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There are a wealth of resources available to you on the LMS. You can check your progress by visiting the Check Progress page, either by clicking on the icon on the homepage of the LMS or by clicking on the icon next to the ‘Check’ section under UMAT resources: 


When you arrive on the Check Progress page, you can view your progress with the practice exams or drills by clicking on the relevant tab:


Practice exams

You will see a drop down list of your UMAT exams and information about their completion. Click on the drop-down arrow to see more information about a completed exam attempt (your most recently completed exam will automatically display): 


Here you will find the following information: 

• Exam score: your raw score (number of questions you got right) 

• Percentile ranking: your percentile ranking for the overall exam (that is, how your overall raw score compares to other students’ attempts) 

• Exam completed: the date your exam attempt was completed, and the time taken to complete it

• Your score and percentile ranking for each of the three constructs (Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving, Understanding People and Non-Verbal Reasoning)

• You can review your exam attempt and chosen answers by clicking ‘Review now’

• The graph shows you how your scores compare to the scores of other students who have completed the exam (click on the graph to zoom in)



At the top of the drills page, you will find the following information: 

• The number of drills you have completed

• A pie chart showing the distribution of your completed drills (which construct you have been focussing on the most) 

• The proportion of available drills for each construct that you have completed 


Scrolling down, you will see a grid containing all drills, as well as information about your attempts. Click on the appropriate links to attempt or review a drill. 


You can also apply filters to the grid, to show only a specific group of drills: 


Checking your progress will help you identify the next step in your preparation and will give you an extra boost of motivation!  

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