How Can I Help My Students Get Into Medicine?

The ultimate medical entry guide for teachers, principals, and career counsellors.

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The support and guidance of educators is critical to the success of every student seeking a career in medicine. But we understand that the process is long and complex. That’s why we’ve used our 20 years of experience working closely with teachers to create the only guide you’ll ever need.

  • Step-by-step guide with Checklists
  • Downloadable PDFs
  • Accurate, reliable and up-to-date
  • A schedule to ensure your students stay on track

Introduction, tips and advice from Dr Ray

Before you begin, take a moment to hear from one of the world's leading experts on medical entry, Dr Ray Boyapati. For the past 20 years, Dr Ray has worked closely with the educators who have helped more than 20,000 students become doctors. This brief video will explain how we can help you to advise your students.

The Medical Entry Timeline

Let's begin with a basic schedule of key decisions, study and events. This timeline will help you understand the chronology of medical entry and how each phase equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills.

As Soon as Possible

Research university entry requirements and deadlines. Consider enrolling in a UCAT preparation course

March – May

Register for UCAT and book your preferred date/location

July/Early August

Sit and excel in the UCAT. Receive UCAT results (same day)

August Onwards

Consider enrolling in a MedEntry Interview Training Session. If not already done so, engage in work experience and/or volunteer work in health-related field

By September

Apply to universities (including written applications, if applicable) and State Academic Authorities

November – January

Sit Medical Interviews (dates vary depending on university)


University offers released: seek advice from MedEntry on the appropriate course / university to select, if necessary

Your Step-by-step Guide to Medical Entry

Medical entry can seem very daunting, especially if you dive in too deeply and quickly. But if you follow our progressive tutorials in chronological order, you'll ensure students always prepare in advance, hit every deadline and maximise their chances of studying at their preferred medical school.


In this guide you'll see a summary of every important requirement. You can expand each panel to see a more detailed explanation, and at the foot of each panel you'll find links to download documents or navigate to important resources. You can even click the checkbox when each task is completed, and the panel will disappear so you can focus on the next step.


Choose the right subjects

Due Date: Year 10/11

Learn about the career

Due Date: Year 10/11

Sit the UCAT

Due Date: July/August in Year 12

Apply to Universities

Due Date: September in Year 12

Succeed in the Interview

Due Date: November-January in Year 12

Choose the Right Medical School

Due Date: End of Year 12

How MedEntry Can Help

MedEntry is committed to helping your students access the world's most advanced medical entry prep tools. You can secure significant discounts or nominate students for bursaries. MedEntry has assisted more than 3,000 students in low socio-economic conditions enter medicine over the past 20+ years.

Bulk Group Discounts

If you have a number of students wishing to undertake the MedEntry course, we can provide a code that will allow them to undertake the standard Platinum package at our group rate (>30% saving).

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Nominate Students For A UCAT Bursary

As a careers teacher, you have the opportunity to provide one of your students with a MedEntry bursary which will entitle them to a discount of over 60% off our most popular UCAT package, the Platinum Package (online platform + Dr. Ray's UCAT workshop).

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Nominate Students For an Interview Bursary

As a careers teacher, you have the opportunity to provide one of your students with a MedEntry bursary which will entitle them to a discount of over 40% off our Medical Interview Training bundle (includes strategy day, tailored mock interview and online resources).

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Useful Downloads

Exclusive to educators, MedEntry offers downloads of UCAT and medical entry resources. If you’d like a free printed copy of posters, brochures or handbooks, please contact us.

UCAT Handbook

This comprehensive 120+ page guide covers everything you need to know about entry into medicine and dentistry.

UCAT Poster A2

A2 poster with information about the UCAT. Print it off and post on your school noticeboard!

UCAT Info Sheet A4

Convenient printable A4 summary of all the essential information on the UCAT. Print it off and hand to your students!

Free UCAT Resources

Free UCAT resources for students including a full length UCAT exam with feedback, sample questions and UCAT strategy guide.

UCAT 'Bootcamp' Info Seminar

A 2 hour seminar by our Director of Education, Dr Ray Boyapati. Ray has helped thousands of students to enter medicine over the last 20 years, and shares his secrets to success.

MedEntry Brochure

Information leaflet about MedEntry's services.

Want to Learn More?

Career Practitioners’ UCAT Seminar

Presented by MedEntry's Director of Education, Dr. Ray Boyapati, to a large group of Career practitioners, this seminar addresses every pain point and challenge faced by educators as they guide aspiring medical students.

Free Events

Free Workshop Attendance for Careers Teachers

MedEntry extends an open invitation to all careers counsellors, teachers and principals who would like to attend one of our UCAT Workshops. These inspiring workshops are considered by our students to be the highlight of their UCAT preparation. Usually included in our Platinum and Diamond packages, these workshops are free of charge to educators.

Free Q&A Session for Your Students

If you have a number of students interested in a career in medicine, MedEntry would be delighted to organise a Q&A session for your school. Our experts can introduce students to basic strategies and explain how to balance school studies with UCAT and interview preparation.

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