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Interview Offers Are Being Released


Getting into medicine and dentistry is a complicated process. Part of this includes navigating the various university interview offers that are released at different times. MedEntry can help!

Below is a table of the various universities offering interviews for medicine and dentistry undergraduate courses around Australia, the interview type, interview offer dates and actual interview dates.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff in the office.


2019 dates (for 2020 entry)


Interview Type

  Interview Offers  

Interview Dates

University of Adelaide (Medicine & Dentistry)


29 October 2019 *

Late November, through December

University of Auckland 


Not Specified (early November in 2018)

19-29 November 2019

Bond University


  Not Specified (mid Feb in 2018)  

25-28 February

Charles Sturt University


31 October 2019 *

18-22 November

Curtin University

(WA Only)


Not specified for 2019 (in 2018, WA offers 29th and 30th Nov; interstate offers 17th and 18th Jan

5 & 6 December 2019 (WA applicants)

21-22 (interstate & special consideration applicants)

James Cook University


First Round: 15th November 2019

Second Round: Not specified (28th December in 2018)

3-12 December

Monash University


Late December (Vic / rural / indigenous applicants) 

Mid January 2020 (interstate / NZ applicants)

3,4,7 and 8 January 2020 (Vic and rural applicants) 

21-22 January 2020 (interstate and NZ applicants)

Joint Medical Program (Newcastle / New England)


28th October 2019 

Mid January 2020 (non-rural outside NSW/Qld/ACT)

25 November to 6 December (NSW, Qld, ACT, Rural)

20-21 January 2020 (non-rural outside NSW/Qld/ACT)

University of New South Wales


28 October 2019 (Rural)

17th December 2019 (NSW/ACT) 

Mid Jan 2020 (IB, interstate, overseas applicants)

18-23 December 2019 (NSW/ACT/Rural Only)

16-17 January (IB, interstate, overseas applicants)

University of Western Australia


Mid-Late November 2019 (WA Only) 

After ATAR release (Interstate)

Late November – Early December (WA Only)

Mid-late January 2020 (Interstate)

Western Sydney University


From October (started sending on 25th October) *

25-29 November 2019

* To all applicants (local, interstate and rural)

For 2020 entry, the following universities will not hold interviews for medicine / provisional entry into medicine: University of Queensland (provisional medicine), Griffith University (provisional medicine), Flinders University (provisional medicine), University of Tasmania and Otago University.

Melbourne University (provisional medicine Chancellor’s entry): there will be an interview for those accepted into this program in the final undergraduate year.

University of Sydney (entry to Double Degree Medicine program): Students with ATAR of 99.95 will be invited for an assessment day on 20 December 2019 which includes a written assessment and a panel discussion.

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