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Final UMAT tips: The Morning of the UMAT

Here are some useful tips MedEntry has for you the morning of the UMAT:  When you wake up on the day of the UMAT, consider taking a shower or doing some brief exercise to get the blood flowing.  If your parent, guardian, friend or relative is taking you to the UMAT, make sure they are up too.  Eat a normal breakfast on the morning of the UMAT, by that we mean eat whatever you eat normally for breakfast. You don't want to eat too much, or something that you don't normally eat as it may upset your stomach or cause you...
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Tips for Multiple Choice on UMAT

Transcript of video:  Top tips for multiple choice in the UMAT The UMAT consists of only multiple choice questions. While multiple choice means they give you the correct answer as one of the options, choosing it is not as easy as it seems. Here are some useful tips for answering multiple choice questions for the UMAT   ·          Answer all questions. For Logical reasoning, problem solving and understanding people questions in the UMAT you have a 1 in 4 chance of getting the right answer. In Non-Verbal Reasoning questions, a 1 in 5 chance, so why not go for it,...
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UMAT Books

Have you ever thought about  using books to prepare for the UMAT?   Before you go and spend your money on UMAT books there are a few things worth considering:   Unlike online materials which can be regularly updated, the publisher of such books is unable to amend them in keeping with the frequent changes that do occur in the UMAT. There is no way of seeing other reader reviews of such publications, so how will you know what your peers think of them? Is the author well versed in all facets of the UMAT and how much experience do they...
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Simplifying UMAT passages

  Transcript of video: The passages that you are required to read and understand in the UMAT can be long and dense. Absorbing enough information from the passages to answer the questions can be difficult and your brain will not be able to recall all the information that you read from a passage. However, passages can be broken down into simpler forms to help you better process and recall the passages when it comes to answering the questions. Passages may be simplified using paraphrasing. This helps transform the big, complex paragraphs and passages into small bite-sized pieces of information. Good readers...
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UMAT stress – friend or foe?

So you have bought a package and started your practise. Well done! You are on your way to improving your UMAT score already. Now it is time to develop effective revisions skills that prepares you mentally and physically. Practise is no good if your nerves let you down. Even elite athletes at the Olympics who practise for years crumple due to nerves. Don’t let that be you! Don’t save your exams!  The most important thing to remember when doing UMAT practise is – DON’T “save” your practise exams until the last month. Doing that basically leaves you with one month of...
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UMAT stress – friend or foe?

UMAT test tactics and preparation: an overview.

UMAT test tactics and preparation: an overview.   UMAT test tactics and preparation part 1: Avoiding multiple confusions in the multiple choice section of UMAT UMAT test tactics and preparation part 2: Process of Elimination in UMAT multichoice UMAT test tactics and preparation part 3: UMAT questions involving percentages UMAT test tactics and preparation part 4: Probability questions UMAT test tactics and preparation part 5: Counting Problems in UMAT UMAT test tactics and preparation part 6: Statistics problems on the UMAT UMAT test tactics and preparation part 7: Worded mathematical problems UMAT test tactics and preparation part 8: Practical tips for...
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An explanation of UMAT results: how are UMAT results calculated? And other UMAT results FAQs.

How are UMAT results calculated? Unfortunately ACER does not release the marking scheme that is used determine UMAT scores. There is some speculation as to the following: answering a question correctly that is not answered correctly by the majority of UMAT candidates will be weighted more heavily. And conversely, answering a question incorrectly that most UMAT candidates do answer correctly, will be weighted more heavily against a candidate’s UMAT score. However, because ACER does not release the marking scheme or question weightings for the UMAT it is impossible to be absolutely certain of this. What is certain though, is the more...
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Should I do a UMAT preparation course?

You wouldn’t run a race without a coach. You wouldn’t sit your final exams without a teacher. So why would you sit the UMAT without having done some preparation first? Isn’t the UMAT an aptitude test, so what’s the point in preparing? The  UMAT  may be an ‘aptitude’ test, but there can be no doubt that having seen UMAT style questions before, and understanding how to answer them, will increase your chances of succeeding in the UMAT. While practice may not always make perfect, practice does increase your ability to perform in the UMAT exam because you can hone those  thinking skills...
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Which universities require the UMAT exam?

Which universities use the UMAT as part of their selection criteria for medicine courses? According to the official ACER website, the following universities require satisfactory completion of the  UMAT  as part of their selection criteria for students who are seeking to gain entry into  undergraduate medicine and health science courses.  There are also some universities which use the UMAT as part of their graduate entry programmes. For all of the following universities, performance on the UMAT will not be the only requirement to gain entry, but for most of these universities it will be the first criterion that students need to...
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UMAT test tactics and preparation part 10: coping with UMAT stress and anxiety on UMAT test day

Pressure, pressure: coping with nerves and stress on the actual UMAT test day. Having done UMAT practice exam, after practice exam, after practice exam, most UMAT candidates will be raring to go come July 30th. Whilst UMAT preparation  is key to your UMAT success, it is not the only factor that will affect your UMAT performance on the actual UMAT test day. Being able to cope with the nerves and anxiety that inevitably appear on the day of the UMAT exam will be the key strength that will help you out-perform your fellow UMAT candidates. Perhaps the only thing separating two equally...
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UMAT test tactics and preparation part 8: practical tips for staying cool under pressure in the UMAT exam

With UMAT 2013 just around the corner, and UMAT preparation of most students well and truly under way, we thought we would address the issue of nerves and anxiety that can happen on UMAT test day. Below is a simple check list of UMAT test tactics that you can utilise to overcome this UMAT pressure and tips on how to tackle the actual UMAT exam itself.   Firstly, don’t doubt yourself! Just because you don’t feel like you’ll be at the top, doesn’t mean you’ll be at the bottom either. Assuming you have sufficiently prepared for the UMAT, you are at no disadvantage...
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Melbourne vs. Monash Medicine: Should I study medicine at Monash or Melbourne university?

To Melbourne or Monash for medicine? That  is the question. It's a question often asked by aspiring med students: ' should I study medicine at Melbourne or Monash?' To help you make up your own mind, we've compiled a clear, concise and simple breakdown of each of the available medicine pathways at Melbourne and Monash. For a comparison of UMAT against the GAMSAT please see the following article: ' UMAT or GAMSAT? which is harder? which is easier? '.   In summary, Medicine via UMAT  at Monash is far better for the students and their parents, but GMASAT route  at Melbourne is...
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UMAT test tactics and preparation part 4: probability questions

Probability questions in the UMAT: you’re probably reading this sentence right now…   Your UMAT questions explained by the  team at MedEntry  as part of our new section  UMAT test tactics and preparation.   We know what probability means, but what is its formal definition? Let’s use our everyday logic to define it. If there is no chance that an event will occur, then its probability of occurring should be 0. On the other extreme, if an event is certain to occur, then its probability of occurring should be 100%, or 1. Hence, we can deduce that  probability will be a number...
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Preparation, Preparation, Preparation: the key for UMAT success.

UMAT: a multiple guess or multiple choice test? You choose.   A university lecturer of mine, once made the comment prior to us all about to sit an exam, that he would cry if we didn’t answer every question because: ‘guys, it’s a multiple choice paper, so even a monkey could get one in every four questions right’.  Although I’ve never personally seen a monkey sit the UMAT exam, statistically speaking, it was a fair point to make, and for the record: not one student failed that paper.   Why prepare for the UMAT or do UMAT preparation courses? To truly succeed in...
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Easy UMAT questions have obvious and popular answers: how to avoid falling into UMAT answer traps!

Easy UMAT questions have obvious and popular answers: how to avoid falling into UMAT answer traps! As you complete more and more practice UMAT exams you may start to notice the following UMAT trend: Easy UMAT questions have obvious and popular answers, whilst hard UMAT questions have unexpected and unpopular answers. It helps to think of UMAT questions as popularity contests. The answer to an easy question is the most popular choice. The answer to a difficult question is the least popular choice. In other words,  popular UMAT answer choices on difficult questions are traps. If you think about the UMAT...
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Speed Reading in UMAT

UMAT  is not just a test of speed reading: it is more than that. It tests your higher order thinking skills as illustrated by Bloom’s taxonomy. However, improving your reading speed will certainly be of help in UMAT. Speed reading is a collection of reading methods which attempt to increase rates of reading without greatly compromising comprehension or ability to recall and analyse. Methods include grouping or chunking and tracking. No absolute distinct “normal” and “speed-reading” types of reading exist in practice, since all readers use some of the techniques used in speed reading (such as identifying words without focusing on each...
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