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Making Friends with UMAT Practice

In the game of UMAT practice, consistency beats brilliance. It is important that we not wait until we have lots of motivation before we start practicing. Good UMAT skills come about in the context of practicing in a more routine and ordinary manner, rather than sporadic bursts of insight. The goal should be gaining meaningful and valuable UMAT skills every time you practice. Expecting anything more may create too much pressure and lead to debilitating blocks and limitations. To be successful at the UMAT, you need to develop UMAT practice as a practice or discipline. UMAT = Meditation? In this sense,...
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Easily Distracted during UMAT preparation?

The internet is a vast expanse of information. It’s where we go to find out the latest news about everything. The downside is it can distract us from studying for the UMAT. During UMAT prep time you should be focused. You should try and use this time to simulate exam conditions you will face on the day. Culling your distractions is not easy, but you can make the first move to use your time more wisely. ColdTurkey ColdTurkey is a great program for those who cannot resist visiting distracting websites during UMAT study time. You can set ColdTurkey to block certain...
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Improving your Critical Thinking Skills

  Everyone has their own concept of the world, of how they interpret and predict stimuli. This “concept” is underpinned by their philosophical approach to life. Whilst philosophy may seem to be a branch of knowledge best left for academics, the truth is we all utilize some form of it. It surprises some people when they are told they use philosophy in just about everything they do – even science. The way we gain knowledge and enquire about it is greatly impacted by how we view the world. In the UMAT, you will encounter questions that require you to evaluate a...
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How to do UMAT Practice

How to take a UMAT  practice  test With that fateful UMAT day looming, no doubt you will have already done many UMAT practice exams. You may have done these tests to check the skills you still need to learn, to see if you’ve improved or simply to help you feel more comfortable performing under test conditions. Whatever the reason, there are few simple measures that you can follow to ensure that you can get the most out of your practice tests. When doing a UMAT practice test try to imitate what it will be like to actually sit the test. Start...
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UMAT Practice

UMAT Practice Questions can be found at the following four websites: UMAT Practice UMAT blogs  (there are several UMAT Practice questions here) for example: UMAT Practice Questions UMAT Sample Questions    

UMAT test tips

Ignore these Two Voices in Your Head We want to warn you that during the test, two tiny invisible fairies will be sitting on your shoulders, whispering in your ears. You’ll hear only one of the fairies, and you won’t be sure which one it is until the test starts. One of the fairies whispers gleefully, “I can’t believe how easy this test is.” The other fairy whispers ominously, “This is by far the hardest test I’ve ever taken.” There aren’t really fairies whispering in your ears, of course, but we promise you that you will hear one of those two...
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UMAT: Speed Reading

The following reading efficiency techniques can boost your reading rate. But even if your rate is fine, these techniques will help you   boost comprehension and concentration. (i)  Mechanical Approach You’ve probably seen speed-readers moving their hands down a page as they rapidly read the material, the theory being that their eyes follow their hands. The problem with this approach is that it doesn’t   force   your eyes to keep up with your hand. When your hand has reached the bottom of the page, your eyes may still be on the first paragraph. Of course, this approach is even more...
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Time management in UMAT

Timing is perhaps the most stress-inducing factor of the  UMAT  exam. If the UMAT were at take-home test, you would all score well. Managing time is the key. Most of your  MedEntry UMAT practice  will include timed sections, allowing you to become more familiar and comfortable with the pacing of the exam. The UMAT is not a test of intelligence. Although it is used as a predictor for success in medical schools, it isn’t infallible. A poor performance does not necessarily reflect ineptitude nor does a poor score mean you should not apply to the medical school. It may merely limit...
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Satisfaction with MedEntry UMAT Prep

The use of Year 12 results as the sole basis for med school admissions is problematic. History provides many examples of capable students possessing the ability to succeed at med school who, during their final years of schooling, have had their dreams shattered due to illness, family circumstances, personal misfortune or even natural disaster. These students need an alternate method of entry to med schools. This is one of the reasons for the introduction of  UMAT . According to a report, 83 per cent of graduates from Private providers (such as  MedEntry UMAT Prep ) indicate high levels of overall satisfaction...
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