Additionally, these practice questions will also help you finally polish your skills as well as improve your time-management. Identify any...
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Planning time for UCAT preparation

A very common question asked by aspiring medical students is “How do you balance your school work and UCAT practice?” Given that the UCAT can be equally or even more important as the ATAR in the medical school selection process, it is crucial that students devote sufficient time in preparing for the UCAT, without neglecting their year 12 studies. The key to finding this balance is planning your time. Many students attempt to fit in UCAT study in their ‘spare time’, which is hard to find in year 12. It is more productive to set aside blocks of time which are...
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What should I do the day before the UCAT exam?

By this stage, you will have well and truly completed your UCAT preparation. The day before the UCAT test is all about getting yourself in the right state of mind for the UCAT exam so that you can remain as stress-free as possible and perform at your best when it counts.   What should I do the day before the UCAT exam? -Make sure you know the location of your UCAT test centre and how to get there. Remember for some locations parking may be limited and inner-city traffic can be very heavy especially during peak hour.  If you’re planning on...
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UCAT test tactics and preparation Part 10: coping with UCAT stress and anxiety on UCAT test day

Pressure, pressure: coping with nerves and stress on the actual UCAT test day. Having done UCAT practice exam, after practice exam, after practice exam, most UCAT candidates will be raring to go come July. Whilst UCAT preparation is key to your UCAT success, it is not the only factor that will affect your UCAT performance on the actual UCAT test day. Being able to cope with the nerves and anxiety that inevitably appear on the day of the UCAT exam will be the key strength that will help you out-perform your fellow UCAT candidates. Perhaps the only thing separating two equally intelligent and...
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UCAT test tactics and preparation part 9: coping with UCAT stress and UCAT anxiety prior to the UCAT exam

Coping with UCAT stress and UCAT nerves prior to the UCAT exam: We all know that sick feeling in the bottom of our stomachs just prior to walking into a big exam; we’re jittery, shaking and generally thinking that we’d rather be anywhere else but here. Nerves can be debilitating in the most terrible way for even the brightest of students. Thus, it is crucially important that your learn to overcome these UCAT nerves before the actual day of the UCAT test so that you can perform at your peak and ultimately succeed in the UCAT.   How do I know...
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UCAT test tactics and preparation part 3: UCAT questions involving percentages

What you need to know about percentage % questions before starting your UCAT preparation:    Problems involving percent are common on the UCAT. The word percent means “divided by one hundred.” When you see the word “percent,” or the symbol %, remember it means 1/100. For example,   25 Percent   25 x 1/100 = 1/4   To convert a decimal into a percent, move the decimal point two places to the right. For example,   0.25 = 25% 0.023 = 2.3% 1.3 = 130%   Conversely, to convert a percent into a decimal, move the decimal point two places to the left.  ...
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UCAT test tactics and preparation part 2: Process of Elimination in UCAT multichoice

Process of Elimination or POE in UCAT: the best of a bad bunch.   Comprehensive advice from the team at MedEntry UCAT preparation.   Once you have established what the UCAT question is asking you need to act efficiently and narrow down your options to reach the correct answer. Using the Process of Elimination or POE method can greatly improve your chances of scoring highly on the UCAT because it provides a way of tackling questions where there seems to be no ideal answer.   Firstly, be wary of simply picking what you perceive, at first glance, to be the correct answer. There are often several choices that are ‘distractors’: They...
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UCAT : The day of the UCAT test

Waking Up on the UCAT Test Morning When you wake up, consider taking a shower or doing some brief calisthenics or other exercise to get the blood flowing—especially to your groggy brain! If someone is taking you to the test site, make sure he or she is up, too.Eat a normal breakfast, but not too much or you’ll be groggy. If you’re used to consuming some form of caffeine—tea, coffee, cola—then doing so is probably a good idea this morning. But only if you’re used to caffeine; if you’re not, now is not the morning to start.Make sure you have everything...
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UCAT Preparation: Getting into the Right Frame of Mind

At the end of a season and leading up to the championship, athletes go through a “tapering phase” to make sure they perform at their peak when it counts. In a sense you’ve been a mental athlete, and you want to make sure that you perform at your peak when it counts: on the actual UCAT. For you, tapering consists of scaling back gradually the amount of preparation you’ve been doing so you can give your mind a chance to rest and rev up your motivation. During this week you should do much less work, but of a much higher quality....
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Doesn’t the UCAT just measure “test-taking skills”?

Unfortunately, some UCAT prep courses try to convince students that taking the UCAT has noth­ing to do with real academic skills. They prefer you to believe that it’s all about their test-taking “secrets.” This is great marketing for them, but little help for you. Although there are a few basic test-taking skills that you should know about—process of elimina­tion, intelligent guessing and checking, testing choices, and so on—these can be learned easily in a day, and don’t earn you too many points on the UCAT. So what does get you big score improve­ments? In the MedEntry UCAT prep, you will be trained...
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Speed Reading in UCAT

UCAT is not just a test of speed reading: it is more than that. It tests your higher order thinking skills as illustrated by Bloom’s taxonomy. However, improving your reading speed will certainly be of help in UCAT. Speed reading is a collection of reading methods which attempt to increase rates of reading without greatly compromising comprehension or ability to recall and analyse. Methods include grouping or chunking and tracking. No absolute distinct “normal” and “speed-reading” types of reading exist in practice, since all readers use some of the techniques used in speed reading (such as identifying words without focusing on each letter,...
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Smart Test Taking tips from MedEntry UCAT Prep

Smart Test-Taking tips for UCAT: MedEntry UCAT Course Tips Make your MedEntry UCAT practice tests feel real – try your best to replicate the conditions in which you will be actually taking the UCAT. Take the UCAT test in one sitting with only 1 minute break in between subtests. If you have difficulty concentrating for two hours, it is worthwhile building your UCAT test-taking stamina: you might want to take just one or two subtests at first, and gradually build up until you are taking the full MedEntry UCAT practice tests in the months/weeks before the UCAT.Aerobic exercise will supply your brain and body with...
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