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Have you ever wished you could have a regular UCAT tutor and classmates with whom you could discuss difficult UCAT questions? Or access to a UCAT expert who can answer your UCAT preparation questions on a regular basis? Or maybe you’ve even wished that you could watch a tutor work through a UCAT question live, to show how to actually arrive at the right answer quickly and accurately? If that is true then MedEntry’s online, live-streamed Weekly UCAT Classes are perfect for you. 


When are the UCAT weekly classes?

The UCAT Weekly Classes run for twelve weeks from March to June.  They offer regular preparation in the lead up to UCAT, enabling you to engage in distributed practice, which is the key to UCAT success. The classes will help you peak in your UCAT performance just before sitting the UCAT exam in July/early August.

There are various streams to choose from, allowing you to select the day and time which suits you best for your classes. Each UCAT Weekly Class will run for two and a half hours.


Who teaches the UCAT weekly classes?

Classes are run by an experienced tutor who has achieved the highest possible score in UCAT (99th percentile). UCAT Weekly class facilitators are MedEntry’s top tutors who know every effective strategy, technique and potential hazard, so they are the perfect mentors to help you succeed in the UCAT.


What is taught in the classes?

Your tutor will work through the five sections of the UCAT (UCAT Verbal Reasoning, UCAT Decision Making, UCAT Quantitative Reasoning, UCAT Abstract Reasoning and UCAT Situational Judgement), covering each type of question within each UCAT subtest, demonstrating key UCAT strategies and working through example UCAT questions. Tutors will also discuss how to effectively prepare for UCAT, outline important general strategies to succeed, and provide tips to optimise your performance on UCAT test day. Each weekly class will also have a dedicated Q&A session where you can raise any concerns you have regarding UCAT.

Attending the classes is an ideal way to discuss ideas and UCAT strategies, as well as practically apply them which will help to reinforce your UCAT learning.  After these live classes, you’ll know how to tackle and beat the UCAT.


What if I don’t understand some UCAT questions?

UCAT is not an easy exam, and therefore it is common for students to find it difficult to understand certain UCAT questions. Weekly Classes students have the unique opportunity to nominate UCAT questions that they find difficult for discussion in the Weekly Classes. These questions will be discussed live in the UCAT classes with your tutor, allowing you to ask any questions or clarify any matter, straight away.


What happens if I can’t make a class?

If you can’t attend a class because you have a prior commitment or maybe you’re not well, there is no need to worry that you’ve missed out on that week’s teaching. The UCAT classes are all recorded and available for you to watch at any time.  This means you won’t ever miss out on your UCAT learning.

Even if you were in the UCAT class, you still have access to all recordings and you can go back and watch them as a great way to revise. 


Despite what you might hear from some sources, the most effective way to prepare for UCAT is through regular practice over a period of time. Weekly Classes provide a great way to do this, with weekly homework and revision.

So, if you’re looking for some in-depth help with UCAT questions and concepts, then MedEntry’s UCAT Weekly Classes are for you! Places are strictly limited so enrol now to avoid missing out!



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