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There are many different approaches to problem-solving that have been established in psychology. Firstly, there’s the Thorndike paradigm, which involves blind trial and error1. More purposeful approaches are the Gestalt approach, and the cognitive approach. The Gestalt approach involves solving problems as a whole2. You see the problem, you see what you have, and then you try to see how everything fits together. If the question is routine, it’s very easy to figure it out. If it isn’t, well, sometimes you gain insight, but sometimes you come up with an idea based on what you’ve encountered before and you get so stuck...
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UMAT test tactics and preparation part 7: worded mathematical problems

Worded mathematical problems on the UMAT exam: translating worded problems into mathematical symbols.comprehenisve UMAT advice from the team at MedEntry UMAT preparation.Possibly the most confusing questions on the UMAT exam, worded mathematical problems can actually be solved relatively easily if you understand how the question is written and what the words of the question really mean in mathematical terms.Prior to solving worded mathematical problems on the UMAT exam, it is essential that you are comfortable with translating words into mathematical symbols. Below is a partial list of words and their mathematical equivalents. You should know these by heart before attempting any of...
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UMAT test tactics and preparation part 6: statistics problems on the UMAT

How to approach statistics problems on the UMAT exam:Frequently a feature of UMAT multi choice, understanding the language of statistics and how to answer those questions involving statistics on the UMAT exam is essential for UMAT success. Below, we have explained, as succinctly as possible, what you need to know in order to answer this style of UMAT question.Statistics is the study of the patterns and relationships of numbers and data. There are four main concepts that may appear on the UMAT exam.Median When a set of numbers is arranged in order of size, the median is the middle number.For example, the median...
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UMAT test tactics and preparation part 5: Counting Problems in UMAT

Counting problems in UMAT: an essential summary.Your UMAT questions explained by the team at MedEntry as part of our new section UMAT test tactics and preparation.They may seem simple on paper, but counting problems contained within the UMAT exam can often cause much confusion among students. If you can understand the basic principles of counting problems and recognize when to apply them, you will be able to master many of the typical counting problem question types presented in the UMAT exam. When counting elements that are in overlapping sets, the total number will equal the number in one group plus the number in the other group minus the number common to...
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