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MedEntry’s highly anticipated, game-changing, brand new UCAT app has just been launched! It is available now on the App Store and Google Play. The MedEntry App allows you to sharpen your UCAT skills on the go, anywhere, any time and on any device! Wherever you are, you can turn a few spare minutes into an opportunity to boost your UCAT score. 

Global leaders in IT, educational technology, design and UCAT have collaborated to create an intuitive, engaging and easy to use UCAT App. The App has been the culmination of years of planning, months of design and weeks of testing.

MedEntry is the only UCAT preparation organisation which provides students with a UCAT App. It is included in all MedEntry UCAT preparation packages.


Why a UCAT App?

Over the past 20 years that MedEntry has been preparing students for entry into medicine, one thing has become clear: those who do a little bit of preparation on a regular basis score the highest. The MedEntry App provides the opportunity to do just this.

Got a spare 30 minutes on the bus or train? Use the App.

Chilling on the couch? Use the App.

Scrolling on your phone before bed? Use the App.

Sitting on the toilet? Why not – use the App!

The reality is, almost all students spend a lot of time using their phone. A UCAT App provides a valuable opportunity to use this time effectively, to boost your UCAT score.


What are the features of the MedEntry UCAT App?

1. All platform features!

The MedEntry App is like having the UCAT Online Learning Platform in your pocket. Use the simple user interface to quickly access skills trainers, the UCAT curriculum and our massive UCAT Question Bank. The MedEntry UCAT App is an intuitive and fun way to boost your UCAT scores.



2. Syncing of scores and stats in real time

The MedEntry App was designed and developed by our team of programmers and UCAT experts.  The App includes every feature from the Online Learning Platform that you use on your computer and it seamlessly links data between the two. That means you can work on any device, with 24-7 access to the most powerful online UCAT preparation tool.


3. Available with all packages

The App is not limited to some packages or some systems.  It’s included in every MedEntry UCAT package and it works on Android and iOS mobiles and tablets.  It’s even available before you buy a package as you can get a sample free trial!

Ralph Waldo Emerson, the American philosopher, abolitionist and poet wrote, “This time, like all times, is a very good one, if we know what to do with it.” If you’re wondering about ‘this time’ and knowing ‘what to do with it’ – then take the opportunity to turn this spare time into additional preparation that could add crucial points to your UCAT score. You won’t find this incredible training tool anywhere else.


Can I try out the app for free?

Yes! You can try out a limited version of the app for free. It includes a full length diagnostic exam with fully worked solutions and analytics, limited QBank and skills trainer access, and more!

The free app trial will sync with the free trial of the MedEntry online platform, so if you already have a free MedEntry account simply use the same details to login.

If you don’t have a MedEntry account yet, don’t worry! Simply download the app from the App Store or Google Play, register an account for free, and you can start preparing via the app!

You can unlock all features of the app by enrolling in a MedEntry package.



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