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MedEntry UCAT Prep is an international Registered Training Educational institution committed to helping students enter medicine. MedEntry is the trusted UCAT preparation institution which specialises in UCAT Preparation. Unlike other tutoring companies which have UCAT Prep as an 'add-on', MedEntry specialises in UCAT preparation - we are focussed on this core activity.

MedEntry is made up of a team of academics, doctors and professionals with expertise in test development, measurement and analysis. We have been training students for tests such as the UCAT (including the UMAT and HPAT) for over 30 years. Our comprehensive course has been remarkably successful in helping students achieve their goals.

There are many preparation providers around - many of them have little or no expertise but have slick websites and marketing.

This is a crucially important test for your (or your child's) future. Choosing the right preparation provider can be critical in determining whether you enter medicine or not.

MedEntry is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), has hundreds of five star reviews, and is trusted by more students each year than all other preparation providers combined - in short, we offer a guarantee of quality training

On our About Us page, you'll find more details about why you should choose MedEntry for quality UCAT preparation.

You will have access to the uni specific questions of the university that you have booked to prepare for. You will gain access to this resource after the session.

MedEntry's approach is holistic. We realise that entering a health science course involves much more than simply doing well in high school or university. We guide students through the whole process – providing information on university admissions procedures, training students for the UCAT and helping students tackle interviews.

MedEntry's products and services include:

The UCAT resources provided by MedEntry are much more challenging and realistic than those provided by others. Some other courses last only one to three days - MedEntry's lasts for up to 12 months or more. Since our course is by far the most popular, more able and motivated students enrol in our courses, so students have the unique opportunity to interact with more students on online forums and at the UCAT Course, thereby enhancing their thinking skills.

We realise that most of our students are in their final year of high school and are very busy. Our program is comprehensive and focussed on UCAT, which means you do not need to do any other preparation.

Is the MedEntry UCAT workshop worth it? Which is the best UCAT Prep course? Which is the best medical interview training course?

These questions can be answered from various perspectives or angles: emotional arguments, and rational arguments using decision making theory.

We understand how difficult it is to choose a UCAT prep and the intricacies of navigating through the complex medical admission process. You have come here because you already know that MedEntry is the best UCAT prep course and you are trying to decide which of our packages is the best for your needs. But here are some further reasons why past students have found MedEntry superior for their Medical Entry guidance. If you are looking for the cheapest product, we are afraid MedEntry is not for you. If you are not serious about medical/dental school, then MedEntry is not for you, either.

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But don't just take our word for it, check out the student testimonials about our program.

  • Feedback statistics show that 99.1% of our students would recommend MedEntry’s services to their friends. Here at MedEntry UCAT Prep, we are result orientated. 
  • A survey of a random sample of students who have been through our full training program showed that 92% were offered interviews, and 88% were offered places in one or more medical schools. 
  • Evaluation by an independent statutory organisation, RDWA, carried out every year, has shown that students found MedEntry courses extremely useful.

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You may find opinions expressed on forums and by some organisations that intense UCAT preparation may not help. Everyone is welcome to their opinion of course, and we agree that poor quality UCAT preparation does not help. That is why choosing high-quality, trusted preparation with a proven track record like MedEntry is important.

In addition, those who believe that UCAT preparation does not work often include:

  • The UCAT Consortium and Pearson VUE, which administer UCAT and therefore have a vested interest in ensuring that students don't prepare, for several reasons (for example, their job becomes harder if students prepare; possibility of legal challenges).
  • Universities, which also have a vested interest in claiming that UCAT and interview preparation may not help (which could be considered hypocritical, since universities coach students for aptitude tests and interviews at assessment centres for jobs).
  • Individuals who may have done a poor quality preparation course and/or may not have done the work required and therefore may not have got into medicine. 
  • Individuals who may have done well in UCAT without preparation. Some of these students may have obtained an even higher score with good quality preparation (even in 99th percentile, there is high end, and low end of 99th percentile), which could have enabled them to gain a scholarship to study medicine, or placed them higher in terms of ranking meaning a lower ATAR or interview score was required to enter medicine.
  • Much of the 'research' published showing UCAT Preparation may not help is done by those who are funded by test producers and they don't declare this conflict of interest.

MedEntry was originally made possible by a generous grant by the Foundation for Young Australians, a non-profit organisation committed to enhancing youth participation and creating opportunities for the development of young people.

Specifically, MedEntry aims to help young people keen to pursue a career in medicine, especially those who are traditionally under-represented.

See how MedEntry gives back.

MedEntry is a team of doctors, academics in the health sciences field, professionals with expertise in test development, measurement and analysis, and students who have been successful in the UCAT and interviews.

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