Preliminary UCAT ANZ 2023 Test Statistics Released!

Preliminary UCAT ANZ 2023 Test Statistics Released!

1 month ago by Chris

UCAT ANZ 2023 preliminary statistics have been released, which will help students to interpret their UCAT 2023 scores.

The UCAT consortium has developed a UCAT score percentile calculator that will help you to convert your UCAT scaled scores into an estimated percentile ranking. The UCAT percentile calculator is expected to be released concurrently with 2023 UCAT ANZ final test statistics.

UCAT 2023 preliminary statistics data is available at:

This UCAT data shows that:

  • Students who achieved an overall scaled score of 2550 were in the 50th percentile. This is an increase of 20 compared to 2022 UCAT ANZ final statistics (2530 to achieve 5th decile in 2022).
  • Knowing this, we expect students will require a score of at least 3000 to achieve 90th percentile, which is generally required for entry into standard undergraduate medical degrees (UCAT scores required are lower for dentistry, rural students, local students, bonded students and those with very high ATARs)
  • The UCAT total cognitive scaled score required to be in the 90th percentile has been gradually increasing:
    • In 2019, you needed 2850 to achieve 90th percentile
    • In 2020, you needed 2920 to achieve 90th percentile
    • In 2021, you needed 2960 to achieve 90th percentile
    • In 2022, you needed 2980 to achieve 90th percentile

This is because medicine is getting more competitive every year, and also reflects the greater preparation by the cohort of UCAT students each year.

  • The median scores have only shown a slight increase over the past four years (2470, 2520, 2520, 2530 and now 2550). This implies that it is getting more competitive at the top end of UCAT scores: this is where the action happens (that is, interview offers are made to this cohort of students)
  • The median score for UCAT Situational Judgement has increased marginally (581 in 2022 and 590 in 2023).
  • Compared to 2022, the median UCAT scores has increased for UCAT Decision Making (640 vs 630) and UCAT Verbal Reasoning (600 vs 580). It has decreased for UCAT Quantitative Reasoning (650 vs 660) and for UCAT Abstract Reasoning (640 vs 650). This is likely to be the result of students' relative effort put into each of these UCAT subtests during their preparation, and also the fact that these UCAT statistics are interim statistics
  • The mean UCAT ANZ 2023 scaled score (total of the cognitive subtests) was 2563 (compared to 2543 in 2022)
  • The mean UCAT Situational Judgement score was 578 and if previous years trends follow, a UCAT Situational Judgement score of about 670 will be equated to the 90th percentile

Final statistics and UCAT percentile calculator relating to performance in UCAT ANZ 2023 is likely to be released in mid-late September.



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