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  • Mrs Caroline Lim

    Three of our children have now been accepted into medical schools in our home city, Sydney, thanks to MedEntry. We have one more to go, who is currently enrolled in MedEntry. Hopefully by next year all of our children will be doctors. There is no way this could have happened without the excellent coaching and support from MedEntry. Thank you!


  • Steven Forbes
    Successful MedEntry Student and MedEntry Excellence Prize Winner

    I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to MedEntry for the outstanding products and services offered. As well as completing the MedEntry program I purchased the [name deleted] program.

    There was simply no comparison. MedEntry’s products were up to date, relevant, focussed and mirrored the UMAT exactly!


  • Jodie Ralph
    Successful MedEntry Student, and parent

    When I finally got onto the UAC site at about 9:30pm lat night I was amazed to see that I had received my first preference - Medicine at Newcastle! I am going to be a doctor! The MedEntry course was my primary preparation for both the UMAT and the interviews, and it definitely was worth it.


  • Ann Banh

    Successful MedEntry Student

    I would like to thank the whole team at Medentry for your advice and assistance that has led to my recent success. I was fortunate enough to get four offers for medicine: James Cook University, University of New South Wales, University of Melbourne and a late round offer at University of Sydney!!!


  • Nissa Mowjood
    Parent of Successful MedEntry Student and MedEntry Excellence Prize Winner

    We just got Muhammad’s result and would like to thank the MedEntry team for the wonderful preparation material you had to offer. He definitely benefited from this.

    Well done MedEntry!



About MedEntry

There are over fifty different companies which offer UMAT training and you can spend a lifetime doing these UMAT courses. You will only get confused, and take time away from academic study. MedEntry has a proven track record of UMAT success. Since our resources are UMAT focused, with more difficult questions to most accurately simulate the UMAT (developed over a period of 20 years), you won't waste any time.

Our UMAT Courses are taught by experienced professional academics (many others use our past MedEntry students to teach their courses).

Most medical students believe MedEntry's course is essential for UMAT success.