Outstanding Services

Outstanding Services

UCAT Specialists

MedEntry specialises in UCAT preparation - it’s the only thing we do!
We can therefore focus on providing our students with the most up-to-date, focussed and quality preparation.

This is unlike many other companies, which offer UCAT preparation as an additional extra.

Learning Innovators

Since its inception two decades ago, MedEntry has been the leader in providing innovative and engaging learning resources for our students.

We are the only UCAT preparation organisation which provides a dedicated Smartphone App, allowing you to access your UCAT resources anywhere, any time and any place.

Our IT engineers have created exclusive skills trainers which you will not find on any other UCAT platform. These trainers are available for each cognitive subtest, and make preparing for UCAT engaging, enjoyable and efficient.

MedEntry has the most advanced online learning platform, which uses Personalised Adaptive Technology (PAL) to provide students with individualised UCAT training.

Engaging Workshops

Our professionally run workshops have become famous over the years for their engaging, inspiring and motivating nature.

At MedEntry, we are passionate about "impart[ing] the learning skills that students take with them for life", with training "geared towards making you a better person, with better reasoning and problem-solving skills, and emotional intelligence" (FOCUS, the Australian Doctor magazine, April 2005, page 23). That’s why you’ll find many reviews stating that our workshops are life-changing!

Obsession with Perfection

MedEntry has an obsession with quality and a commitment to excellence. All resources and questions are rigorously tested, original, and accompanied by detailed solutions, including video solutions.

Resources are delivered on a UCAT platform that exactly replicates the live UCAT, in every major and minor detail. No other preparation organisation provides the same standard of quality.

Best Reviews

But don’t just take our word for it - we encourage you to ask others about MedEntry, including teachers, current medical students, doctors and past students at your school. Understand why they chose MedEntry for their medical entry journey. You can also hear from past students here.

And don’t forget to check out the hundreds of five star reviews posted on platforms such as Google and Facebook! MedEntry has an average review score of 4.8 from over 1500 reviews.


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