Our Credentials

Our Credentials

MedEntry is a Division of the Australian & New Zealand Institute of Education (ANZIE), a Government Accredited Institution which provides educational services for those making the transition between secondary and tertiary education. MedEntry is accredited by the International Test Training Accreditation Council.

MedEntry is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), its Australian national registration number is 21914. Hence MedEntry is the only UCAT training institution which is entitled to use ".edu." rather than ".com." for its website domain, much like a university.

MedEntry is licensed and audited by:

  • ANTA, the Australian National Training Authority
  • VRQA, the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority
  • ASQA, Australian Skills Quality Authority
  • OTTE, the Office of Tertiary Training and Education
  • DE&T, the Department of Education and Training

MedEntry is recognised by:

  • NTIS, the National Training Information Service
  • VET, Vocational Education and Training
  • NCVER, the National Centre for Vocational Education Research
  • ACPET, Australian Council for Private Education and Training providers
  • EdNA, the Education Network Australia
  • ACIR, the Australian Career Information Register
  • Skills Victoria, Australia

MedEntry complies with:

  • AQTF, the Australian Qualifications and Training Framework.

MedEntry is therefore like a university or school in terms of the standards it has to meet. We are also the only provider whose students have benefited from funding through the Commonwealth Departments of Education and Health.