Which UMAT package should I get?

Need Some help finding the right UMAT package?
MedEntry has packages to suit all your UMAT needs.
Simply follow the flowchart to see which package will suit you best for the UMAT.

Please note: Students will have access to the MedEntry materials from the date of purchase until the UMAT test date in July. Students are able to upgrade their package at any time.


Footnotes from flowchart:

* Previous Student = Students who had a MedEntry package in the previous year. A Last Year's Student discount applies to any consecutive year purchase. Apply discount when you checkout.

** Current Candidate = students in the latter half of year 11 or first half of year 12. A current candidate is considered to be taking the next sitting of UMAT.

***Students will be tutored for 5 x 1 hour sessions by one of MedEntry's tutors who have performed outstandingly in the UMAT themselves.

Students living in rural, remote areas or overseas, would do well to have the Distance package. However, a Platinum Package is highly recommended as there may be information provided in the UMAT course that is not available elsewhere.

Distance Package:

Suitable if you have previously attended a workshop and only require continuous skill development online.

In this package, you will receive:

Platinum Package:

Suitable if you have not attended a MedEntry UMAT Workshop before OR if you would like to attend a workshop again as new information is often highlighted in our 2 day UMAT course. All of our resources are regularly updated to reflect changes in the UMAT from year to year.

The Platinum Package is our most popular package, and the package that MedEntry recommends for most students. Students applying in a group are eligible for a significant discount.

In this package, you will receive:

Diamond Package: 

Suitable if you require one-on-one assistance with your UMAT and interview preparation. 

In this package, you will receive:

Additional Services

MedEntry also offers the following additional services to assist with your preparation:

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