Australia’s Most Important
UCAT Training Event

Feeling intimidated by the UCAT? You’re not alone. Most students are nervous as they approach this huge obstacle in their medical career. But you can sit the UCAT with confidence, knowing you have the right strategies and techniques to overcome every challenge. The key is Dr Ray’s UCAT Workshop - the most effective UCAT training course available.

  • Exclusive to MedEntry
  • Every session personally run by Dr Ray
  • Specific strategies for each of the five subtests
  • Mini mocks, analysis and discussion
  • Q&As with specialists and UCAT experts
  • Insider information on medical entry
  • Dramatically improves speed, analysis and reasoning
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Achieve Scores
You Never Thought Possible

During two days of fun and interactive sessions, develop the skills to eliminate time pressure and significantly boost your scores. You’ll meet specialist doctors and UCAT experts, learn strategies to master all five subtests, and apply the techniques during mini mocks. The systems you learn during Dr Ray’s UCAT Workshop will help you master the UCAT and reach your true potential.

Dr Ray: The World’s
Leading UCAT Expert

For more than 20 years, Dr Ray has created systems and methods to help more than 20,000 students get into medicine. He is, by far, the world’s most recognised and respected UCAT specialist. At every stage of his career, he has excelled. His experience as a student, practising specialist, lecturer and academic has helped MedEntry create Australia’s most effective UCAT workshop.

  • 100th percentile in UMAT (now UCAT)
  • 99.9 ATAR
  • Sir John Monash Scholarship for Distinction
  • Graduated with First Class Honours in Medicine
  • Gastroenterologist, Hepatologist & Endoscopist at Monash Health
  • Expert in psychometric testing methods
  • Personally trained more than 10,000 students to excel in the UCAT
  • Medical Doctorate (Research, Edinburgh)
  • More than 30 published articles in medical journals
  • Senior Lecturer - Monash University

20 Hours Of Expert Guidance

After spending two days with Dr Ray, you’ll know how to plan, prepare and execute the perfect UCAT strategy. Learn special techniques, tips and tricks to overcome each subtest during dynamic lectures, Q&A sessions, mini-tests and insightful talks by UCAT experts.

Advice and Q&A from Med Student who achieved 99th percentile in the UCAT
All you need to know about the UCAT
Morning Tea Break
Verbal Reasoning Mini Test, Principles & Techniques
Lunch break
Decision Making Mini Test, Principles & Techniques
Pathways into Medicine
Afternoon Tea Break
Quantitative Reasoning Mini Test, Principles & Techniques
Q&A with Dr. Ray
Advice and Q&A from Med Student who achieved 99th percentile in the UCAT
Abstract Reasoning Mini Test, Principles & Techniques
Morning Tea Break
How to most effectively use the online platform for your UCAT preparation
Lunch Break
Situational Judgment Mini Test, Principles & Techniques
Q&A with a Specialist Doctor
Escalate UCAT Prep Efficiency & Study Skills
Afternoon Tea Break
Psychological techniques for the UCAT
Conclusion & Final Tips
Q&A with Dr Ray

UCAT Workshop Dates

The table below shows the current schedule for Dr Ray’s UCAT Workshop. You will be able to book your preferred workshop after registration.

If you’re creating a study group, please be aware that all of your study pals must be registered before you can book a workshop.

Workshops run live online, and are not recorded.
Workshops run from 8:00am to 6:00pm AEST, view timetable.
Dates and times are subject to change.

Day 1 Day 2 Status
Tue 02 January 2024 Wed 03 January 2024 Open
Sat 20 January 2024 Sun 21 January 2024 Open
Fri 29 March 2024 Sat 30 March 2024 Open
Sat 13 April 2024 Sun 14 April 2024 Open
Sat 18 May 2024 Sun 19 May 2024 Open
Sat 06 July 2024 Sun 07 July 2024 Open
Day 1 Day 2 Status
Sun 03 July 2022 Sun 10 July 2022 Closed
Tue 03 January 2023 Thu 05 January 2023 Closed
Fri 20 January 2023 Sun 22 January 2023 Closed
Sat 11 March 2023 Sun 19 March 2023 Closed
Sat 08 April 2023 Mon 10 April 2023 Closed
Wed 19 April 2023 Fri 21 April 2023 Closed
Sat 20 May 2023 Sun 28 May 2023 Closed
Sat 01 July 2023 Sun 02 July 2023 Closed

The World's Favourite UCAT Expert

Read MedEntry’s thousands of glowing reviews and you’ll often see the same name mentioned. Thousands of students personally thank Dr Ray for inspiring, motivating and guiding them to UCAT success. Most consider Dr Ray’s UCAT Workshop to be a turning point in their understanding of the UCAT.

Elijah Martins

THIS WAS SO GOOD. Honestly best Worksop I’ve ever gone to. Initially thought it would be very tiring since it’s intensive but it was all so useful down to the last minute. Dr Ray was very engaging and all the guess speakers had great insight (having both med students and consultants with very high qualifications). This was definitely a wise choice and would recommend

Holly Bromley

Dr. Ray was absolutely amazing!! He taught me so much over the course of the workshop and I had so much fun! So kind, energetic, intelligent and warm and insightful.

Krisha Ghelani

This was an amazing workshop as I loved the way the days were structured so as to make it both informative and engaging. It definitely made me more motivated before embarking on my UCAT preparation journey, so thank you!

Grete Gawthorn

I found the workshop run by Dr Ray super helpful and very worthwhile. His knowledge, expertise and encouragement were invaluable for my preparations for the UCAT exam, interview and university study skills. Highly recommend!

Lauren Carr

An absolutely amazing workshop by Dr Ray, so inspiring and very enthusiastic! Keeps you interested the entire time and is very passionate. Thanks so much!

Bronte Hardware

MedEntry provides an excellent, quality service with its Online UCAT Workshop. With an amazing host (Dr. Ray) who positively went through the key concepts and requirements to perform well in the UCAT and Interviews, you couldn't find a better service for the same value. The Online UCAT Workshop was not only professional and relevant, it provided attendees with an engaging and enriching environment to develop and learn the key skills required for getting into Medicine. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to get into MED via the UCAT pathway. A wonderful and informative experience, thank you.

Stella Russo

Awesome insight into UCAT and what is required, also helped me form study group. Loved talking to specialist doctors and Dr Ray is good and inspiring teacher!

Dhruv Alwadhi

I absolutely love Dr Ray's style of presenting! I attended the three day webinar, and was impressed with the amount of detail that Dr Ray went into. The fact that he answered everyone's question despite going overtime; highlight his passion for teaching prospective medical students. Thankyou Dr Ray for fuelling my medicine journey!

Jeremy Tran

Most informative and fun workshop I’ve ever attended and I walked out of the workshop with a wider span of knowledge on not just the UCAT but everything in general.

Annabelle Fuller

Got so much out of the UCAT Workshop, will continue to use up until I get into med, which I now believe I can do!! It provided so much motivation and general life advice as well as techniques and study strategies for the UCAT. Also hearing from med students and doctors really motivates and inspires you. Thank you so much!!! I would recommend MedEntry to any yr12 students who want to get into med but don’t really know where to start.

Master The UCAT
With Dr Ray’s UCAT Workshop

You’ve worked hard to make it this far. Don’t let the UCAT become a hurdle. Understand it, practise it and ace it. Turn this challenge into an advantage, exceed your expectations and create new opportunities for your career in medicine.

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