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There are many different approaches to problem-solving that have been established in psychology. Firstly, there’s the Thorndike paradigm, which involves blind trial and error1. More purposeful approaches are the Gestalt approach, and the cognitive approach. The Gestalt approach involves solving problems as a whole2. You see the problem, you see what you have, and then you try to see how everything fits together. If the question is routine, it’s very easy to figure it out. If it isn’t, well, sometimes you gain insight, but sometimes you come up with an idea based on what you’ve encountered before and you get so stuck...
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How to identify and understand emotions in UMAT (Understanding People / Section 2)

Medicine is largely a people-oriented career, which is one of the reasons UMAT tests how well you can understand people in a personal and professional setting. Whilst you can try to “study” for this section of the exam, the best way to develop and refine your interpersonal skills leading up to the UMAT is via emotional reflection and understanding certain concepts. ‘Understanding People’ questions will frequently require you to assign a specific emotion a person might be feeling at a given time. This blog will cover how to approach such a question methodically, in various steps.  STEP 1: Recognise what is...
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UMAT test tactics and preparation part 4: probability questions

Probability questions in the UMAT: you’re probably reading this sentence right now… Your UMAT questions explained by the team at MedEntry as part of our new section UMAT test tactics and preparation. We know what probability means, but what is its formal definition? Let’s use our everyday logic to define it. If there is no chance that an event will occur, then its probability of occurring should be 0. On the other extreme, if an event is certain to occur, then its probability of occurring should be 100%, or 1. Hence, we can deduce that  probability will be a number between 0 and 1, inclusive. But what...
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UMAT test tactics and preparation part 2: Process of Elimination in UMAT multichoice

Process of Elimination or POE in UMAT: the best of a bad bunch. Comprehensive advice from the team at MedEntry UMAT preparation. Once you have established what the UMAT question is asking you need to act efficiently and narrow down your options to reach the correct answer. Using the Process of Elimination or POE method can greatly improve your chances of scoring highly on the UMAT because it provides a way of tackling questions where there seems to be no ideal answer. Firstly, be wary of simply picking what you perceive, at first glance, to be the correct answer. There are often several choices that are ‘distractors’: They are designed to look appealing but...
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Easy UMAT questions have obvious and popular answers: how to avoid falling into UMAT answer traps!

Easy UMAT questions have obvious and popular answers: how to avoid falling into UMAT answer traps!As you complete more and more practice UMAT exams you may start to notice the following UMAT trend: Easy UMAT questions have obvious and popular answers, whilst hard UMAT questions have unexpected and unpopular answers.It helps to think of UMAT questions as popularity contests. The answer to an easy question is the most popular choice. The answer to a difficult question is the least popular choice. In other words, popular UMAT answer choices on difficult questions are traps.If you think about the UMAT for a moment, you’ll...
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Tips for UMAT Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple choice questions are much harder than they seem. Even though they give you the correct answer as one of the choices, selecting it amongst the others can sometimes be quite difficult. The UMAT consists of only multiple choice questions so if you learn how to ace this type of question, it will help you maximise your UMAT score. The following tips will not only benefit you in the UMAT, but in any other multiple choice questions that you may face.ANSWER EVERY QUESTION: For UMAT sections 1 and 2 you have a 1 in 4 chance of selecting the correct answer and in...
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UMAT section 2 tips & advice: understanding people.

Understanding people in the UMAT exam.Absorbing and recalling all of the information that you need from the passages you are given in UMAT section 2 can be quite difficult, however there are ways to tackle these long and dense passages so that you are able to process them and extract the important information more efficiently and effectively and thus improve your section 2 UMAT score.How should I approach section 2 (understanding people) UMAT questions?One of the best ways to process section 2 UMAT stimuli is to break the paragraph down into simpler forms through paraphrasing. This means that long and complex paragraphs...
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UMAT Practice

UMAT Practice Questions can be found at the following four websites:UMAT PracticeUMAT blogs (there are several UMAT Practice questions here)for example: Practice QuestionsUMAT Sample Questions  
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