About the UCAT

About the UCAT


Many of our students mention in their evaluations that they wish they had known about MedEntry UCAT Prep earlier.

We therefore seek your assistance in making Year 12 students aware of the services we provide.

To enable this to occur, it would be much appreciated if you could:

  • Print the pamphlet and post it around the school and/or make it available to students.
  • Provide a link to our website (http://www.medentry.edu.au) from an appropriate section of your school website with the anchor text 'UCAT preparation' (your IT department will be able to advise you regarding this).
  • Place an article in your school newsletter along these lines:
Students interested in pursuing medicine need to sit the UCAT in July. MedEntry is an internationally trusted, government accredited Registered Training Organisation specialising in UCAT preparation. You will be taught by specialist Doctors. MedEntry offers discounts of up to 30% for groups, and numerous scholarships. For more information, please visit http://www.medentry.edu.au