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  • MedEntry gets more students into medicine each year than all other UMAT prep courses combined.

  • There are many copycats, but there is only one original: MedEntry

  • MedEntry is the internationally trusted UMAT educational institution.

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose MedEntry?

There are over fifty different companies which offer UMAT training and you can spend a lifetime doing these UMAT courses. You will only get confused, and take time away from academic study. MedEntry has a proven track record of UMAT success. Since our resources are UMAT focused, with more difficult questions to most accurately simulate the UMAT (developed over a period of 20 years), you won't waste any time.

Our UMAT Courses are taught by experienced professional academics (many others use our past MedEntry students to teach their courses who over-promise but under-deliver; you will be taught outdated/strategies and they lack the big picture).

Most medical students believe MedEntry's course is essential for UMAT success. MedEntry UMAT coaching is considered by far the best UMAT Preparation course by medical students, teachers, doctors, parents and health professionals.

From an independent analysis of the MedEntry UMAT Course: “UMAT is indeed an exam that you can study for, and the MedEntry course will more than likely improve a participant's score” (in 'Can you be coached for med school?', 'Australian Doctor', 1 September 2014, pages 37-39). MedEntry is the only UMAT organisation to be featured in any medical journal (in 'Australian Doctor' twice: previously in April 2005).

Our guiding principles are: Excellence, Diversity, Integrity, Social justice, Efficiency, Affordability and Value.

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Our Expertise

Our Expertise

MedEntry is the only UMAT coaching preparation course run by academics, doctors, health science professionals with experience and expertise in test development, measurement and analysis. We are an organisation committed to helping students enter health science courses such as medicine. We have used our collective knowledge of entrance procedures (such as the UMAT) and the health profession to create a comprehensive curriculum. This internationally trusted program has been remarkably successful in helping students achieve their goals.

MedEntry has been training students for UMAT since its inception; for far longer than any other preparation program.

The UMAT two day courses and the interview preparation courses are run by Dr Edward, an academic with over thirty years of experience teaching in Australian universities. He has published several articles on educational research and has delivered numerous papers/keynote addresses at several International Teaching and Learning Conferences. He has received numerous awards for excellence in teaching. He has a long-standing interest in Psychometric measurement and spent time at educational research institutes such as the ETS (Princeton, USA), NFER (Slough, UK) and EAA (UNSW). Ed also lectured at several universities in various countries such as Brazil, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, USA and UK. He has been a Consultant and an Expert Witness for several organisations.

Dr Edward has been training students for tests such as the UMAT for over two decades. Among his successful students include his own children, both of whom were offered places in all medical schools and held Monash Scholarships for Exceptional Achievement (awarded to the best incoming student each year). They are not only the youngest doctors to be accepted into the training programs of the most competitive of medical specialties, but have also won medals for obtaining the top score in the country in the specialist training theory and clinical exams held by the Royal Colleges (eg, see RACP News, Vol 32, No 2, April 2012, p 27). His daughter won an unprecedented three medals in the nationwide Fellowship exams ('The Mole' ACD Issue 102, Spring 2014, p 8, 18; Health Link, Dec 2014 Issue 19, p 14). Ed will aim to pass on to you the advice he gave his children which contributed to their unparalleled success. Ed comes from a family of 28 doctors over four generations.

Dr Edward is a member of International Society for Intelligence Research, International Test Commission and an invited member of numerous professional organisations related to psychometric/educational/aptitude & personality testing. He is also the Practice Manager of a Medical Centre and has a wide knowledge of the health profession and health-related issues.

Quality and integrity are our priority: our team is made up of health professionals and academics in the health sciences, education and psychology. We will one day be your colleagues. We do not believe in making false promises or undermining our integrity; we believe in offering you quality products and effective service. This is our promise to you.

Our Approach

Our Approach

MedEntry specialises in UMAT preparation (it's the only thing we do!). We can therefore provide you with the most up-to-date, focussed and quality preparation. Many school tutoring companies offer UMAT preparation as an 'additional extra'. MedEntry is focussed entirely on ensuring you succeed in this very important exam. We are truly independent and we don't push other courses for your school subjects like some do.

Our approach is holistic. We realise that entering health science courses is not simply a matter of sitting the UMAT. We are with you every step of the way. MedEntry UMAT coaching "imparts the learning skills that students take with them for life" and "provide[s] focused, quality preparation". Our "training is geared towards making you a better person, with better reasoning and problem-solving skills, and emotional intelligence" (FOCUS, the Australian Doctor magazine, April 2005, page 23).

MedEntry are the market leaders in UMAT preparation. This means that you are able to compare your scores reliably with students all over Australia and New Zealand, which is how ACER scores UMAT. You can benchmark yourself against the best students across the country. Furthermore, with MedEntry's LMS, you are able to check the proportion of students who choose each option for any question. This provides you with insight about how other students think, which is an important part of being 'test wise'.

MedEntry has a commitment to helping those from disadvantaged and under-serviced backgrounds (such as those of low socio-economic status and those from rural or remote areas) to achieve their goals. We have provided over $1.2 million worth of scholarships and discounts to such students over the years.

We at MedEntry make a difference by helping you build careers that have a positive impact on the lives of others. Together we can make the world a better place.

Our Resources

Our Resources

MedEntry is the only UMAT preparation institution with an extensive and unparalleled bank of questions, resources and course techniques developed for UMAT over a period of over thirty years. We have over 10,000 questions, over 1000 pages of preparation materials and more, accessible via our user friendly Learning Management System (included in all of our packages). The LMS offers an intelligent interactive learning environment. You will have access to forums and discussion threads of past students dating back over several years. No other organisation can provide the sheer volume of quality questions that MedEntry offers.

MedEntry is the only organisation which enables you to compare your scores and answers for each question with all other students in Australia and New Zealand (which is what ACER does). We also have a MedEntry UMAT preparation app. available for i-phone users once you have purchased one of our packages so you can complete UMAT questions in your own time and on the go.

Our 15 Practice Exams are considered the best by far among UMAT preparation courses. This is because they are comprehensively and meticulously researched and written by experts with a thorough knowledge of the real UMAT (see item under News). They are updated regularly to reflect changes that occur in the UMAT. Unlike other UMAT preparation courses, all of MedEntry's questions come with fully worked solutions.

Please do not waste your money and precious time in doing other courses or researching alternative HPAT resources, as the materials are often contradictory and out of date. There is more than enough up-to-date, focused and quality preparation provided on the Learning Management System. Also be aware of 'free practice sites' that are intended to sell ads and spam, not to help you prepare.

Due to our experience in teaching medical entrance courses internationally and speaking at various international conferences, we can predict and proactively provide advice on the likely future changes.

Our Services

Our Services

MedEntry provides products and services to help our students tackle:

  • The UMAT
  • Interviews
  • University Admissions

Please browse through our UMAT products and services.

MedEntry offers its services to students throughout the world. We are the only institution which runs courses in all major cities in Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. We have offices in Seattle, Chicago, Birmingham and Singapore.

We are the only organisation that provides immediate access to all materials in complete form, without delay, as soon as you purchase. You can start preparing now and gain an edge in the UMAT.

We offer online learning as part of all of our packages to meet the needs and demands of our students. Most reputable universities are now moving to this medium, since there are several advantages. Please see "Why are MedEntry's products made available online via the LMS?" under FAQ for more information. Our Learning Management System (LMS) is the most advanced and interactive with several features tailored to enhance your learning for UMAT.

We are the only organisation that allows you to ‘see before you buy’. You are welcome to come and inspect our materials at our business premises, with prior appointment, before you enroll.

We are the only organisation which offers comprehensive instruction over two full days. Our two day UMAT courses are professionally managed so that we can ensure personal attention and tuition as well as maximal interaction with our students (some of our UMAT workshops can have as few as ten students). Some tutoring organisations offer the same hours of teaching as MedEntry does but over many weeks rather than over two days. We believe this is inefficient as you waste a lot of time travelling thus losing time which should be spent studying your other school subjects. At MedEntry we understand the pressure and time constraints that students face during those busy final school years, and thus seek to make our courses as effective and timely as possible . Our focused, intensive and interactive UMAT course over two days, plus year-long online learning with tutoring support, is geared towards maximising your UMAT preparation while allowing enough time for your academic studies.

Please read the FAQ article: 'Why MedEntry does not offer weekly classes for UMAT preparation.'

Please also read the FAQ article, 'Is it essential to attend a UMAT Course?'

Students’ satisfaction rating of their overall experience with MedEntry (data gathered via survey)

Student Satisfaction

If you do your due diligence, you will find that MedEntry offers by far the best value proposition for aspiring medical students.

In our UMAT preparation courses and UMAT coaching, you will be able to interact with students from top academic schools from all around the state and all over the country. We also fortunate in having a very diverse range of students: as young as 15 to as old as 54. Many are older and mature age professionals such as scientists, lawyers, engineers, accountants, dentists, pharmacists, IT professionals, nurses, optometrists, physiotherapists, real estate agents, paramedics, acrobats, teachers, veterinarians, researchers, olympic gold medallists, army officers, pilots, chiropractors, psychologists, podiatrists, finance professionals, actuaries, auctioneers etc. Over 60% of our students have at least one parent who is a doctor or professor. There are also some students who have deferred their medical school place and are currently trying for another medical school, while some are currently studying medicine but want to transfer to another medical school. These older students bring a level of motivation and maturity to the class discussions.

You may also have the opportunity meet students from all corners of the globe. In the past, our students have come from countries such as: Austria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Fiji, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Great Britain, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Uganda, USA, Wales etc.

Our Credentials

Our Credentials

MedEntry is a Division of the Australian & New Zealand Institute of Education (ANZIE), a Government Accredited Institution which provides educational services for those making the transition between secondary and tertiary education. MedEntry is accredited by the International Test Training Accreditation Council.

MedEntry is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), its Australian national registration number is 21914. Hence MedEntry is the only UMAT training institution which is entitled to use ".edu." rather than ".com." for its website domain, much like a university.

MedEntry is licensed and audited by:

  • ANTA, the Australian National Training Authority
  • VRQA, the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority
  • ASQA, Australian Skills Quality Authority
  • OTTE, the Office of Tertiary Training and Education
  • DE&T, the Department of Education and Training

MedEntry is recognised by:

  • NTIS, the National Training Information Service
  • VET, Vocational Education and Training
  • NCVER, the National Centre for Vocational Education Research
  • ACPET, Australian Council for Private Education and Training providers
  • EdNA, the Education Network Australia
  • ACIR, the Australian Career Information Register
  • Skills Victoria, Australia

MedEntry complies with:

  • AQTF, the Australian Qualifications and Training Framework.

MedEntry is therefore like a university or school in terms of the standards it has to meet.

MedEntry UMAT Prep is an initiative which was made possible as a result of generous support from The Foundation for Young Australians.

Foundation for Young Australians

The aim is to enhance youth participation and create opportunities for the development of young people. Specifically MedEntry aims to help young people keen to pursue a career in the health sciences, especially those who are traditionally under-represented.

MedEntry UMAT Preparation is the only provider whose students have benefited from funding through the Commonwealth Departments of Education and Health.

Our Results

Our Results

Our success rate is outstanding. A survey of a random sample of students who have been through our full training program showed that 92% were offered interviews, and 88% were offered places in one or more medical schools. Feedback statistics show that 99.1% of our customers would recommend MedEntry’s services to their friends. Here at MedEntry UMAT Prep, our reputation is based on results. Over 95% of our students come through word-of-mouth referrals.

From an independent analysis of the MedEntry UMAT Course: “UMAT is indeed an exam that you can study for, and the MedEntry course will more than likely improve a participant's score” (in 'Can you be coached for med school?', Australian Doctor, 1 September 2014, pages 37-39).

Many of our students are children, siblings, relatives, friends, students, mentees, patients or family friends of our past students. We are very proud of this long term family relationship we have with our students. Our past students are so satisfied with our service that they turn into fans and talk about us!

MedEntry is by far the most popular choice for UMAT test takers in Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. Most medical school students have completed the MedEntry UMAT coaching. In top performing selective and private schools such as James Ruse, Sydney Grammar, King's School and Melbourne High School, almost all medical school aspirants complete the MedEntry course.

Many MedEntry UMAT students go on to achieve perfect scores in year 12. In fact, most students who obtain perfect year 12 scores and want to pursue medicine/health sciences have been through MedEntry's UMAT coaching.

Because most students who prepare for UMAT do MedEntry and most students who get into Medical schools do MedEntry, you will be able to compare your performance with the best students in Australasia. You will also be able to interact with the best students on MedEntry Forums, during the workshop etc. When you do MedEntry, you can be confident that you are learning with the best students in Australasia. MedEntry is considered by far the best UMAT Preparation course by medical students, teachers, doctors, parents and health professionals.

Distribution of UMAT percentile scores for last year


The above data is based on the students who held the Platinum package (our most popular package). The results for the Distance package students are slightly lower, whereas the results for Diamond students are slightly better.


If you think of UMAT, think MedEntry !

Please ensure you read ‘Truths about UMAT Prep before you engage the services of any UMAT Prep organisation.

Please click here to view the message to parents.

Please click here to view UMAT endorsements by students, parents and teachers.

Please read the following articles under FAQ:

Our Sponsors

The MedEntry UMAT Prep team wishes to thank The Foundation for Young Australians for their generous financial support. Without this support, MedEntry UMAT Prep would not be able to offer the discount for disadvantaged students.

Foundation for Young Australians

MedEntry promotes the following organisations by way of scholarship arrangements, or support; or wishes to thank them, among others, for their offer of support in kind.

Holistic Health House


Muscular Dystrophy Australia

MedEntry also thanks the following organisations for their support, through sponsorships:

  • Australian Scholarship Trust
  • Asia Pacific Health Administrator’s Network
  • Premier Educational Supplies
  • Phoenix School Supplies
  • Ace Tutoring Services
  • Post-Secondary Institutions of Australia and New Zealand
  • Health Professionals Association of the Asia-Pacific
  • Association of Test Design and Administration Professionals

While they are numerous people who contribute to our products and services in various ways, we wish to particularly thank the following professional consultants:

  • Dr John Frewin MBBS, FRACGP
  • Dr Christopher Chan MB BS WA, FRANZCP
  • Dr David Weber MSc (JCU), PhD(Adel)
  • Dr Catherine Owens MB ChB Auck, DipRACOG, FRACGP
  • Dr Lawrence Walker MB ChB CapeT, MPH, FAAP, FAFPHM, FRACP
  • Dr Peter Hamilton BSc(Hons) Qld, DipEd Qld, DPhil Camb
  • Dr Simon Richardson MB BS UNSW, FACRRM
  • Mr David Harris MB BS Mon, FRACS, FANZCA
  • Dr Raj Thallur MBBS, PGDMLS UniSA
  • Dr Alan Oates FRANZCOG, DDU
  • Dr Philip Penfold MB BS Syd, MD Qld, FRACP FFPMANZCA
  • Dr Tim Webster MB BS, DPM Lond, PhD N’cle, FRANZCP
  • Ms Theresa Dixon BMedSci (Hons)

MedEntry Courses are/were held at:

Victoria University Melbourne RMIT University Melbourne University of Technology Sydney Macquarie University Sydney
Melbourne High School Geelong Grammar School St Joseph's College Mildura Newcastle Grammar School
Monash University Queensland University of Technology The School For Excellence The University Of Sydney
Girton Grammar Bendigo University of Southern Queensland University of Melbourne University of Adelaide
Australia National University Canberra Rockhampton Grammar School Brisbane Girls Grammar School Blackfriars Priory School
James Cook University, Cairns University of New South Wales Charles Darwin University St John's College Dubbo
University of Tasmania, Launceston The Friends School, Hobart St Philip's College Alice Springs Griffith College Dublin
University of Auckland Otago Polytechnic Christchurch Boys High School Victoria University Wellington
Cork Institute of Technology National College of Ireland, Dublin Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology Cork College of Further Education
Menlo Park Hotel and Conference Center Galway Melbourne Girls Grammar School Mount Scopus Memorial College University of South Australia
University of Newcastle University of New England Charles Gairdner Hospital Ipswich Girls Grammar
Otago Museum St Philip's Christian College, Newcastle Hale School Perth Casuarina Senior College
Auckland University of Technology Dublin City University Alpha Omega Education Queensland University of Technology
University of Western Sydney La Trobe Univeristy

Our students come from:

Australia Ireland New Zealand Austria Bahrain Bangladesh
Belgium Bulgaria Canada China Cyprus Denmark
England Fiji Finland France Germany Ghana
Greece Hong Kong India Indonesia Italy Malaysia
Myanmar Nepal Northern Ireland Norway Pakistan Poland
Qatar Saudi Arabia Scotland Singapore South Africa South Korea
Spain Sri Lanka Sweden Switzerland Taiwan United Arab Emirates
Uganda United States of America Wales

Our Facts & Figures

Number of health professionals MedEntry has helped achieve their goals: 20,000+

Number of schools that recommend MedEntry: 2500+

Number of schools that have an in-house UMAT program run by MedEntry: 16

Number of MedEntry students who have obtained 100th percentile in UMAT: 600+

Number of years of combined UMAT teaching experience by our lecturers: 90+

Number of years MedEntry has been assisting medical school aspirants: 25+

Number of doctors/dentists/nurses/health professionals who recommend MedEntry: 25,000+

Number of media appearances featuring MedEntry: 17

Number of UMAT Courses run by MedEntry: 730+

Number of Medical Interview Courses run by MedEntry: 340+

Number of UMAT practice questions available to MedEntry students: 15 000+

Number of hours of UMAT preparation available to students of MedEntry: 700+

Number of pages of UMAT guides available to MedEntry students: 450+

Number of full length exams offered by MedEntry: 17

Number of cities and towns in which MedEntry runs courses: 36

Percentage of students who are satisfied with MedEntry UMAT courses: 99.6% see this comparison table

Percentage of students who have said they would recommend MedEntry to others: 99.1%

Number of families where at least one child has got into medical school with the help of MedEntry: 15,000+

Number of families where more than child has got into medical school with the help of MedEntry: 3400+

Greatest number of children from one family who got into medical school with the help of MedEntry: 5

Age of oldest student who got into medical school with the help of MedEntry: 57

Age of youngest student who got into medical school with the help of MedEntry: 15

Number of countries where MedEntry runs/ran courses: 5

Number of professors/teachers whose children have attended MedEntry courses: 5000+

Number of scholarships/bursaries awarded to disadvantaged students: 3000+

Equivalent value of bursaries for disadvantaged students awarded by MedEntry so far: over $1.2 million

Number of UMAT Excellence awards awarded by MedEntry: 400+

Number of MedEntry students offered scholarships by universities to study in medical school: 500+

Number of MedEntry students who have obtained 100th percentile in UMAT: over 600

Number of staff employed by MedEntry: 180+

Number of research articles published by MedEntry staff in peer reviewed journals: 70+

Number of Conference presentations by MedEntry staff: 35+

Number of Conferences attended by MedEntry staff: 60+

Number of exams that MedEntry provides preparation for: 1 (we are UMAT specialists – it's all we do, we FOCUS!)

Learning Charter

MedEntry is dedicated to providing the highest quality education accessible to students in a learner-centred environment that promotes individual potential. MedEntry uses adaptive learning software to help students learn. We offer tailored learning experience depending on students skills. We encourage students to become collaborators in their learning allowing them to be more engaged. 

Our Commitments

We are committed to providing learners with:

  • Accessible, quality education at a time and pace that suits the learner’s situation and aspirations
  • Offer latest adaptive learning technologies rather than a 'one-size-fits-all' teaching approach
  • A learning environment and resources that support and stimulate learners and enables them to realise their full potential
  • An environment that promotes continuous improvement
  • Courses of the highest quality
  • Accurate information about all programmes and expectations
  • Assessment of learning that is fair, valid and timely
  • The opportunity to evaluate teaching and programmes in confidence
  • A skilled, qualified and supportive faculty and staff who will treat all learners with courtesy and respect and be responsive to learner needs and concerns
  • A fair and consistent enforcement of all college rules and regulations
  • A healthy and safe environment that promotes a positive learning experience

Our Expectations

We expect students to:

  • Take charge of your own learning and produce work to the best of your ability
  • Participate actively in all learning situations
  • Make effective use of the facilities and services provided and plan your use of resources in a responsible and considerate way
  • Comply with assessment regulations and use assessment feedback to inform your continued learning
  • Identify problems and concerns and address them to the appropriate people in a timely and constructive manner
  • Treat all members of the MedEntry community with courtesy and respect
  • Have an awareness of the impact that your behaviour can have on other learners
  • Act in a manner that promotes, supports and respects the rights of fellow students, faculty and staff to a safe and supportive learning environment
  • Abide by all MedEntry rules and regulations

In support of our commitment to continuous quality improvement, we provide a range of feedback mechanisms to students in relation to all aspects of the learning experience. We encourage students to use the feedback channels to tell us about their views and concerns. On our part we pledge to listen to all feedback carefully and to use it constructively in planning forward.