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UCAT or GAMSAT? Which is easier?

This is a difficult question because it depends on so many things. Overall, they are both equally hard. Some students may have strengths in some areas and it may suit certain tests. For example some students may find the writing exercise in GAMSAT matches their strengths. For some students, the abstract reasoning may be their strength and find the subtest 4 of UCAT particularly easy. Overall both are competitive tests but the cohort of people sitting the tests are different. Most people who sit the UCAT are school leavers whereas those who sit GAMSAT come from a wide range of backgrounds (new grads, postgrads,...
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UCAT Tutoring Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide & Hobart

Personal UCAT tutoring will allow you to build on your strengths and improve your areas of weakness in a one-on-one environment. You will be coached by an experienced tutor who has performed exceptionally well in the UCAT, interviews and school and who is located in your city. You can organise when, where, and how you would like to use your tutoring sessions. Each UCAT tutoring session is tailored specifically to your needs as students are able to direct the sessions towards the areas they wish to focus on (no set curriculum for the tutors) so that they are able to get...
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My friend got into Medicine without doing a UCAT course!

My friend got into Medicine without doing a UCAT course!   Many students who undergo training for UCAT do not admit it for several reasons (for example, it increases their competition). Other reasons for not admitting include: wanting to appear smarter; they think that is what unis expect of them to say etc. A student may have obtained 90th percentile for UCAT and got in to medicine without doing a course. If they had done our course, they would have obtained a higher score, say 99th percentile (and perhaps been awarded a scholarship to study medicine as well). Even those who may obtain...
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My friend did a UCAT course but didn’t get into Medicine!

My friend did a UCAT course but didn’t get into Medicine! Performance in UCAT depends on what UCAT course you do. There are over fifty UCAT course providers and most of them are of poor quality, and he/she may have done one of those. Furthermore, since interview scores count for about a third of the selection criteria for medicine, interview training is important too. Your friend may not have done medical interview training. We can guarantee that MedEntry’s UCAT program works. That is, we can guarantee that students will perform better after doing the course, compared to if they had not...
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If this is Your UCAT test day, Get Excited!

If this is Your UCAT day, Get Excited! It’s natural to feel nervous the day before the test, maybe even a bit panicked, but let’s try to get some perspective on your situation. Try to think of your UCAT as an audition for university, but as an audition that counts. Naturally you hope that your audition goes well, but it’s not a big deal if it doesn’t go quite as well as you’d like. Some UCAT students wind up re-taking the test in the following year. So don’t think that all your university hopes rest on how you do on the...
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UCAT Tuition

UCAT Coaching and Tuition A basketball coach explained it to me when I was a young that excellent performance depends upon three things: native ability, good coaching, and effective practice (which can change almost everything). Effective practice—as distinct from practicing without awareness of how or what to change—depends upon good coaching. The Lecturers at MedEntry UCAT Courses think of themselves as a Coaches when they teach. They are  as good a teachers of UCAT as my basketball coach is a teacher of basketball. In fact the Lecturers at MedEntry are best in the game: see under About Us on the website. MedEntry also...
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UCAT Courses Darwin

Studying Medicine in Northern Territory is now possible, with the first two years at the Charles Darwin University and the final four years at Flinders University.  However, competition for the limited number of places available is fierce and the bar has been raised regarding UCAT scores and other entry requirements such as the ATAR. This means that success in the UCAT is a MUST if students wish to study Medicine in Darwin from an undergraduate level. Provided you attain a thresold ATAR set by Charles Darwin and Flinders universities, you are ranked on the basis of your UCAT scores. Minimum ATAR required is...
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UCAT Courses New Zealand

MedEntry New Zealand UCAT Preparation course is the trusted UCAT educational institution with unparalleled success and satisfaction rates. MedEntry is the UCAT test specialists, and its reputation is based on results for UCAT.  Every year, MedEntry UCAT preparation gets more students into the course of their choice than all the other UCAT courses combined. Over 95% of MedEntry’s UCAT students come through word-of-mouth referrals. MedEntry is the only UCAT preparation institution with an extensive and unparalleled bank of questions, resources and course techniques developed for tests such as UCAT over a period of over thirty years. MedEntry offers UCAT preparation materials,...
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How to do UCAT Practice

How to take a UCAT practice test With that fateful UCAT day looming, no doubt you will have already done many UCAT practice exams. You may have done these tests to check the skills you still need to learn, to see if you’ve improved or simply to help you feel more comfortable performing under test conditions. Whatever the reason, there are few simple measures that you can follow to ensure that you can get the most out of your practice tests. When doing a UCAT practice test try to imitate what it will be like to actually sit the test. Start at the...
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UCAT Tuition Melbourne

MedEntry UCAT Prep offers tuition for UCAT in Melbourne and Mildura. UCAT workshops in Melbourne can be found here. MedEntry runs UCAT workshops in all major capital cities in Australia and New Zealand. For a full list of workshops, click here. MedEntry offers its UCAT and Medical Interview training courses in Perth, Western Australia; Adelaide in South Australia; Melbourne in Victoria; Sydney and Newcastle, New South Wales; Toowoomba, Cairns and Brisbane, Queensland; Hobart, Tasmania; Darwin, Northern Territory; and Canberra, Australian Capital Territory. UCAT Courses are also offered in Gold Coast, Whyalla, Mount Gambier and Mildura. If there is sufficient interest, the UCAT courses...
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UCAT Courses Toowoomba

MedEntry offers UCAT tuition in Brisbane, Cairns and Toowoomba in Queensland. UCAT courses in Queensland can be found here. MedEntry runs UCAT workshops in all major capital cities in Australia and New Zealand. For a full list of workshops, click here. MedEntry offers its UCAT and Medical Interview training courses in Perth, Western Australia; Adelaide in South Australia; Melbourne in Victoria; Sydney and Newcastle, New South Wales; Toowoomba, Cairns and Brisbane, Queensland; Hobart, Tasmania; Darwin, Northern Territory; and Canberra, Australian Capital Territory. UCAT Courses are also offered in Gold Coast, Whyalla, Mount Gambier and Mildura. If there is sufficient interest, the UCAT courses will be...
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Medicine at Monash or Melbourne?

Medicine at Monash or Melbourne? A dilemma facing high achievers wanting to pursue medicine is whether to choose Monash University (school leaver entry) or Melbourne University (graduate route). Many parents often ask “why did some universities abandon the school leaver entry route to medicine and which route is better?” The answer is the same to similar questions such as: Medicine at UNSW or USyd? Medicine at Curtin or UWA? Medicine at Adelaide or Flinders? etc Our view is that Monash school leaver entry is far superior for several reasons including: 1. No guarantee: Melbourne Graduate medicine does NOT have guaranteed places in...
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UCAT test tips

Ignore these Two Voices in Your Head We want to warn you that during the test, two tiny invisible fairies will be sitting on your shoulders, whispering in your ears. You’ll hear only one of the fairies, and you won’t be sure which one it is until the test starts. One of the fairies whispers gleefully, “I can’t believe how easy this test is.” The other fairy whispers ominously, “This is by far the hardest test I’ve ever taken.” There aren’t really fairies whispering in your ears, of course, but we promise you that you will hear one of those two...
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The Night before the UCAT Test

The Night before the UCAT Test   It’s fine if you want to see a movie or hang out with your friends until the early evening, but then get home.Before you get too tired, lay out everything you’re going to need tomorrow morning: a photo ID, your watch, ear plugs and water bottle. You will not be allowed to use scrap paper during the exam, so you won’t need to bring that.Set out the clothes you’ll wear for tomorrow, including any good luck items. It’s a good idea to dress in layers so that if the room is too hot you...
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UCAT : The day of the UCAT test

Waking Up on the UCAT Test Morning When you wake up, consider taking a shower or doing some brief calisthenics or other exercise to get the blood flowing—especially to your groggy brain! If someone is taking you to the test site, make sure he or she is up, too.Eat a normal breakfast, but not too much or you’ll be groggy. If you’re used to consuming some form of caffeine—tea, coffee, cola—then doing so is probably a good idea this morning. But only if you’re used to caffeine; if you’re not, now is not the morning to start.Make sure you have everything...
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The Day before the UCAT Test

The day before the UCAT   If you haven’t already, make sure you know the location of your test centre. If you don’t know how to get to the centre, print out directions from Google Maps. If you haven’t taken a test before at your test centre, ask around among the seniors you know or go and check it out before, to see whether there’s anything you need to know about the place.If someone is supposed to drive you to the test centre, make sure you have a back-up plan in case the person oversleeps, gets sick, or otherwise fails to...
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UCAT Preparation: Getting into the Right Frame of Mind

At the end of a season and leading up to the championship, athletes go through a “tapering phase” to make sure they perform at their peak when it counts. In a sense you’ve been a mental athlete, and you want to make sure that you perform at your peak when it counts: on the actual UCAT. For you, tapering consists of scaling back gradually the amount of preparation you’ve been doing so you can give your mind a chance to rest and rev up your motivation. During this week you should do much less work, but of a much higher quality....
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How to Guess in UCAT

When You Need to Guess in UCAT, Beware of Your Hunches You know that whenever you can make a quick guess on a question to avoid leaving it blank, you should take the shot. The key word here is quick; you can always afford to guess, but you can never afford to waste time. So, how should you guess? Let’s be clear about something: guessing does not mean selecting a choice at random. But it also doesn’t mean selecting the choice that seems to be right. Guessing means selecting the choice that has the greatest chance of being right, regardless of whether that choice...
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In UCAT, Do Not “Read into” Things!

Warning, Warning, Warning! Do Not “Read into” Things in UCAT One of the most dangerous traps smart students fall into while reading the UCAT passages is ‘reading into’ things. You should re-read in the context of what you’ve learned about the reading passage—you do not want to interpret what a passage says, or make any subtle assumptions. Restraining yourself from making unwarranted “leaps” on the passages may be something you must consciously remind yourself to do in Verbal Reasoning subtest. There’s a big difference between drawing a valid inference, and making an unwarranted assumption. Watch your step! For example, if a passage says...
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Doesn’t the UCAT just measure “test-taking skills”?

Unfortunately, some UCAT prep courses try to convince students that taking the UCAT has noth­ing to do with real academic skills. They prefer you to believe that it’s all about their test-taking “secrets.” This is great marketing for them, but little help for you. Although there are a few basic test-taking skills that you should know about—process of elimina­tion, intelligent guessing and checking, testing choices, and so on—these can be learned easily in a day, and don’t earn you too many points on the UCAT. So what does get you big score improve­ments? In the MedEntry UCAT prep, you will be trained...
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