Our Expertise

Our Expertise

We are doctors & academics

MedEntry is the only UCAT preparation organisation run by specialist, practicing doctors and academics. Our experience and expertise in test development, measurement and analysis is unrivalled. Because we attend international conferences related to medical selection and item design, we have developed an intimate understanding of UCAT, medical interviews and medical entry in Australia. We can therefore provide you with insider information to help you gain an advantage over other candidates.

We are an organisation committed to helping students enter health science courses such as medicine. We have used our collective knowledge of entrance procedures (such as the UCAT) and the health profession to create a comprehensive curriculum. This internationally trusted program has been remarkably successful in helping students achieve their goals.

We've been around for about 20 years

We have been training students for entrance exams for about 20 years: far longer than any other preparation program.

Our ongoing status as the most popular UCAT preparation problem is a reflection of the high esteem in which we are held by our students. Educational organisations such as MedEntry only thrive when students find them helpful and productive.

Expert facilitators 

Our lecturers are not ordinary doctors or academics; they are the best of the best. MedEntry lecturers have excelled across their careers, including obtaining 100th percentile in medical entry aptitude tests, scholarships to study medicine, medals in specialist fellowship examinations, and being published in high impact, peer-reviewed, medical and educational journals. Our lecturers have each guided over 10,000 students through the medical entry process over a period of two decades. When you enrol with MedEntry, you can be sure you are being taught by the best.

Our primary lecturer Dr Edward is an academic with over thirty years of experience teaching in Australian universities. He has published several articles on educational research, delivered numerous papers/keynote addresses at several international Teaching and Learning Conferences. He has received numerous awards for teaching excellence. He has a long-standing interest in Psychometric measurement and spent time at educational research institutes such as the ETS (Princeton, USA), NFER (Slough, UK), and EAA (UNSW, Australia). Ed also lectured at several universities in various countries such as Brazil, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, USA and UK. He has been a Consultant and an Expert Witness for several organisations.

Dr Edward has been training students for tests such as the UCAT for over two decades. Among his successful students include his own children, both of whom were offered places in all medical schools in Australia and were awarded the Monash Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement (awarded to the best incoming student each year). They also received numerous other awards, accolades and achievements such as the "Youth of the Year" (State winners & National Finalists in 2001 and 2003); Premier's Awards; Australian Students Prizes for Excellence; School Captains of Selective Entry Schools; Academic rank of 99.9; "Achiever of the Year" (awarded for the most outstanding co-curricular and community involvement to a Year 13 student each year); Gold Medals in the University of NSW International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS); numerous awards for excellence in public speaking; Caltex Best All-rounder Awards; State level Debaters; perfect scores in UCAT; graduation in Medicine with First Class Honours etc.

They are not only the youngest doctors to be accepted into the training programs of the most competitive of medical specialties, but have also won medals for obtaining the top score in the country in the specialist training theory and clinical exams held by Royal Colleges (eg., see RACP News, Vol 32, No 2, April 2012, p27). His daughter won an unprecedented three medals in the nationwide Fellowship exams ('The Mole' ACD Issue 102, Spring 2014, p 8, 18; Health Link, Dec 2014 Issue 19, p 14). They are both currently working as Consultant Specialists. Dr Edward will aim to pass on to you the advice he gave his children which contributed to their unparalleled success. Dr Edward comes from a family of 28 doctors over four generations.

Dr Edward is a member of International Society for Intelligence Research, International Test Commission and an invited member of numerous professional organisations related to psychometric, educational, aptitude and personality testing. He is also Practice Manager of a Medical Centre and has a wide knowledge of the health profession and health-related issues.

Other lecturers who runs the MedEntry UCAT courses have similar background and expertise.