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Doesn’t the UMAT do a poor job of predicting medical school grades?

UMAT-bashers have long liked to claim that the UMAT isn’t valuable to universities because it doesn’t predict university grades very well. They miss two important points: first, smart university admissions officers don’t want it to predict grades, and second, it correlates very well with something more important than grades—real success in academic fields like medicine. Predicting grades is a wild-goose chase because grades are not objectively distrib­uted: almost any teacher/professor can give out grades any way he or she wishes. Many students, as we all know, get good grades without having great intellectual ability. They just learn to “play the game”...
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UMAT Tips: Learn to make intelligent guesses when necessary

Another tip in scoring well in the  UMAT  test is to try to eliminate as many responses as you can. Here’s why it is important to eliminate at least some choices when you’re guessing. If you get to a question and you’re not sure of the answer, of course you’ll have to guess. Whether you’re guessing among all four choices or you’ve eliminated a couple of obvious wrong answers, it still feels the same. But this is one time when you shouldn’t listen to your feelings. Let’s say that two test-takers each encounter questions they aren’t sure about during the exam....
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Some people raise questions about the current medical selection process, but offer no solutions. As in most countries, the demand for medical places in Australia will always far exceed the number available. Therefore, any selection system used will have winners and losers, and will be controversial. Just because some doctors feel current entry procedures used may not have admitted them to medical school, it does not necessarily follow that the selection system is flawed. There are several reasons for this, one of them being that the advantages of medicine as a career compared to other professions has increased over the years....
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Medical entrance

Throughout the ages and in most countries medicine has been a profession with special privileges, hence demand to study medicine is high. In fact the demand to supply ratio is higher for medicine than for any other course in Australia, which is one reason for the use of criteria other than ATAR (high school) scores for entry. Since medical knowledge is growing at an exponential rate, it is essential that future doctors have critical thinking, abstract reasoning, problem solving and interpersonal skills. Far from making the system sick, the selection process ensures that doctors are able, affable and adaptable. It is...
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UMAT Prep: Establish your personal scoring goals

Your main goal should be to maximise your potential on the actual UMAT test. Very few students get every question right. You have to be realistic. Strive to work within your own abilities. Students often ask: How does my in-class performance translate to how I will perform on the actual UMAT test? Questions are “graded” for difficulty throughout the  MedEntry UMAT prep  tests and in the actual test in July.  In order to get a high score (of above 90 th  percentile) generally you have to be nearly perfect on the easy questions, score at least 80 percent on the hard...
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UMAT test tips from MedEntry UMAT Prep

Tips for the actual exam:  MedEntry UMAT Course  Tips Pace yourself as you go. If you find yourself losing focus in the last section think “finish strong” rather than “I’m almost out of here”. Don’t allow yourself to switch off until that final answer is filled in. Never give up until you hear “pencils down”! Don’t change your answers without good reason, only change them when you’ve reviewed the whole problem and discovered a mistake. For example, “this answer can’t be A, the last two were A” and “it can’t be this one, it’s too easy” are not good reasons to...
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Does UMAT coaching work?

Psychometric tests such as  UMAT   are new in Australia, but in the US numerous such tests have been in use for nearly a century. Coaching organisations are therefore well established. The officials at the Educational Testing Service (ETS) at Princeton (the equivalent of ACER) say that they have no objection to the coaching because what is important is that students learn the skills that are tested, whether it is at school, university or at a coaching college. It is to be expected that ACER would claim that the  UMAT   is a test that is not susceptible to coaching in...
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UMAT is different from School tests

I am sure you know kids who don’t do so well in school, yet somehow manage to ace tests like  UMAT . And you probably know other students who do really well in school, yet when it comes to UMAT, they don’t do nearly as well – and sometimes even bomb the test completely. Why do so many bright students have so much trouble on the UMAT? Because taking the UMAT is nothing like taking the tests at school. Some examples: School tests rarely last more than an hour. In the UMAT you’ve got to stay mentally focussed for about three...
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Are UMAT and HPAT fair tests?

Every year, debates continue to rage about  UMAT / HPAT .  Is it fair? Is it biased? Is it an achivement test or an aptitude test? Is it good? Is it evil? Does it measure intelligence? Does it measure anything? Does it measure how well you will do in medical school? Does it predict whether you will be a ‘good’ doctor? When a test of similar nature was introduced in the USA in 1926 debates raged on for decades. It is now accepted as a necessary part of university selection criteria. These questions come up every year for one good reason:...
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