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UCAT Coaching Sydney

MedEntry offers UCAT Coaching in all parts of Australia, including Sydney. Regular UCAT Coaching Workshops are held throughout the year at the University of Technology, UNSW, or Uni of Sydney. Sydney UCAT Workshops:  Our UCAT lecturers offer useful tips on solving each type of problem in an effective manner. Exclusive to MedEntry, these two-day workshops in Sydney are usually a combination of strategies and a practice exam. The dates for the Sydney UCAT Coaching workshops may be viewed on the website. Aside from UCAT workshops, the MedEntry UCAT Coaching Program in Sydney also offers online practice questions to all package holders....
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Tips for Multiple Choice on UCAT

Top tips for multiple choice in the UCAT The UCAT consists of only multiple choice questions. While multiple choice means they give you the correct answer as one of the options, choosing it is not as easy as it seems. Here are some useful tips for answering multiple choice questions for the UCAT   ·         Answer all questions. You have a 1 in 4 or 1 in 5 chance of getting the right answer, so why not go for it, even if you are unsure of the correct answer. The odds are in your favour! Never leave an answer blank. Instead, pick...
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Easily Distracted during UCAT preparation?

The internet is a vast expanse of information. It’s where we go to find out the latest news about everything. The downside is it can distract us from studying for the UCAT. During UCAT prep time you should be focused. You should try and use this time to simulate exam conditions you will face on the day. Culling your distractions is not easy, but you can make the first move to use your time more wisely. ColdTurkey ColdTurkey is a great program for those who cannot resist visiting distracting websites during UCAT study time. You can set ColdTurkey to block certain...
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UCAT Books

Have you ever thought about using books to prepare for the UCAT? Before you go and spend your money on UCAT books there are a few things worth considering: The live UCAT is not on paper! So practising using books is like practising on a grass court for a tennis competition when the match on the big day is going to be on clay court! Unlike online materials which can be regularly updated, the publisher of such books is unable to amend them in keeping with the frequent changes that do occur in the UCAT. There is no way of seeing...
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Simplifying UCAT passages in VR

The passages that you are required to read and understand in the Verbal Reasoning subtest of UCAT can be dense. Absorbing enough information from the passages to answer the questions can be difficult and your brain will not be able to recall all the information that you read from a passage. However, passages can be broken down into simpler forms to help you better process and recall the passages when it comes to answering the questions. Passages may be simplified using paraphrasing. This helps transform the big, complex paragraphs and passages into small bite-sized pieces of information. Good readers paraphrase as...
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Improving your Critical Thinking Skills

Everyone has their own concept of the world, of how they interpret and predict stimuli. This “concept” is underpinned by their philosophical approach to life. Whilst philosophy may seem to be a branch of knowledge best left for academics, the truth is we all utilise some form of it. It surprises some people when they are told they use philosophy in just about everything they do – even science. The way we gain knowledge and enquire about it is greatly impacted by how we view the world. In the UCAT, you will encounter questions that require you to evaluate a study...
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UCAT stress – friend or foe?

So you have bought a package and started your practise. Well done! You are on your way to improving your UCAT score already. Now it is time to develop effective revisions skills that prepares you mentally and physically. Practise is no good if your nerves let you down. Even elite athletes at the Olympics who practise for years crumple due to nerves. Don’t let that be you! Don’t save your exams!  The most important thing to remember when doing UCAT practise is – DON’T “save” your practise exams until the last month. Doing that basically leaves you with one month of...
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UCAT stress – friend or foe?

I don’t have time for the UCAT during year 12, should I do the GAMSAT instead?

A lot of people think because their final year of school is such a busy one, they should forget about doing the UCAT and focus on their school exams instead. Some say, “Don’t worry if you are not sitting the UCAT, you can always just sit the GAMSAT during Uni and get into Medicine that way”. Whilst this is true, the graduate entry route is no doubt harder. You compete with a far wider range of test takers. The percentage of students who actually get into Graduate Medicine may also be lower than the undergraduate route. The decision to sit either...
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Time management in the final year of school

The final year of school can be a tough year. If you want to do well and obtain entry into medicine, you have to put in the effort and work. On top of assessments and exams, there is also UCAT preparation. How do you fit it all in? We have tips for you below on how to optimise your time.  UCAT preparation is a subject A lot of students find it a difficult task to manage all their subjects and do UCAT preparation as well. But the process can be made easier starting with a simple mindset change. Treat UCAT preparation...
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When should I start preparing for the UCAT?

Confused about how to approach UCAT preparation? When should I start my UCAT prep? Is there even a point to preparing for the UCAT? Well, if you are reading this, you would have started preparing already. What is the UCAT for? If you are interested in medicine, dentistry or other health science related fields, you will need the UCAT. (More info: The UCAT is a test administered by Pearson Vue to help in the selection of students for those given courses. It is usually sat in year 12 for students going into university the next year. Is it worth preparing for?...
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Sample MMI medical interview question: an ethical dilemma.

Does patient confidentiality always prevail? Scenario:  You have been working at Pinehills Prison and Corrections Centre as the in-house physician for approximately six months. Being a physician in a prison has required you to slowly build a sense of trust with the inmates (many of whom suffer from serious psychological illness) over a long period of time. The process has been arduous and often emotionally draining, but you finally feel like you are building a positive rapport with the some of the inmates and have seen a steady improvement in both their physical and mental health as a result of your ongoing appointments....
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UCAT test tactics and preparation: an overview.

UCAT test tactics and preparation: an overview.   UCAT test tactics and preparation part 1: Avoiding multiple confusions in the multiple choice section of UCAT UCAT test tactics and preparation part 2: Process of Elimination in UCAT multichoice UCAT test tactics and preparation part 3: UCAT questions involving percentages UCAT test tactics and preparation part 4: Probability questions UCAT test tactics and preparation part 5: Counting Problems in UCAT UCAT test tactics and preparation part 6: Statistics problems on the UCAT UCAT test tactics and preparation part 7: Worded mathematical problems UCAT test tactics and preparation part 8: Practical tips for...
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English and UCAT

Why doing well in English is essential for gaining entry into medicine and succeeding in your medical course and career. Some students love it. Others hate it: Reading books, writing essays and analysing articles where the content matter is highly subjective and there is no definitive ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer. English is the polar opposite of many subjects favoured by maths and science minded students because essay questions require a highly critical and subjective thinking style in order to write high scoring responses. However, like it or not, all students looking to study medicine or other popular health science courses, need to do well in...
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Re-sitting UCAT

HOW ARE UCAT RESULTS CALCULATED? Unfortunately Pearson Vue does not release the marking scheme that is used determine UCAT scores. There is some speculation as to the following: answering a question correctly that is not answered correctly by the majority of UCAT candidates will be weighted more heavily. And conversely, answering a question incorrectly that most UCAT candidates do answer correctly, will be weighted more heavily against a candidate’s UCAT score. However, because Pearson does not release the marking scheme or question weightings for the UCAT it is impossible to be absolutely certain of this. What is certain though, is the...
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CHANGING TIMES, Australian Doctor (16 June 2006, Page 2)

Perhaps Dr Andrew Griffiths is not aware of the numerous changes in medical student selection that have taken place during the last ten years (Selection fails, 19 May). His criticisms about the inadequacies in the medical student selection are therefore not valid today. These days, one does not need to get very high ATAR score to get into medical school, since almost all medical schools have now instituted three criteria for selection, only one of which is the ATAR score. The second is the results of an aptitude test called the UMAT (now UCAT). The third is the personal interview, which assesses the qualities Dr...
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MED STUDENTS PASS TEST, Australian Doctor (28 May 2004, Page 20)

Medical professionals across Australia are doing their bit to help disadvantaged year 12 students prepare for the UMAT (now UCAT).  Under the name of the group MedEntry, they will offer a two day intensive workshop to high school students from disadvantaged areas who are generally under-represented in medical school. The group’s website is 

TO COACH OR NOT......, Australian Doctor (15 April 2005, Page 31)

Dr Kerri Parnell asks whether coaching for tests such as UMAT (now UCAT) helps ('Medical School Pick of the Crop may be Missing the Point', Gut Feelings, 25 March).  If UCAT coaching is not useful, the logical conclusion is that coaching for selective/private school entry/scholarships tests is also not useful. Yet parents spend enormous amounts having their children coached for such tests.  Further, while the final high school exams admittedly test both knowledge and ability, the fact that people spend money on tutoring and send their children to 'better' schools is evidence that coaching helps improve performance.  Coaching certainly improves a person's ability to some...
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Should I do a UCAT preparation course?

You wouldn’t run a race without a coach. You wouldn’t sit your final exams without a teacher. So why would you sit the UCAT without having done some preparation first? Isn’t the UCAT an aptitude test, so what’s the point in preparing? The UCAT may be an ‘aptitude’ test, but there can be no doubt that having seen UCAT style questions before, and understanding how to answer them, will increase your chances of succeeding in the UCAT. While practice may not always make perfect, practice does increase your ability to perform in the UCAT exam because you can hone those thinking skills required to answer...
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Which universities require UCAT?

Which universities use the UCAT as part of their selection criteria for medicine courses? The following universities require satisfactory completion of the UCAT as part of their selection criteria for students who are seeking to gain entry into undergraduate medicine and Dentistry courses. There are also some universities which use the UCAT as part of their graduate entry programmes. For all of the following universities, performance on the UCAT will not be the only requirement to gain entry, but for most of these universities it will be the first criterion that students need to satisfy to become an eligible applicant. Students should check each university’s...
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What should I do the day before the UCAT exam?

By this stage, you will have well and truly completed your UCAT preparation. The day before the UCAT test is all about getting yourself in the right state of mind for the UCAT exam so that you can remain as stress-free as possible and perform at your best when it counts.   What should I do the day before the UCAT exam? -Make sure you know the location of your UCAT test centre and how to get there. Remember for some locations parking may be limited and inner-city traffic can be very heavy especially during peak hour.  If you’re planning on...
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