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UMAT test tips: Entering the Exam Room

Entering the UMAT Exam RoomDon’t just wander into your UMAT exam room casually. Try to be one of the first students into the exam room so that you can choose a good seat (assuming seating is not assigned, as it sometimes is). A good seat is one that gives you a clear view of the supervisor and of the central clock in the room and where you are least likely to be faced with distractions.When I took exams I always preferred seats in the very back of the room because I didn’t like the feeling that something was going on behind...
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How to Guess in UMAT

When You Need to Guess in UMAT, Beware of Your HunchesYou know that whenever you can make a quick guess on a question to avoid leaving it blank, you should take the shot. The key word here is quick; you can always afford to guess, but you can never afford to waste time.So, how should you guess? Let’s be clear about something: guessing does not mean selecting a choice at random. But it also doesn’t mean selecting the choice that seems to be right. Guessing means selecting the choice that has the greatest chance of being right, regardless of whether that choice “looks right”...
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In UMAT, Do Not “Read into” Things!

Warning, Warning, Warning! Do Not “Read into” Things in UMATOne of the most dangerous traps smart students fall into while reading the UMAT passages is ‘reading into’ things. You should re-read in the context of what you’ve learned about the reading passage—you do not want to interpret what a passage says, or make any subtle assumptions. Restraining yourself from making unwarranted “leaps” on the passages may be something you must consciously remind yourself to do in Section 1.There’s a big difference between drawing a valid inference, and making an unwarranted assumption. Watch your step! For example, if a passage says that a university...
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Doesn’t the UMAT just measure “test-taking skills”?

Unfortunately, some UMAT prep courses try to convince students that taking the UMAT has noth­ing to do with real academic skills. They prefer you to believe that it’s all about their test-taking “secrets.” This is great marketing for them, but little help for you. Although there are a few basic test-taking skills that you should know about—process of elimina­tion, intelligent guessing and checking, testing choices, and so on—these can be learned easily in a day, and don’t earn you too many points on the UMAT. So what does get you big score improve­ments? In the MedEntry UMAT prep, you will be trained...
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Speed Reading in UMAT

UMAT is not just a test of speed reading: it is more than that. It tests your higher order thinking skills as illustrated by Bloom’s taxonomy. However, improving your reading speed will certainly be of help in UMAT.Speed reading is a collection of reading methods which attempt to increase rates of reading without greatly compromising comprehension or ability to recall and analyse. Methods include grouping or chunking and tracking. No absolute distinct “normal” and “speed-reading” types of reading exist in practice, since all readers use some of the techniques used in speed reading (such as identifying words without focusing on each letter, not...
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UMAT Tips: Learn to make intelligent guesses when necessary

Another tip in scoring well in the UMAT test is to try to eliminate as many responses as you can. Here’s why it is important to eliminate at least some choices when you’re guessing. If you get to a question and you’re not sure of the answer, of course you’ll have to guess. Whether you’re guessing among all four choices or you’ve eliminated a couple of obvious wrong answers, it still feels the same. But this is one time when you shouldn’t listen to your feelings.Let’s say that two test-takers each encounter questions they aren’t sure about during the exam. One of the...
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UMAT test tips from MedEntry UMAT Prep

Tips for the actual exam: MedEntry UMAT Course TipsPace yourself as you go. If you find yourself losing focus in the last section think “finish strong” rather than “I’m almost out of here”. Don’t allow yourself to switch off until that final answer is filled in. Never give up until you hear “pencils down”!Don’t change your answers without good reason, only change them when you’ve reviewed the whole problem and discovered a mistake. For example, “this answer can’t be A, the last two were A” and “it can’t be this one, it’s too easy” are not good reasons to change your answer.Don’t waste...
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Time management in UMAT

Timing is perhaps the most stress-inducing factor of the UMAT exam. If the UMAT were at take-home test, you would all score well. Managing time is the key. Most of your MedEntry UMAT practice will include timed sections, allowing you to become more familiar and comfortable with the pacing of the exam.The UMAT is not a test of intelligence. Although it is used as a predictor for success in medical schools, it isn’t infallible. A poor performance does not necessarily reflect ineptitude nor does a poor score mean you should not apply to the medical school. It may merely limit your choices. You need to maximise...
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UMAT test day: Tips from MedEntry UMAT Prep

MedEntry UMAT Course TipsRelax the night before the UMAT. All of your MedEntry UMAT study should be behind you – cramming at this point will probably do more harm than good. As long as you get a good night’s rest you are allowed to have some fun in the evening before the UMAT.Lay out everything you are going to need when taking the UMAT the night beforehand. This will allow you to have a more peaceful rest that night, and a less stressful time in the morning.If you are taking the UMAT at an unfamiliar location, make sure you get directions well ahead of...
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Smart Test Taking tips from MedEntry UMAT Prep

Smart Test-Taking tips for UMAT: MedEntry UMAT Course TipsMake your MedEntry UMAT practice tests feel real – try your best to replicate the conditions in which you will be actually taking the UMAT. Time yourself with a stopwatch that will beep when your time for each section is up. Take the UMAT test in one sitting with only 10 second  breaks in between sections.  If you have difficulty concentrating for three hours, it is worthwhile building your UMAT test-taking stamina: you might want to take just one or two sections at first, and gradually build up until you are taking the full MedEntry UMAT practice...
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