UCAT Tip: Educated Guessing

1 year ago by Robert

UCAT Tip: Educated Guessing in the UCAT

When sitting the UCAT students may face a difficult question that they can’t quite get their head around or they are running out of time and still have some questions they haven’t answered yet. Some people choose to leave the UCAT question blank. This is a problem because there is very little time in the UCAT exam to return to previous UCAT questions and UCAT candidates will often leave a UCAT question so that they can go back to it later but then run out of time. The best thing to do when faced with UCAT questions like this is to make an educated guess.

In the UCAT you will lose marks leaving a question or answering a question incorrectly, but there is a difference between blindly guessing and making an educated guess. An educated guess, is made when you base your choice on some information/knowledge (usually from the information in the question) which means it is more likely to be correct than randomly choosing an answer.

In order to maximise your chances of getting the UCAT question right, there are some strategies to employ while making an educated guess. When trying to figure out an answer to a UCAT multiple choice question with four options, you may be able to immediately eliminate some answers. Guessing among four UCAT answer options is a waste of time – you only have a 25% chance of getting the UCAT question right. If you guess wisely by eliminating some options you could potentially double your chance of choosing the correct UCAT answer. Always try to choose the ‘best’ answer, don’t treat it like a random guessing game.

Don’t think of educated guessing as cheating. Educated guessing is an important skill in tests like the UCAT where timing is particularly difficult to master and can actually be very rewarding if used wisely and an important method for maximising your UCAT score. The MedEntry UCAT Preparation provides students many more important tips and skills like ‘Educated Guessing’ and ‘intelligent guessing’ to help them maximise the effectiveness of their UCAT preparation.