Student Reviews

Student Reviews

Jodie Ralph
Successful MedEntry Student, and parent


I am delighted to offer positive feedback to Medentry.

When I finally got onto the UAC site at about 9:30pm last night I was amazed to see that I had received my first preference - Medicine at Newcastle! I am going to be a doctor! The MedEntry course was my primary preparation for both the
test and the interviews, and it definitely was worth it. Being a pregnant at home mum with 2 kids (the third arrived two weeks after the test) I was not able to attend the two day sessions, so I bought the distance learning option. It worked perfectly for someone in my situation.

Thank you Medentry. I have recommended you on the [name deleted] forum, so hope other people who take the effort to prepare, do well.


Ann Banh

Successful MedEntry Student

I would like to thank the whole team at Medentry for your advice and assistance that has led to my recent success. I was fortunate enough to get four offers for medicine: James Cook University, University of New South Wales, University of Melbourne and a late round offer at University of Sydney!!!

I must say, your prep course was superb!!! The guides were very comprehensive, easy to understand and easy to apply!!! I especially liked your interview guide as it was very up-to-date and very helpful when it came to the real thing!!! Let me also praise your practice exams. They were quite challenging and closely resembled the real test!!!


I really can't thank you enough!!!

From a very happy customer

[Ann is now studying medicine]

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Alex Dorrington
Successful MedEntry Student

Thanks almost entirely to your training I now have a place in medicine at the University of Queensland (my first preference being a Queenslander). Before I went to your workshop I thought the test was a one where nobody could gain an advantage through training. How wrong I was!

Your program was excellent because it exposed me to the exact types of questions that I would face in all sections in the test and gave valuable strategies to tackle the different questions. The LMS is an outstanding innovation which enabled me to properly prepare for the big day by doing practice exams whilst placing myself under time pressure. My percentiles in the test were:

Section 1 - 92% Section 2 - 83% Section 3 - 94%

I give you entire credit for my Section 3 mark as this was by far my weakest area initially. These results got me interviews at Newcastle and Monash. Thanks to your interview guide I was able to impress the interviewers by telling them exactly what they wanted to hear and consequently I also received a first round offer from Monash University. I want to extend my deepest thanks for your help in getting me into the most competitive field of study in Australian Universities.

Keep up the good work!

[Alex is now studying medicine at Monash University]

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Pallavi Prathivadi
Successful MedEntry Student

Yesterday morning, I received a CSP offer to study medicine at Monash University, my first preference.

I have wanted to become a doctor since I was 10 years old, and MedEntry has helped make my dreams come true!

Your workshop and online materials prepared me wonderfully for the test. I took extensive notes from Dr Edward's lessons at the workshop, and read them every night for a few months.

I completed every practice exam and drill I found on the LMS, and reviewed the solutions frequently.

By December, I received interviews from University of New South Wales, University of Western Sydney, University of Adelaide, Monash University and University of Newcastle. I was only required to attend three of these.

The practice Monash interview conducted was absolutely superb, and I made sure to follow all suggestions and tips during my own interview at Monash.

I cannot describe the joy and excitement I was feeling yesterday morning, and I owe so much of it to MedEntry.

I will recommend MedEntry to everyone who wants to study medicine; all the emails I sent to MedEntry were answered within three days, I got lovely calls before and after my interviews, and most importantly, they definitely know what they're doing.

Thank you so much for everything!

[Pallavi is now studying medicine]

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Benjamin Ho
Successful MedEntry Student

Thank you MedEntry for your great program. I was one of many people who sat the test believing that you could not prepare or study for it, and inevitably I received less than satisfactory results. Being recommended the program from friends, I decided to do the MedEntry course before sitting the test again the following year and the results were telling.

My scores for every section went up significantly because MedEntry was able to provide me with concise and detailed techniques in approaching all problems presented. The analytical skills taught are not only useful for the test, but have helped me in most exam situations. The section III guide was outstanding, and my weakness in my previous year had become my strength.

Thank you for all your help MedEntry, I would strongly recommend this program to anyone preparing for the test.

[Benjamin is now studying medicine]

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Siobhan Muthiah
Successful MedEntry Student

I just received my results today, and my percentile for Section 1 was 86, Section 2 was 66, and Section 3 was 98. I have to say that I have made a dramatic improvement from my 2004 results, as my percentiles for Section 1, 2 and 3 were 30, 49 and 58 respectively.

Despite having done a prep course in 2004, I was still unable to develop sufficient time management skills, and consequently my marks suffered. I would like to thank you for the excellent materials that you provided me this year and the informative 2 day workshop which gave me the confidence and preparation I needed to tackle the test. I was able to finish Section 1, solely due to the time constraints I placed on myself whilst doing your practice exams.

The questions were actually very similar to the ones on the test, and one of the shapes questions were identical to the one provided in your booklet. This really helped me with the timing of section 3 and gave me more of a chance to go back over questions I wasn't sure of. I would gladly recommend your course to anyone, as it was thanks to you that I was able to improve my scores.

[Siobhan is now studying medicine]

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Justin Huang
Successful MedEntry Student

I have received even more good news and would like to share it with you. I was offered a place in the Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the University of Adelaide! In the first round I was offered a place in Pharmacy at Monash University which was my second choice. I was very happy with this, however I simply cannot describe the feeling I got when I was offered my first choice, Dentistry. It is clear that my score, and the interview advice which Dr  Edward  provided, pulled me through and above other applicants who had a higher TER than myself.

My ENTER score (VIC) was 94.70
My test percentile was 90

Two other students aiming for dentistry at the University of Adelaide who achieved ENTER scores in the high 98s were in fact ranked bellow me. As they had lower test scores than mine, this clearly shows how important the test is, and I shall be emphasising this to my school's careers counsellor. Many of my fellow school friends who also attended the MedEntry process achieved high test scores and are doing Medicine or Dentistry. In fact, our school's top 5 test scorers all attended MedEntry's program.

So once again, thank you for your help and advice.

[Justin is now studying dentistry at the University of Adelaide]

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Katie Bishop
Successful MedEntry Student

The products supplied by your company have been a huge help in preparing me for the test and have also given me more confidence for future interviews. Without this package I feel that I would have never achieved the score I did as I would have had no idea as to the format of the entire process. The advice supplied throughout the duration of my preparation and the follow - up that has been received has been outstanding and I have found it both encouraging and comforting.

As I have only been in Australia for a year after moving from the UK, I had little to no idea how things worked regarding entry into university and the process that had to be undertaken in order to complete the necessary steps in achieving my goals. My test score, thanks to this package, has helped me to get where I want to be. My overall percentile was 257. This was made up of

Section one: 90%, Section two: 97% and Section three: 70%. I really enjoyed my time preparing for this course mainly because of the easy to follow and understandable guides.

Thank you again for all your help.

[Katie is now studying medicine]

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Elise Marie de Romas
Successful MedEntry Student

I would have to say the practice test helped me a lot. It helped prepare one for the actual tests, as the questions were extremely similar. It was as if I'd seen them before. It helped me a lot with the shapes, as I had been extremely bad with these on the practice test.

The techniques really helped me answer the questions. With the interview, MedEntry was extremely helpful as well, as the questions were ones I had already endeavoured to answer in my practice interview. The exact same questions were asked. The practice interview truly prepared me, and dispelled nervousness.

[Elise is now studying medicine]

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Successful MedEntry Student

My percentiles were 99, 98, 98 for the three booklets and I have to say that I give you almost entire credit for those scores! Following your workshop I completed about 8 of your practice papers and they were an immense help. I will most certainly be recommending you to anyone who is going to sit the test and have already done so. Also I found the explanations in the answers very helpful. I found your papers very helpful and appropriate to the standard of the test, so thank you very much for your help.

Apart from Melbourne, I was also offered a place to study medicine at Queensland and Newcastle.

Thank you!

[Felicity is now studying medicine]

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Elizabeth Paratz
Successful MedEntry Student

I am very elated and can't wait for the year to begin! I got offers for UNSW, Adelaide and Melbourne [medicine].

I found your course excellent, particularly in regards to Section 1. The 10 practice exams were a great help.

Your excellent products and course definitely helped me get my results (100, 98, 79), which in turn got me interviews and took a lot of the stress off end-of-year exams.

Thank you so much for your great course, materials and support; your course was great, and I think it really lifted my score and helped ease my nerves and prepare me for the test.

[Elizabeth is now studying medicine]

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Nina Parthasarathy
Successful MedEntry Student

I found the Med-Entry material very useful in my preparation for the test. A lot of the stuff was quite similar to the questions that actually appeared on the test and having practiced on the various types of questions provided by the Med-Entry team in the form of several practice exams made the actual test a less daunting and more successful experience.

The Med-Entry team were very professional and well-presented during the workshop but also very approachable. I felt completely comfortable asking them about any questions I had in the lead-up to the test, as they were always friendly and helpful. I think the experience of the Med-Entry team and the material provided maximised my performance in the test and was a significant factor in me receiving places in medical schools all around Australia!

[Nina is now studying medicine]

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Jonathan Emerson
Successful MedEntry Student

I just want to say a very big thank you for all of your help over the past year. It was my second attempt at the exam, however my first attempt with preparation from MedEntry - and without all the prep from the course, I definitely wouldn't have been as confident during the exam.

I ended up getting scores/percentiles of:
S1- 57/84
S2- 53/71
S3- 81/100

Thus I obtained interviews for Medicine at the University of Western Sydney and the University of Newcastle (a feat I never thought I could achieve) - and I'm very grateful for the interview preparation that you also provided. I was offered a CSP place for Medicine at UWS - and I thankyou so very much for all of the excellent drills and exams you provided online, the weekend preparation course, and all of the interview preparation material.

[Jonathan is now studying medicine]

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Nobia Abidi
Successful MedEntry Student

Firstly I'd like to give a special thank you to the whole MedEntry team, without the resources and support of the MedEntry forums I don’t think I would be where I am now. The products and services of MedEntry helped me immensely with prep and especially interview prep.

With all your help I've been able to secure a place within Monash MBBS. Once again a hearty thank you goes to you, Dr Edward  for giving us excellent preparation during the two day lecture and again the MedEntry team for providing such extensive resources.

[Nobia is now studying medicine]

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Prenali Desai
Successful MedEntry Student

These are my 2005 results that I achieved after training with you (S1 95 (64); S2 94 (63); S3 100 (88)). Thanks to your wonderful course, they are much better than I hoped for. As a New Zealand student I had very little knowledge about the test until I took your training so full credit to you.

[Prenali is now studying medicine]

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Devorah Rosenblum
Successful MedEntry Student

Thanks for all your preparatory help. I found your practice exams very helpful, as well as your service - I could email you to ask any questions, and always got a response. The interview guide was also great as it showed me the type of questions asked in the interview, so that I had time to properly think of the answers. Nothing was asked that wasn't in your guide. I was accepted to Monash medicine (my first preference).

My percentiles were 98 90 93. Thanks for all your test prep and interview help!

[Devorah is now studying medicine]

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Lilian Downie
Successful MedEntry Student

Thanks for the great course and info. The practice exams were particularly useful; they made a huge difference to my performance. My results were as follows; section one 99, section two 95 and section three 89. The interview booklet was also helpful, mostly for the bits that gave you a hint at the questions they might ask at each place. I received places at all the universities I applied for! UNSW, Monash, Tasmania and Adelaide.

Thanks so much for the great course!!!

[Lilian is now studying medicine]

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Perveen Aslam
Successful MedEntry Student

The practice papers and guides were really helpful particularly with section 3 and section 1 of the test. It also helped to do your practice papers in advance because it better helped me manage my time effectively especially in section 1. The interview guide was good because most of the questions asked at the interview were incredibly similar to the sample questions in the guide so the questions didn't throw me off as much. Overall it was all very helpful, I would recommend the course to others.

[Perveen is now studying medicine]

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Tim Wittick
Successful MedEntry Student

Thanks for the many emails you’ve sent. I've always found them really friendly and it's been nice to receive them after completing the different stages of the long process in trying to get into med.

I think the 10 practice exams were just fantastic - exam layout was a great way to prepare, I feel the questions were of good difficulty (the harder the better) and overall I feel they helped me improve my performance.

With regard to your interview prep guide, it was fantastic, very comprehensive.

Thanks again!

[Tim is now studying medicine]

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Amrita Varma
Successful MedEntry Student

I'd like to thank you for the excellent support that MedEntry provided me for the test - I think what you guys are doing is incredibly worthwhile and helpful to anyone doing the test.

I got into my first preference, which was Medicine at Monash Uni, so I'm really happy, and I hope you guys give yourselves enough credit!

[Amrita is now studying medicine]

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Mandy Ren
Successful MedEntry Student

I'm really excited to be studying medicine (CSP and unbonded ) at Melbourne uni next year!!! I was also accepted by UNSW to study Medicine (CSP and unbonded). Thankyou for all your help during the year, it was crucial in helping me get into my dream course. I would recommend your products to anybody and everybody! I wish you all the success in the future!

[Mandy is now studying medicine]

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Georgina Alexander
Successful MedEntry Student

I want to thank all of you for the great resources, advice, and support you gave me last year in my preparation for the test. I'm really happy to say that I received two first round offers into health science courses of my choice at my two preferred Universities and I don't think I could have done it without your help! I've been offered a place in Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery at the University of Tasmania, which is great especially since they were only taking a half intake this year!

Thanks again for all of your help!

[Georgina is now studying medicine]

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Meagan Inglis
Successful MedEntry Student

Thanks so much for the fantastic course you provide - I found it to be enormously useful preparation for the test. The practice exams and the shapes quizzes were great preparation, and definitely helped me achieve my results of 98, 97 and 96 for the respective sections of the exam. As a result of your help I've received interviews at Monash, Adelaide and Newcastle!

[Meagan is now studying medicine]

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Blair York
Successful MedEntry Student

Just a quick note to say that your product is awesome and resulted in me being offered a spot at Otago Medical School. So thank you and I will be singing your praises over here!

[Blair is now studying medicine]

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Elif Durur
Successful MedEntry Student

I found that the preparation course was very beneficial - but mainly for boosting one’s self confidence. I enjoyed going to the actual workshop, as it was fascinating to see how other people thought and came about deciding on their own answers. I personally feel that I gained the most out of your Prep Course in Section 3. I was surprised to find, that even though I had some difficulty with the type two shapes questions that in the actual exam they seemed to just jump out at me. A pleasant surprise! I think that the interview guide you provided will help people not just for interviews involving medicine but interviews in general. Is great the way you re-examine your own thought process.

Overall I found that the course was very beneficial, and I would have no hesitation in suggesting it to others. The most useful aspects I found were the section three practice questions, and the ability to do the test in a timed environment. Being able to attend the workshop highlighted different approaches to answering questions, and the interview guide is defiantly a tool everyone should have.

[Elif is now studying medicine]

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Katherine Downe
Successful MedEntry Student

I’ve been really happy with all the services that MedEntry have provided. I was particularly impressed with the way the MedEntry team have been happy to answer any questions so punctually in such a friendly manner. The test is a very hard examination and the LMS program prepares you very well. The shape drills enable you to improve in Section 3 immensely and I found having access to the answers for the exams you have previously attempted really helpful because you can look back at the questions you found difficult. The MedEntry workshop had a friendly atmosphere and was very informative. The practise examination gives you a good indication of what it will be like sitting the test. I would highly recommend MedEntry as they helped me obtain the results I’m really happy with.

Thank you MedEntry and all the best for everyone sitting the test in the future.

[Katherine is now studying medicine]

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Aaron Ooi
Successful MedEntry student

Doing both your interview and test prep programmes, I managed to obtain a place doing medicine at the University of Auckland. The trial papers were
great and my practice interviewer was awesome as she answered my questions perfectly. Many thanks for everything!

[Aaron is now studying medicine at Auckland University]

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Ahmer Hameed
Successful MedEntry Student

Thankyou very much for all your help this year in helping me gain admission into medicine. I have received CSP (unbonded) offers for UNSW, UWA and UTas medicine, as a 'non-standard' applicant. Last year I was unsuccessful in gaining a place after a score of 168. Your course helped me increase that score to 190 this year!

[Ahmer is now studying medicine]

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Binula Wickramarachchi
Successful MedEntry Student

I am happy to tell you that I have been offered to study medicine at Auckland University and University of Tasmania. I am very thankful to MedEntry in all their support. Everything from test preparation to Interview feedback, I have found MedEntry to be amazingly useful in getting me through. 

Regarding the interview feedback session, my interviewer was really helpful in identifying my weak points. She told me exactly what I was doing wrong, how I could fix it and gave me invaluable tips I could use in my interview. She also told me of my strong points and how I could improve them even further which I also found very useful. I found going through each question and my answer to it was really helpful, especially in dealing with the details of my answers. What was covered in the feedback session I believe was invaluable. I was told many things I hadn't even considered and I owe much of my Auckland interview success to MedEntry. I am greatly thankful for her help and commend MedEntry on their effort at helping students.

[Binula is now studying medicine at the University of Auckland]

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Kevin Rajakariar
Successful MedEntry Student

I just wanted to say thanks for creating such a great course as I highly benefited from it. I got an offer for Medicine at Monash with a 271, which was a score of 183, an ENTER of 96.55, and apparently a great interview! Yet again thankyou for everything, I'll definitely recommend MedEntry to everyone considering sitting for the test. Best of luck with your future students, hope they keep your reputation as high as it has been in previous years!

[Kevin is now studying medicine]

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Kate Rotchester
Successful MedEntry Student

I received an offer for my first preference of Physiotherapy at Monash University.

I finished year 12 in 2002 with an enter or 82.05. I wanted to study Physiotherapy, but didn’t have the score and thought I never would, so I tried architecture which I hated. 

The following year I decided that one day I would be a Physio so started to take the steps to get there. I did one year of exercise science at VU, and applied for physio everywhere and missed out. 

I was going to defer, but decided to have one last shot. I did 2nd year OT, with a D average and MedEntry platinum package, which I studied and studied and studied, and had the weekend school with MedEntry which was great.

I got a test score that was enough for an interview which I used MedEntry to fully prepare. I aced the interview and I offered them a list of my references at the end and one said to me 'We cannot accept any documents but don’t worry, your presence here has been more than enough.'

I was quietly confident I would get a place, and I did, CSP! I know its not med, but it was my dream and I would have NEVER been able to do it without MedEntry. With practice I went from getting 20% on shapes to getting 80% in my percentile which was a big achievement. Thanks MedEntry!!!

[Kate is now studying physiotherapy]

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Emma Rogan
Successful MedEntry Student

I am very happy that the year of hard work with the test prep and VCE has all paid off and I received an offer to study Dental Science at Melbourne Uni. 

I'd like to say a big thank you to you. I know that I was able to maximize my score thanks to the training sessions and online practice exams. I gained a lot of knowledge to help me with the test, and many of the strategies you taught actually helped me in my other studies and, I believe, will come in handy for the rest of my life. I went to the training knowing very little about the test and naively thinking I would be fine without it, but came out with a lot more knowledge and being truly grateful I attended.

I was very pleased with my results. I received :- Section 1: 77(%99) Section 2: 63(%96) Section 3: 62(%93), with an overall percentile of 99. 

My score earned me many interviews all over the country. I was offered Dental interviews at Griffith University, University of Adelaide and University of Western Australia. I attended the Griffith and Adelaide interviews. I was also offered Medicine interviews at UNSW, University of Western Sydney, University of Newcastle, Monash University, University of Adelaide and University of Western Australia. I attended the Monash and UNSW interviews. 

The start of this year has been very exciting as I received offers to study Medicine at UNSW and The University of Tasmania. I also received offers to study dentistry at Griffith and Melbourne (all CSP). 

As Dental Science at Melbourne Uni was my first preference I was absolutely ecstatic. I'm sure I was accepted because of my test score, so I once again thank you for the brilliant preparation you provided. 

[Emma is now studying dental science at Melbourne University]

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Ben Wood
Successful MedEntry Student

I received two first round offers for the course at the universities which I selected as my first choice, that is, medicine at both UTAS and Monash through VTAC.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance throughout the year. I feel that the assistance provided by the MedEntry team gave me a definite edge over my peers who didn't complete such a course.  Moreover, the interview preparation was invaluable as I enjoyed the interview and wasn't 'snookered' by the panel's questions.

[Ben is now studying medicine]

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Nandini Nagasundaram
Successful MedEntry Student

Firstly I’m really excited to tell you THAT I GOT INTO MED AT MONASH!!! First round CSP offer!!! I am THRILLED!!! But I’ve got to tell you...with an ENTER score of 97.75 I was really doubting I would get into med. But thanks to other things like interview and the test score that they take into consideration...I seemed to have made it.

I am not just saying it...but I really do owe a HELL OF A LOT to you guys at MedEntry...actually I didn’t even know what the test was at the start of 2007...but after attending the workshop and learning all about it online...I was so prepared for the test! I mean...seriously thank you sooo much!! Also all your help for the interview also made me sooo much more prepared and ready to face whatever they threw at me. I learned to be myself and show my positives...I am so thankful for you guys's help. Thanks again!

I hope you continue to help make others' dreams come you did mine! With much gratitude, Nandini.

[Nandini is now studying medicine at Monash University]

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Catherine Bella 
Successful MedEntry Student

I just wanted to thank you and to let you know that I received an offer for my first preference of the Year 12 Provisional entry into medicine at UQ (which I will do as a dual degree Bachelor of Science/ Medicine/ Surgery). 

I was very excited to receive this offer as I have always wanted to go to UQ and it is great that I can stay in Queensland with my family.

I also wanted to thank you so much for your wonderful preparation course for the test. All the online drills, practice exams and hints were so helpful and the two day workshop was fantastic. With a very challenging exam, the service provided by MedEntry definitely prepared me to the best of my ability for the day of the exam.

Thank you again so much for all your help and follow-up.

[Catherine is now studying medicine at the University of Queensland]

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Nivethi Chandramohan
Successful MedEntry Student

I have received offers for medicine at UNSW, Uni of Melbourne, JCU and the Combined Science-Medicine Program at Sydney Uni and I would like to take this opportunity to thank MedEntry for helping me through the test prep stage.  The practice questions provided were very similar to those in the actual test, especially in Section 2.  I am recommending Medentry to all my friends who are interested in pursuing med/dentistry.

Thanks once again.

[Nivethi is now studying medicine]

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Nishanta Tangirala
Successful MedEntry Student

Thankyou for all your help with the test and Interview coaching. I received a first round offer for Medicine at the University of Western Sydney. I was very happy to get a position, and I am looking forward to university.

Also, the university called me the next day and asked me to represent them on television, Channel 10 news, about getting an admission. So from that, I think my interview went well. Haha.

Thankyou again. I am recommending all my younger friends to go through MedEntry.

[Nishanta is now studying medicine at the University of Western Sydney]

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Jane Zhou
Successful MedEntry Student

I wanted to let you know that I received an offer to study medicine at Monash University. Thank you so much for your test and interview prep workshop, I really feel as though it helped me to understand what I was in for and be better prepared to handle everything.

[Jane is now studying medicine]

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Song Chan
Successful MedEntry Student

Thanks very much your help during the year. Without you help, I would have been unable to score the following offers:

University of Auckland Medicine - my most treasured offer!!!
University of Melbourne CSP TRANSFER - I managed to get one of the FIVE
places for transfer possibly thanks to your course in getting me 216 (298
with section one doubled) in the test
Uni of WA CSP

Kindest regards and thank you to all. I'm definitely recommending MedEntry to students a year below me. 

[Song is now studying medicine at Auckland University]

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Kim Van Schijndel
Successful MedEntry Student

How brilliant to hear back from you after the last few months, by showing your interest it tells me your team is truly dedicated to what it stands for. I'm happy to tell you I did get a first round offer into Med at the University of Adelaide. Thank you very much for everything, I found your services very helpful! Couldn't have done it without you!!!

[Kim is now studying medicine at the University of Adelaide]

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Lucy Dang
Successful MedEntry Student

Thank you for all that MedEntry had offered me last year! I was offered a place in medicine to all the universities I interviewed for. I am planning to go to Monash University though since it's closer to home. Not only was the package provided by MedEntry excellent but the interview tips were outstanding and will benefit me for life! Thank you again for all that you have taught me. Joining MedEntry was a worthwhile and enlightening experience!

[Lucy is now studying medicine]

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Brigitte Mol 
Successful MedEntry Student

Thankyou MedEntry... I was offered an unbonded MBBS place at UQ, Monash and UNSW in the first round. I am very pleased to say I have accepted UNSW. MedEntry has been a tremendous help to me throughout this journey, from preparing me extremely well for the UMAT (scored 97th percentile), to providing invaluable help for interviews and uni admissions. The forums have also been a great place to chat with like-minded individuals on the same path. Thankyou again, I am over the moon with what I managed to accomplish, and your help played a major role in that.

[Brigitte is now studying medicine at the University of New South Wales]

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Hannah Glover
Successful MedEntry Student

Thank you so much for the MedEntry course and access to the online questions - the test and interview would have been very tough had I not been able to study prior to them. Secondly I would like to inform you that I received a place in the Lateral Transfer program for Medicine at UNSW that has begun this year having done well in my university WAM, the test and interview. I will recommend this course to all I know hoping to achieve a place.

[Hannah is now studying medicine at the University of New South Wales]

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Inah Kim
Successful MedEntry Student

I am a student at Otago University and I attended your workshop in Auckland
last year. I am extremely happy to say that I have accepted a place in Dentistry, which
has been my goal since year 8.

Thankyou very much for your course, I truly recommend it to anyone interested in the health sciences.

[Inah is now studying dentistry at the University of Otago]

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Anna Kang
Successful MedEntry Student

MedEntry was an awesome course which offered thorough and relevant practice to us all.

However, through the entire experience, and in receiving my actual results, I realised it wasn't merely about trying i.e. spending mindless hours on test practice. All along, achieving goals is truly about transforming my thinking, coupled with 100% effort. If we are not determined to change our hearts and minds on a continual basis, we will be stuck in the same place. Much like a car that runs on fuel alone, without renovating itself along the journey. We may reach the same end-point in life, but we must always be thinking about how we can think more quickly and efficiently, love with greater freedom and humility, and treasure the tangible and intangible relationships we have within us and with others in life.

Anyways, I thought I should let you know: I received an offer into Auckland University Medical school, which is fantastic! My childhood dream has come true!

Thank you for all your advice and the wisdom you imbued in us so that we could prepare well for test! It is deeply appreciated.

[Anna is now studying medicine at Auckland University]

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Raille Cooper
Successful MedEntry Student

I attended your course in Dunedin and found it fantastic. Just letting you know I've been accepted into Auckland Medical School so am really happy. Would totally recommend your course because I know without it I would not have done half so well in the test or been as prepared for my interview.

[Raille is now studying medicine at Auckland University]

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James Bowden (Name Changed)
Successful MedEntry Student

Thank you so so much for running your course! I got accepted into my first choice of medicine at Monash university, something I never thought I was smart enough to do and certainly wouldn’t have without my great score. Thank you! I have never been this happy.

[James is now studying medicine at Monash University]

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Amalini De Silva
Successful MedEntry Student

Through first round offers in SATAC, I received my top preference of B. Medicine & B. Surgery at The University of Adelaide. I'd just like to thank Edward and the MedEntry team. I found all the resources on the website extremely helpful and worthwhile.

[Amalini is now studying medicine at the University of Adelaide]

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Mohammed Kafil
Successful MedEntry Student

I would just like to thank the MedEntry staff for helping me achieve my goals. I thought the test/interview course was great - both the content and support. My percentile score increased from 179 to 232, and as a result I was offered interviews for Bond Medicine and Otago Dentistry and both were successful.

Thank you!

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Rebecca Cylich
Successful MedEntry Student

Hanging in there and being hopeful, I received an offer from The university of Adelaide which I have accepted and deferred, taking a year off in order to participate in a leadership program overseas.

I have to say that MedEntry was a huge help and I appreciated all the support from the MedEntry team. I would recommend it to any student serious about setting their sights on medicine and other UMAT-requiring courses. I didn't do the training during my first attempt in year 12, so I would advise to all students to get serious about the UMAT without trying to get lucky as I did when I went for the test the first time.

Thanks again for all your help and keep up the good work you do, helping students work towards building a better future.

[Rebecca is now studying medicine]

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