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Ranking of Australian/New Zealand Medical and Dental Schools



The reputation and prestige of the University is not as important in Australia in general, as in the USA. In the USA there is a hierarchy of universities with Ivy League Universities such as Harvard and Yale, being miles ahead of the mediocre universities. In Australia however, there is little standard deviation in terms of quality, standard and prestige of the 40 or so universities.

Particularly in the case of Medicine and such Health Science courses, it matters very little which university you go to in Australia. If you are aiming to obtain a degree in engineering, commerce or law, the prestige of the university may matter to some extent (not as much as in the US even in these disciplines).

If you are a doctor however, what patients really care about are your diagnostic skills, bedside manner and so on, not which university you went to. In fact, most patients would not even know which university their doctors graduated from.

An important fact of which most people are not aware, is that in many countries such as USA and Canada, gaining a medical degree means nothing. Unless graduates pass the national medical licensing exams after graduating from medical school, they can not practice as a Doctor. It therefore makes some sense why candidates may aim to go to higher ranked medical schools in those countries (to increase the probability of passing the licensing exams). However, in Australia, as soon as you graduate from any medical school, you automatically obtain a licence to practice medicine.

However, for those who are interested in having an idea of the university rankings, it is provided below. Obviously depending on the criteria you use, the ranking is going to vary, and therefore it is subjective to some extent.

What is given below takes into account the factors such as: meritocracy in selection; difficulty of getting in; graduate outcomes such as: employer satisfaction of graduates, ability of graduates to be able to get into the specialty that they want, graduate salaries etc. Other rankings which take into account the research output of the university are irrelevant to most people in practical terms and therefore this has not been considered here.

The new medical school (Curtin University) has not yet been ranked since we do not have enough data.


Ranking of Australian/New Zealand Medical Schools

(in Australia/ NZ)
1    Monash University (Melbourne Campus)
2    University of New South Wales
3    University of Newcastle
4    University of Queensland
5    University of Adelaide
6    University of Auckland
7    University of Otago
8    Flinders University
9    Western Sydney  University
10    University of New England
11    University of Western Australia
12    University of Melbourne
13    University of Sydney
14    Monash University (Gippsland Campus, Graduate Entry)
15    Australian National University
16    Griffith University
17    Deakin University
18    University of Wollongong
19    University of Tasmania
20    Notre Dame University
21    Bond University
22    James Cook university

Ranking of Australian/New Zealand Dental Schools

(in Australia/ NZ)
1    University of Queensland
2    Adelaide University
3    University of Otago
4    University of Western Australia
5    University of Melbourne
6    University of Sydney
7    Charles Sturt University
8    Latrobe University
9    Griffith University
10    James Cook University
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