Message to Parents

The final years of high school are a stressful and demanding time for your son or daughter, and the need to sit the UMAT and face interviews places additional pressure on them during this time. Therefore, your active involvement in this process is crucial.

You can help your son or daughter in many ways throughout the year.

1. Get them interested

It is important to get your son or daughter motivated and interested in the UMAT at an early stage. Parents are advised to enroll their children into one of our programs as early as possible in Year 11 or 12. Some parents even enroll their children in earlier years! This helps them to become accustomed to UMAT preparation being a part of their studies, and the more practice the better prepared they will be.

This is important because the time pressures of final year of school need to be balanced with UMAT preparation. Further, some skills that the UMAT tests need to be developed over a length of time; it is difficult to ‘cram’ for the UMAT.

It is important that your son or daughter is aware of the crucial importance of the UMAT and interviews – these are more important than ATAR in securing entry to health science courses such as medicine.

2. Choose the best preparation program

Selecting the best preparation course for the UMAT is crucial.

Please ensure you read Truths about UMAT Prep before you purchase.

Our promise to you: Our UMAT Prep team is made up of health professionals and future health professionals. You will one day be our colleagues. We do not believe in making false promises or undermining our integrity; we believe in offering you quality products and effective services. This is our promise to you!

Our quality guarantee: if you are not satisfied with the quality of our products, we will offer you a refund. Also, if you have been to another UMAT course and been disappointed in the quality of their service, we will offer you a free place in our UMAT workshop.

3. Be aware of university admissions requirements

It is important to be aware of the various deadlines to be met and applications to be made throughout the year. Each university has specific requirements for entry, and some can be complex. Missing such a deadline could mean a missed opportunity for a health career.

It is important to contact the admissions officer of each course that your child is interested in. To help this process, you can download our university contacts document from the free downloads page.

Please remember that the time and money you invest during these crucial years are a worthwhile investment in your son or daughter’s future. Having them achieve their goals and enter a secure, prestigious and worthwhile profession is an invaluable gift to give.

From the parents at MedEntry