How Will UCAT ANZ 2022 be Delivered?

How Will UCAT ANZ 2022 be Delivered?

1 year ago by Rob

With the continued COVID-19 pandemic, you may be wondering, how will UCAT ANZ 2022 be delivered?


How did UCAT ANZ 2021 take place?

Last year, UCAT proceeded mostly as normal. Candidates sat UCAT as planned, in testing centres, during the months of July and August.

There were some additional precautions taken by Pearson VUE relating to hygiene measures and social distancing. Candidates in some states had to wear face masks while sitting their UCAT test.


How will UCAT 2022 be delivered?

Given government regulations regarding COVID-19 have been relaxed, it is very unlikely there will be any disruptions to UCAT 2022. UCAT will be delivered as planned, at testing centres, from 1 July to 12 August 2022.


What precautions will be taken regarding COVID-19?

Pearson VUE has adopted various measures at testing centres globally to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission, including:

  • Having a ‘Fit to Test’ policy. This means excluding candidates who have, are suspected to have, or are at risk of having COVID-19. If you are not fit to test you must reschedule your appointment (even if this involves you paying the test fee again to rebook)
  • Enforcing social distancing measures, where required
  • Making hand sanitiser available to candidates
  • Increasing cleaning and disinfecting regimens in between all UCAT testing appointments

In Australian UCAT testing centres, Pearson VUE has stated that face masks are recommended but not mandatory when sitting the UCAT test.  You will need to take your own mask to the UCAT testing centre if you wish to wear one.

Proof of vaccination is not required.


What should I do now to prepare for UCAT 2022?

Given UCAT 2022 will proceed as normal, you should continue your UCAT preparation!

It is also vital that you look after your physical, mental and emotional health.  

 This includes minimising your chances of contracting COVID-19 by:

  • Keeping your distance from others
  • Washing your hands frequently
  • Seeking advice if you become unwell or have come in contact with anyone with confirmed COVID-19

It also includes:

  • Staying in touch with friends and family (via virtual means if necessary)
  • Eating well, sleeping well and exercising safely and regularly
  • Speaking to someone if you are feeling down or overwhelmed


You can find updates relating to UCAT and COVID-19 at


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